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Written by starlord/DeadFett on Tuesday, February 09 2010 and posted in Reviews
All Marvel week.


siege2.jpgStarlord: Another week of fantastic comics. Let's jump right into it with the talk of the week: Siege #2

This issue picks up right where issue one leaves off with Ares battling Balder. It doesn't take long for Ares to figure out he's been duped by Norman and takes leaves to do what he vowed he would do if he found out Osborne was playing him. Go Ares!

In the meantime Thor is down and it’s Maria Hill to the rescue as she takes out Iron Patriot with a bazooka before rescuing Goldilocks. Steve Rogers has assembled HIS avengers to help all the Asgardians. Ares is blocked from getting to Norman by Osborne's secret weapon: Sentry. With bystanders and cameras watching, Sentry rips Ares in two! Thor returns to the fight and fries Daken. Osborne sends Sentry to finish the Norse God. Fury prepares to jump into the battle and the final panels show Iron Patriot looking into the air to see Captain America and shield barreling down on him.

Wow! WOW! Bendis has got me on this one. Talk about a battle that has been amped up beyond anything I've seen before. Ares death (though it probably won't stick) was horrific and finally places Sentry squarely on the side of the bad guys while also showing just how powerful he really is. Writing, art, coloring - all top notch. This is a huge thumbs up from me.

What did you think DeadFett?

DeadFett: Great, great issue.  Bendis has been on with this event.  There hasn't been a lot of filler moments in this series so far.  This book had some great moments.  The biggest being the Death of Ares. 

I can't recall a gorier moment in a mainstream comic before, and I read a lot of Wolverine.  I hope Ares does return eventually.  I was enjoying the development of the character.  And despite killing Ares, this has been the coolest The Sentry has ever been.  I honestly think he works better as a villain for this series.  The heroes need overwhelming odds to have a reason to rally against.  I also loved the ending.  I can't wait for Cap to kick Norman's ass.

I'm with you on this, everything in this issue was top notch.  Bendis and Copiel are knocking this one out of the park.  I hope this mini continues the way it's been and finishes strong.  Huge thumbs up from me on this one.

invincibleironman23.jpgOur next book for the week is Invincible Iron Man #23.  Most of this issue is spent inside the psyche of Tony Stark as Dr. Strange is attempting to help bring Tony's mind back. The ultimate goal is to get Tony to realize he's Iron Man. Strange informs Stark these stuck in Ghost Dreams and that everything is happening inside Tony's head.

Meanwhile, Ghost, who is working with Madame Masque, is hunting down Tony. Pepper reveals to Maria Hill that she slept with Tony while on the run in Russia. Maria is stunned and reveals that she slept with Tony at their first hide out before Tony went on the run.  I thought this was a great moment.  Despite the world falling down around him, Tony Stark still has time for love.

The issue ends with Ghost closing in for the kill on Tony's defenseless body just as inside his mind, Tony realizes and accepts that he's Iron Man. Overall, I enjoyed the issue.  Fraction's writing was good as was Larocca's art.  I'm just ready for Tony to be back and in the armor.  I give this issue a thumbs up.

What are your thoughts on this issue Starlord?

Starlord: Couldn't agree with you more. It's been a great ride for readers who have invested years in Tony Stark, watching him go from booze hound to hero to "villain" and now back to hero again. And I'm with you all the way... let's get the man back in his armor! Haven't given this book a thumbs down yet and I can't with this issue either.

cable23.jpgNow our final book of the week is Cable #23. Hope is almost here for the Uncanny X-Men as Cable and his red headed messiah appear in 2044, only to be followed by Bishop. Several characters from early in the series reappear as well as Sophie Pettit, a friend of Cable's.

Bishop's gang catches up with them in the streets of New York City and the chase is on again. Just as they are about to be caught, Hope and Cable time jump again but leave Sophie apparently dead in her own century. Where do Jean... err... Hope and Nathan end up? New York City circa 1940's.

Right up front I'll say that I'm giving this a solid thumbs up, but time is running out on my patience. There's only so long a chase can be effective before it becomes boring, and this is bordering on it. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm waiting for the big reveal of Hope actually being Jean so I can shout "I told you so" to everyone at the Outhouse, I'd probably not be as interested as I am.

How about you, my friend?

Deadfett: You and I are in total agreement about this book.  I've been pleasantly surprised at how much I've enjoyed it but I'm ready for the chase to be over.  It almost feels as if the title is just treading water until Second Coming begins.  I'm giving it a small thumbs up but like you, my patience is wearing thin.

Starlord: Well that's it for this week folks. Next week we'll look back on three more books. Until then, remember, make yours The Outhouse!


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