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Review Group: Kill Shakespeare #1

Written by John Martin on Tuesday, April 20 2010 and posted in Reviews

Spicy Dickspeare had the pick for new comics shipping April 14th and he selected Kill Shakespeare #1 by Conor McCreery, Anthony Del Col and Andy Belanger.

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After a couple of weeks of high profile Big 2 books, the Review Group changed gears completely to read Shakespeare?! Well not Shakespeare exactly. Did the Review Groupers that could get their hands on a copy find the mixing of the plays of Shakespeare and modern comic booking to their liking?

0414-killshakespeare_cover.jpgReview by amlah6

I'm by no means a Shakespeare wonk. Like most people I read a play or two in school and have seen a few movies so my only interest in this book was if it was a good story and if it was well executed. After reading this I have to say that in spite of what is actually a really cool conceptual pitch, it's a major nay on both counts.

Dry and boring sums up the first half of the book. There's no flow at all, the faux-Shakespearean dialog doesn't work. The story picks up a bit in the second half but all this issue really does is present you with the concept which is delivered far more swiftly in the blurb on the back cover. Had the creators cut the first 10-12 pages of this and used them to advance the story past the point this issue ended, it possibly could have provided something to interest me going forward.

The art is nice in places and oddly inked and muddy in others. This style works well for a fantasy series, but it's not anything overly exciting.

Story: 3
Art: 5
Overall: 4


Review by Spicy Dick

Maybe when you compare your comic to Fables, LoEG, and Northlanders you are setting your reader up for disappointment, those are some big shoes to fill. The first issue of Kill Shakespeare needs some smaller shoes, but hey--it's just a first issue, right? I mean, how much can you expect? Yeah, that might've worked in the SHIELD #1 thread, but less so here. The first page is suitably intriguing and mysterious, but the long section that follows showing Hamlet's flight squanders a lot of pages that should be hooking the reader. the ideas are strong, the execution makes them seem less interesting than they should be.

I really liked the art, minus a couple of faces. I think the panel compositions are tight, and the heavily outlined rich colors remind me of those private galleries in Japan where they display the flayed skins of tattooed artwork after death. I can imagine a lot of the artwork here worn proudly by some eltopo somewhere, then maybe making its way to some private collector in Tokyo to store in a climate-controlled human humidor. Nice work, Ian Herring and Andy Bellanger.

This could be a fun book, but there's just no hook here. I'll at least take a look at the next issue, but it will probably have to be a fairly light week if I'm to buy it. IDW's taking a lot of chances, and sooner or later they will hit a homerun.



Review by thefourthman

My final word, an auspicious debut this may be
a pedigree most curious, it seemed.
Its concept strong willed but employed poorly,
more reading will determine if redeemed!

While the pencil lines were unoffensive,
the coloring fashioned most erratic,
but tis the writing which leaves me pensive-
more, when they reach the isle, it is septic.

References to plays, I like it done-
here the scribes give enough to understand.
But as to kill Shakespeare by the king's son?
Not enough is done to expose Dick's Land.

Another issue to see it alive,
to this one score, I give a hearty five.


Review by Kerny

This comic was a bit of a bore
it needed blood, tits, and gore
Kerny's not a big shakespeare buff
so I didn't really dig this stuff

The art, I did not like at all
If i were to use hyperbole, it sucked bawls
To the land of ebay I shall visit
selling for what I paid, exquisite

Story 4
Art 4
Overall 4

Heh, that was bad. Fun, but bad Tongue out


Review by 48THRiLLS

I guess I should review this now... it was okay. As other reviewers have stated trying to compare this to Fables and LoEG is silly and right away that booms expectations. I am really not that well rehearsed in Shakespeare, I mean I know who the characters are but I can't recall much of the specifics of his tales. I am not sure if this was good enough for me to check out the next issue, I dunno if it was poor execution or the fact that I just didn't give a shit... maybe both. The art was actually not so bad, nothing extraordinary but it wasn't offensive to look at either. I think I may have enjoyed this a bit more if I paid attention in high school when they made me read this shit for real.

ART - 7


Review by Chubbles

Just finished reading this, it wasn't awful but it certainly wasn't very good either. I have a minor recollection of characters like hamlet, othello and such since we read those plays in school. The art was ok, not really my style but it didn't detract from the story. I like pirates, i really do, and i'd love there to be a book out there where i could get my fix of pirates but this will not be that book. The writing is bland and the supernatural aspects didn't help. It was also a bit confusing at times and i had to re-read a few panels to understand better what was going on. Overall this wasn't a bad book but its in no way good enough for me to check out issue 2.

Story 4
Art 5
Overall 4.5

Review by starlord

I'm a bit late to this party.
My copy was a bit tardy.

I'm glad I waited, and patiently so
For I have found that I liked this more than you'd know.

A breath of fresh air, this issue be
Both written and drawn so majestically.

I know I will get this in trade paperback
They've got me hooked on the premise and that's a fact Jack!

So for now I shall give it a solid score of seven
in hopes that the trade will put me in heaven.

That gives Kill Shakespeare #1 a group score of 5.36. Yeah, so maybe you shouldn't compare yourself to some of the industry's best books if you can't back it up.

For more lyrical 4thy, join us in this week's thread found in the News Stand forum where you are invited to post your own review!
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0421-xmfannual_cover.jpgJude Terror once agan has the pick for next week and you already know what I'm going to type here... for April 21st the Review Group will  be reading X-Men Forever. Hope we survive the experience! Look for the new thread after it becomes available Wednesday morning.

X-Men Forever Annual #1

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PENCILS: Sana Takeda

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