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Written by starlord/DeadFett on Monday, February 08 2010 and posted in Reviews
Three reviews featuring the dead rising.


captainamericareborn6a.jpgStarlord: Another week and another set of comics to discuss. First up for us is Captain America Reborn #6. In the final issue of this series many of Steve’s old friends continue to battle Red Skull’s robotic minions in Washington D.C. while Steve Rogers battles the Red Skull himself for control of his mind. In the end Steve is able to kick Skull out who then hops into the mind of a giant robotic version of himself. Still, with Steve back, the world should not fear as he and his friends destroy the robot, thus ending the threat of Red Skull forever.

I’m not sure how you feel about this issue, Fett, but I thought it was a nice wrap up to the storyline. Not only does Steve come back in a real classic style, but Brubaker makes sure to wrap up Sin and Crossbones as well. The fact that he set the final battle in our nation’s capital made sense. There was one cheesy moment when a bystander yells, “That’s OUR Captain America!”, but the splash page with it was worth the silly line.

I’m going to give this particular issue a big thumbs up. However, if I were asked about the mini series as a whole, I would probably give it a soft thumbs down. I think when you read the story in its entirety you’ll find that there’s quite a bit of filler in here. I think it could have been shortened to four issues; not to mention the fact that Steve Rogers was already running around the Marvel Universe alive before we even got to cool end of this story. So what did you think?

DeadFett: I enjoyed this issue. Do I wish it would've been finished before Steve was showing up in other books? Absolutely. I thought this was the best issue of the series by far. I loved seeing Steve lead the other heroes against the Skull's minions. I do hope they let the Skull rest for awhile. I like what they did with Sin. She should be the main antagonist now. The ending was good as we get a glimpse of a future that Steve saw. I'm curious to see where Brubaker goes with it.

The art was great as it's been throughout the series. Hitch and Guice were at the top of their games here.

I have to agree with you though. I give this issue a big thumbs up but the overall series gets a slight thumbs down. If they had kept this to the originally planned five or a four issue series it would've been done before other books spoiled the ending.

greenlantern50.jpgAnd now, on to our next selection for the week, Green Lantern #50. In this issue we have Hal and company doing battle with some of the Black Lanterns. We get more of the newly deputized Lanterns in action. I really loved Mera's scene when she reveals she never wanted children. Even Atrocitus was impressed. The Scarecrow works great as a Sinestro Corp Lantern as does Luthor for Avarice.

The Spectre shows up and decides it's time to judge Hal Jordan. While battling The Spectre and unable to defeat him, Hal remembers that when he separated with The Spectre, The Spectre fled in fear of Parallax. Hal's plan is to free Parallax from imprisonment inside the power batteries of Hal, John, Guy and Kyle. Hal will then merge with Parallax and defeat The Spectre. Before he can complete his plan Carol Ferris professes she still loves Hal. The issue ends with Hal seemingly being unable to control Parallax and succumbing to his evil intentions.

Great, great issue. This series continues to entertain me more than Blackest Night has. I'm still enjoying Blackest Night though. I was worried there would be a drop in quality for the art once Reis left but Mahnke continues to deliver great work. The art here is just wonderful. My only complaint is the return of Parallax. There's already so much going on with Blackest Night that Johns could've left this for another story line. Despite that minor gripe, this issue gets a big thumbs up from me. What did you think Starlord?

Starlord: I couldn’t agree with you more! Excellent stuff here and the stakes are totally raised by the release of Parallax. Also agree that releasing the creature seems to be overkill in an epic that already seems to be overflowing with characters and plot threads. Personally I think this was Johns’ way to get him out for future use, but if that is the case, I’d rather have had him do it right at the end of the event. Still, I’m going to give this a huge thumbs up as well.

xforce23.jpgFor our final book this week we check in with X-Force #23 where the dead are causing trouble for the new nation of Utopia. At the same time Rahne has only seconds left as the child inside of her is going to unintentionally kill her. This arc is rectified when The Wolf Prince asks the Goddess Hela to save them both. Hela counters that she will save but one soul for exchange of his. Thinking quickly he agrees and asks her to save the dying Elixir. Though she knows she has been tricked, she agrees and saves his life; thus allowing the healer to save both mother and baby.

Learning that Selina is raising the millions that died in Genosha for her own personal undead army, Wolverine, Archangel and Domino stop Elixer from also removing the bomb that was planted in The Vanisher’s head so he can take them to Genosha to stop the once Black Queen of the Hellfire Club.

This version of X-Force has really come into its own. I even enjoy Wolverine (a character I’m known not to be fond of). With everything else that is going on, Wolfsbane’s story seems to be a bit weaker, but still very enjoyable. The art work by Clayton Crain really knocks the story out of the park as well. And I think the X-Force uniforms are some of my favorite to date. What did you think, Deadfett?

DeadFett: ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! I'll say this for Kyle and Yost, they packed a lot of big moments in this issue. My favorite being Blink "blinking" Angel's wings off. I agree with you that with all the other storylines, Rahne's was the weakest. I'm glad to see you actually enjoyed Wolverine here. As for the uniforms, I'm with you there. I really like them. Crain's art can tend to be a little dark at times, but it fits the tone of the book very well. The issue gets a thumbs up from me. It had some great moments and was action packed. Thanks for reading and join us next week when we take a look at three new releases.


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