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Review Group: Supergirl #50

Written by John Martin on Tuesday, February 23 2010 and posted in Reviews
starlord had the pick for new comics shipping February 17th and he selected Supergirl #50 by Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Helen Slater, Jake Black and Cliff Chiang.
The Review Group is a collection of posters who get together and review a new comic each week that we each take turns selecting. Our threads can be found in The Outhouse’s News Stand forum and is open for anyone and everyone to participate in.

After a couple of chaotic weeks, it was back to business as usual for the Review Group.  Supergirl #50 and it's Tupac-esque Michael Turner cover got the full Review Group treatment as a result and it probably wishes it hadn't.
Review by Kerny

I will be giving Supergirl #50 a bad score.

First off, I seen a post that I chuckled at but agree with: michael Turner is the new Tupac when it comes to Supergirl covers.

Hey DC, a little recap would be nice. This is literally right in the middle of something. I have no idea whats going on in the beginning, something with Superwoman. What is the point of Supergirl? What sets her different from Superman, especially when the villains plot was to "either get Superman...........or you" haha. I guess it's the random teenage girl dialogue, like clever ways to use the word bitch that sets her apart from Clark. That is odd too, as Supergirl seems to want to be a Kryptonian more than a human. The ending is cheesy as hell too. She has to break it off with her BFF Lana Lang? Also, it makes sense if you don't want her to be a whore, but the shorts under the skirt still make me laugh for some reason. Maybe I want her to be a whore? IDK. The only thing I can say about this is that Igle is a good artist. Helen Slater's story: It's awfully continuity heavy of this version of supergirl for me to believe Slater had much to do with it.

Story: 2
Art: 7
Overall: 4.5

Review by Spicy Dick

I dunno what I expected from Supergirl #50, but the main story here is clunky with a "magical machine" ending capping off a rather generic possession storyline involving various people whose initials are "LL", including some confusing bits about Superwoman and more magic.

Jamal Igle draws all this just fine but without doing anything to make the book memorable, and I found the colors rather ugly. And why is Superwoman's heat vision so pink? At least it wasn't as dark or drab as a lot of the book.

Cliff Chiang and Dave McCaig's artwork for the back-up story underscores how unexciting the main story looked by making a rather bland re-telling of Supergirl's history by actress Helen Slater and Jake Black (it took two people to write those 6 pages, really?) stand out.

(Loved the First Wave preview!)

A disappointed 5.

supergirl50_07.jpgReview by Daringd

What the fuck?????
I couldn't believe how bad this issue was. Gates has in my opinion a good grasp on the character. To see his drop the ball this bad was astounding. Igle's art was pretty meh as well and he usually knocks it out of the park. As for the Helen Slater bullshit, why? Yes the art was nice but why?


Review by Punchy

Story - If you compare the cover to Supergirl's 50th issue extravaganza to the insides, you can really see how far the character and comic have come. The cover shows Kara Zor-El as she was when first re-introduced, a stick-thin Michael Turner, Loeb at his most inept, vacuous character, enough to turn anyone away. But the book itself is a different story.

Sterling Gates has proven himself to be more than just Geoff Johns' mate, and has managed, in the space of under 20 issues, to turn Supergirl into perhaps the best book in the Superman family. Kara is now an engaging, well-realised teenage character, distinct from Superman, and I believe this book stands up to Ultimate Spider-Man, the teen superhero epic of our times. It's just good superhero comics. This issue wraps up the running Lana Lang/Illness plotline, as Lana once again becomes Insect Queen, with Gates picking up some loose threads from Kurt Busiek's run on Superman. Of course, we all know deep down that Lana Lang will never die, but it's given a bit of a fresh spin by having it be Supergirl, rather than Superman having to save her. Lana's role in the Superman books has been diminished since Clark chose Lois, so it's good to see her have something to do. I also enjoyed Gates' use of Gangbuster and Doctor Light, Gangbuster played a big part in Trinity, and then just disappeared, so it's good to have him back, and to have the world of Supergirl fleshed out even more.

