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Farscape: Scorpius #0

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, April 14 2010 and posted in Reviews

Bring on the bad guy! Zechs take's a look at Farscape: Scorpius #0!

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

Story: Rockne O'Bannon
Script: David Alan Mack
Art: Mike Ruiz
Colors: Nolan Woodward
Letterist: Ed Dukeshire
Editor: Ian Brill
SC, 24 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
Cover A Artist: Chad Hardin
Cover B Artist: Nick Runge
Cover C Artist: Chad Hardin
C2E2 Cover: Nick Runge

"I long ago learned the advantages of patience" - Scorpius. Beginning a bold new direction in the second exciting year of BOOM! Studios' officially licensed Farscape comics! A solo Scorpius series, sure to excite and energize all of Farscape fandom! A frightening, black-leather clad presence with a face like a skull - the half-breed Scorpius - takes his villainy to new heights. Crichton's worst adversary, fandom's favorite villain, and one of science fiction's greatest antagonists finds himself deposed from his throne on Hyneria and making a bold new discovery that could put him back on top of the Uncharted Territories! An excellent new entry point for Farscape fans that might have missed the previous BOOM! Farscape series that have come before! Don't miss out on one of science fiction's most enduring characters with a new series that's sure to refresh the Farscape brand in your store! Written by the FARSCAPE creator Rockne S. O'Bannon and scripted by fan-favorite STAR TREK novelist David Alan Mack!



Oh my, oh my. How I've waited for this issue and series to begin. It seems like almost a year when the ongoing was revealed and then the preview of it released. It was such an agonizing wait for me to get my hands around this issue and feast upon the villainous goods inside of it. Though like Scorpius himself, I know the advantages of patience. So I waited. I knew this comic would be oh so worth the wait and after reading it, it so was.

Those who know me on this website know I adore and always root for the villain. Why? Because they're so darn more fascinating then the hero. To learn what motivates them day in and day out plus the measures they go to ensure them what keeps me glued onto them. So finding out that Boom! Studios was releasing a comic on one of my favorite fiends of television I leap at the chance of reviewing this book. Not to mention annoying Jude Terror on when this book was being released this month. So um.. sorry about that Jude.

Now onto the actual book itself. It takes place right after the events in the main Farscape ongoing comic's first real big story, Scorpius is left out in the cold literally having crash landed on a frigid planet with nothing but the broken technology of the ship he was on and of course his wits. This being Scorpius that's all he ever needs. Again this also being Scorpius he patiently waits, choosing to bide his time for now. However fate has other ideas, delivering the cad something huge and as always, Scorpius take's advantage of it.

I have to admit it was a kick getting into the mind of Farscape and one of Sci Fi's greatest villains. Rockne S. O'Bannon and David Alan Mack show's all of the characters traits for bear in this zero issue, which is a grand introduction to any non fan of the series. Scorpy is all about psychology, patience, watching, and of course ruthless cunning. So those looking for balls out action, go check out the D'argo or main Farscape book for that. All of the characteristics that are Scorpius can be found here. Well save for his most favorite of toadies, Braca, whom I hope make's an appearance down the line.

Yet, also one you can easily sympathize given his past (a Scarran experiment of cross breeding deemed a failure given how weak the human-like side was and forever more his life was made an utter hell) and understand his greatest goals in life (to eradicate the Scarran race). In that way, he reminds me of Magneto to a degree. He walks a very gray line, and though while his attentions are noble, his methods are hardly.

About the worst thing I can say about this comic would be the art. It was my problem with the main Farscape ongoing and on display here too as well alas. On the main book, I just didn't like the visual look of John Crichton and Aeryn Sun in that. They just didn't grab me as the characters from the television show and looked dare I say a bit wooden and not lively.

Here, I was a bit disappointed on the way the artist for the book, Mike Ruiz, drew the Scarran “teacher”. I wanted more detail to the features of the Scarran and a better focus on her eyes (just like the cover of the very issue depicts of her). Ruiz drew this weird narrowness to them Though it is made up by the colorist who then gives her the blackest set of eyes in a way saving the flaw. Yes, I know the old cliche that different interpretations come from various artists. So I'm not really going to hold it to him. Also Ruiz does give the quality that was needed for the character and that he does make her an imposing figure, which is the way it should be.

The other thing on the art is Scorpius himself. He fluctuates from usual form to this trollish look in the book after he watches the alien ships and their inhabitants. Again this probably is just a petty complain by me, but I rather have the same constant look throughout. Still, there are other parts of this comic in which he perfectly gets the character down pat namely the opening with Scorpy mediating in the middle of the planet.

Still, the best thing I can utterly say about this comic is the writing. From start to finish the writing just never lets up on just how damned good it is. Never once did I question or think that this was just some writer doing their interpretation of the character. I heard Wayne Pygram's (the actor who played Scorpius on the show) voice when I read these pages perfectly. You're totally in the character's head and it's just a feast to see how his mind works and what make's him tick. Though that's not a hard feat to be had when one of the writers of this comic is the creator of the actual show. Still, the other writer, David Alan Mack has this utterly flow that works with O'Bannon. So thus far it's a great pairing of two very creative minds.

The other great thing about this book is the colors. They're just gorgeous. For me it's what saves the book from the art at times. What Nolan Woodward does in this book is a just a wonder. He perfectly heightens the art and the world of Farscape. I was a bit worried that there might be a coloring errors (as such is a problem in the Star Wars or Trek comics at times), but none are found here. So major kudos to Mr. Woodward on his job here.

All and all this is an excellent start to the ongoing. I cannot wait to see where the creative team take's the character and just how far this comic lasts. Not to mention that this being the protagonist I cannot help but wonder that this being the bad guy just how far will he succeed in his plans? Still this is a nice jumping on point for anyone both fan or non-fan of the show and character. Plus the comic just fully gets the character down pat. The art might be a little much, but it's still decent enough to keep the ball rolling and the colors to the book are just exquisite. So hats off to Boom! as I patiently await the next issue.

4 out of 5


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