The end of the issue really gets to the heart of the Supergirl character, ever since the arrival of New Krypton, Kara has really been torn between 2 worlds, even moreso than her cousin, and now it seems that she may be turning her back on humanity, which can't be a good thing, especially with the big old war coming up. Speaking of the War, this issue is surprisingly New Krypton light, it pretty much stands on it's own, apart from the Superwoman storyline. She's back from the dead, and actually has Kryptonian dna now. While I wasn't the biggest fan of what Lucy Lane was retconned into (wasn't she a sensitive blind girl? married to uber-liberal Ron Troupe? How is she now incredibly army-obsessed? What happened to their son? Was he Superboy-punched?) but she makes a good foil for Supergirl and also Lois Lane. Plus the fact that she's now Kryptonian will cause some problems for General Lane.

Overall, this is a very strong issue of Supergirl, Gates really has improved the character, and if you've stayed away because of Loeb, or because you still love Linda Danvers, then you're missing out. If this issue was too expensive, maybe pick up #51, where Kara will fight her kind of/sort of cousin, Superboy.

This issue, being a big anniversary, has a special back-up, and it's written by Helen Slater, who played Supergirl in the movie. It's nothing special, a recap of Kara's history, but I did like the Goth/Emo chick admitting her like for Supergirl, it was a nice touch. This character shouldn't be for pervy men, but for young women to look up to.

Art - I've said that Supergirl is probably the best comic in the Superman family, and I think some of that is down to Jamal Igle, who is in my eyes one of the best old-school style superhero artists working today. His work is exemplary, it's not overly flashy, but it fits the book well. His facial expressions are great, and his take on Supergirl is not too cheesecakey, whilst still being attractive.

The art in the back-up comes from Cliff Chiang, who is just awesome, do more art Cliff Chiang! I command it!

Best Line - 'And maybe I don't want to be human'


Review by amlah6

Queen by Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle
So let me get this straight. You're going to have a big anniversary issue for Supergirl #50 and you're going to make it really long and you're going to charge $5 for it and you're going to team Supergirl up with... GANGBUSTER?! For fucking serious? Gangbuster? Wowzers.

Candidates for all-time lamest team-ups aside, this was some boring comics. It had exposition out the hoohah and a plot that could make even the most strung out speed freak drowsy. The Lane stuff, the bug stuff, the Lang stuff, none of it even remotely peaked my interest as a new reader.

It's really a shame that the story was such a snoozefest, because Jamal Igle is really starting to come into his own. The last time I read a comic with Igle's art his pages felt cramped and constricted, but his pages have really opened up and become quite dynamic. Sibal and Ruffino have clearly helped take Igle's art to a new level.
Story: 3
Art: 8

A Hero's Journey by Jake Black, Helen Slater and Cliff Chiang
Holy pointless stories, Supergirl! What was that even supposed to be?! Is Helen Slater a draw to someone? When people think of Supergirl do they really think of a failed movie from over 25 years ago? Why are Cliff Chiang's considerable talents being wasted on this crap? Why am I still typing?

Story: 1
Art: 9

Overall: 5

Review by doombug

So this was a fun read. Sterling Gates takes a character that only Mark Waid has every made interesting. (He was a highlight of Trinity) and instead of adding new levels to him he makes him a one note boring character who seems to only be in the story so readers go "Hey remember him?" His role could have easily be filled by any of the characters current in Metropolis. But I digress, I honestly don't think this is completely new reader friendly.

Supergirl #50 pays off on a plotline that has been building for quite some time in the book. Insect Queen is kind of a one note villain as well, kind of lame. Dr. Light gets a huge push in my mind here and that was a highlight of the issue.

The back up was a fun short little story about Kara being trusted in the world and I thought it was just a fun little read, nothing too special. the art was strong in both stories and well I have to admire just how packed full of content the book is.

Score: 7.5

Review by Chubbles

I hate it when these big marquee issues which SHOULD be perfect jumping on points are just filled with shit happening that a new reader will have no idea what's going on. The writing was ok but this felt like the last issue of a longer running arc that tied up some loose ends. This was NOT a good jumping on point and does nothing to get me to read anymore supergirl. The art looked nice in a lot of places and not so good in others. Igle can and has done good work before but this one didn't blow me away. The insect queen was kind of lame and that gangbuster dude totally sucks. on top of all this I paid 4.99 for this. Why the fuck was this 4.99???

Story 3
Art 5
New reader friendly 1
Overall 3

Review by guitarsmashley

Gah why can't read good comics.


Review by starlord

I've crawled out of my sick bed to throw this review up. I'd be a total loser if I didn't review my own pick. This issue is not first time reader friendly. That is true. However, I do think that it was a strong story that Sterling culminates in this climatic issue. It was good to see Insect Queen back again but the final talk between Lana and Supergirl was the best part of the story. Sets up the future perfectly and makes sense on how it was done.

second story was alright. nothing great but nothing horrible. Art was solid in both issues.

Story: 8.5
Art: 8
My Score: 8.25

Review by Jubilee

supergirl50_08.jpgI read this (I totally Byrne stole it yesterday) no way am I paying for it!

It was ok. Much better than I expected. I mean I imagined I'd hate Supergirl, I'd hate the Insect Queen and I'd hate not understanding much but the plot was straight forward, there was a standard fight and it pretty much made sense to me. The talk at the end didn't really ring true with me, felt very forced.

The back up story sucked.

5.5 out of ten. Much better than I expected.

Review by 48THRiLLS

This was pretty sub par. It may have been the fact that this was an issue which was tying up loose ends that I don't know or care about but it definitely did not make me want to read this title ever again. I didn't really know what to make of the beginning, the Insect Queen was lame and who the hell is Gangbuster? The art was ok, inconsistent in parts, I actually liked the art in the back up more so than the main book. bah.

ART - 5


Review by Old Man

I don't care.

I go through stages like this once or twice a year. I have comics from 3 weeks ago that I haven't yet read. And 2 weeks ago. And last week. This, too, shall pass. In a week or two, I'll get caught up and be back on a regular reading pattern.

I forced myself to read Supergirl #50 so I could review it. Perhaps not the best way to go into reading a comic. While reviewing is often fun, it can also be work, and sometimes work has to get done.

This issue features 2 separate stories. The first is 40 pages, the second is 6 pages. The second is advertised as being by Helen Slater, but it is a co-written story...not just by Slater. I hate false advertising. Bah!

The first story is a regular 'in continuity' story that involves a character that I remember as being from the Silver Age. Insect Queen is a nasty bitch, and deserves to be sprayed with a 55-gallon can of Raid.

The second story is a 'slice of life' story. Supergirl is being castigated by the press. Ron Troupe, the host of Greet the Press, stands up for her. Supergirl gets a warm fuzzy feeling. The untold part of this story happens after the show ends for the week, and the immediate attacks from the Right Wing Media begin on Troupe. The character assassinations continue until Troupe eventually gets fired from Greet the Press, and can never again get a job on television. After years of trying to get back into television, Troupe falls into drug use, and is killed by a store owner he is trying to rob to get more drug money. He should have kept his mouth shut about Supergirl. Stupid fuck.

This comic was done well enough. I started reading it because it became part of the meta Superman story. But let's talk about the cover a bit. I hate manga eyes. Supergirl also has elfin ears. Nobody has a midsection that is that stretched out. This is not a good drawing. Michael Turner is, unfortunately, deceased. I hope his estate got a bunch of money for this cover, but it's not a good cover. Bah! (again)
Maybe I would've liked this better if I were in a better mood. But I'm not. And I didn't. I'll likely keep reading Supergirl because of the overall Superman story, but otherwise I might drop it. 6, but only because of the Superman tie-in. Humbug!

That gives Supergirl #50 a group score of 5.15.  That Yoni review was eloquent stuff, right?  I want to see that as a pull quote on the next Supergirl trade.

For a little Neil Young and the shock and awe over next week's pick, join us in this week's thread found in the News Stand forum where you are also invited to post your own review.
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Jude Terror has the pick for February 24th and you probably know what I'm going to say what he picked before I type it.   Next week's book is of course X-Men Forever #18 from Marvel Comics!  Look for the new thread after it becomes available Wednesday morning to witness the hilarity as it unfolds.

X-Men Forever #18

WRITER: Chris Claremont
PENCILS: Tom Grummett

For our Salem-based X-Men, you’d think a trip to the South would be all buttermilk biscuits and bacon. But in issue 17, Nightcrawler and Rogue’s journey past the Mason-Dixie line puts them in the crosshairs of a familiar face known for her feminine…do we really need to say it? And in issue 18, X-Legend Chris Claremont takes us behind the visor in a special spotlight story that will change the way you look at Cyclops! Don’t miss this classic tale of the original X-Man. Rated A…$3.99

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