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Written by starlord and DeadFett on Wednesday, April 21 2010 and posted in Reviews

siege-youngavengers-a.jpgThis week DeadFett and Starlord seem to disagree more than they agree on the three books that they review!


Starlord: A great week for comics if you ask me, with lots of number ones and one shots. So without further ado let's begin with...

siege-captainamerica.jpgSiege: Captain America #1: The story begins with a simple Oklahoma family who heads to Asgard to watch the battle, only to find themselves in the middle of the destruction after Sentry brings the place down. The two Captain America's survive and begin to dig through the rubble only to be attacked by more of The Red Hood's super powered thugs. They also discover the father to the family caught in the cross-fire. The wife and daughter, however, are in the clutches of Razor-Fist. Of course they rescue the family and defeat the villain, but the real story here is Bucky's reservation about being the new Captain America.

This is one of those done in one books that I finished and felt that it could have been done in a regular issue of New Avengers - as a subplot. Some of these Siege stories I enjoyed, but unfortunately this was not one of them. There wasn't anything wrong with it, per se, but it didn't really bring anything new to the table either. I've got to give this a thumbs down. What did you think Mr. Fett? 

DeadFett: I have to agree with you. I didn't really enjoy this. The issue felt like a waste to me. This would've been better served as a New Avengers issue and not a $3.99 one shot. The art here was nothing spectacular. In fact, I didn't enjoy that either. But, my biggest complaint is Bucky's doubts about being Captain America. It seems this is being beat like a dead horse. To me, it seems everything I've been reading with Bucky in it has these same inner thoughts of doubt. I expect them though. Who wouldn't have those feelings replacing Steve Rogers? I just don't need it in everything I read with Bucky. This issue gets a thumbs down from me as well.

Up next this week is Deadpool Team-Up #894. First of all, I want to thank Starlord in advance for being a good deadpoolteamup894.jpgsport about this pick. Obviously, this was my choice, and for that, I apologize.

We begin with Deadpool looking for The Punisher on behalf of a woman who claims her husband was accidentally killed in the crossfire of a Punisher mob hit. Deadpool's search leads him to the sewers where he meets up with a creature that can make you revisit past memories. The creature, whom Deadpool has named Chewie, leads them to an area of the sewers inhabited by other creatures. It's here Deadpool finds Frankencastle. They fight and Deadpool learns that Morbius is giving Frank pills that subdue him.

Chewie, through past memories, reveals that woman Deadpool is trying to help is actually a mob boss who made her husband sacrifice his life to save hers. A deal is made and Frank is going with Deadpool to see the woman. Upon arriving they are confronted by Wolverine who has fallen for the same sob story Deadpool did.

I did not enjoy this at all. I found myself almost rushing through this just to finish it. I much would've preferred this with the normal Punisher and done away with the sewer creatures. Those story elements just didn't click with me. The art here was nothing spectacular either. I give this a thumbs down. What about you Starlord?

Starlord: Well here's some real irony for you... I really enjoyed it - which is really weird since I'm not a fan of Deadpool or Punisher. I do, however, like the Frankencastle storyline and that may have helped my enjoyment of this. I thought it was pretty funny and entertaining. Sorry you didn't enjoy it, but I'm actually glad I picked it up.

Our final book for this week is Iron Man Legacy #1. Now here's a book that I was looking forward to which fellironmanlegacy1.jpg way short for me. The story is set sometime before the last several years worth of events. I'm going to give you all the real short version of this because if you've ever read even one year worth of Iron Man stories, you've probably got this one figured out. Somebody has taken Tony's concepts and is turning them into weapons of destruction. Tony must figure out who has done this to his life's work - spoiler alert - it's Doctor Doom. Surprise!

Seriously, this felt like nothing but total retread to me. It's a storyline that has been done more than any other, and did we really need to see Doctor Doom as the first villain? There are so many great Shellhead villains, why did they have to start with this one? I've got to give this a HUGE thumbs down from me. This was probably my least favorite book in my stack. So what was your verdict, my friend?

DeadFett; Well, color me surprised. We're going to disagree twice this week. I enjoyed the first issue of Legacy. Does it feel like familiar territory? Absolutely. But, I thought it was good enough to pick up the next issue. I was happy to see Doom at the end. I'm a sucker for Doom and his presence here only helps. I give this a thumbs up.

Starlord: Well that's it for this week folks. Check out the Cleaning the Plate portion of our program and we'll see you back here next week.

Flash #1flash1.jpg
Last week I ended my "Cleaning the Plate" by giving Flash Secret Files a big fat D. I stand behind that grade. I'm also happy to say that this first issue of the brand new life of Barry Allen is far superior and though I loath the fact that Barry is even back, this book could well stand up right alongside Geoff Johns' last two Flash runs. Right from the beginning the cover grabbed me, the story flowed well and the interior art was superb. Not thrilled about the Reverse Flash stuff, and I miss Wally like hell, but I can't say this was bad... it wasn't. It was pretty damn good. My Score: B+

Black Widow #1blackwidow1.jpg
Another first issue, this time everyone's favorite Russian spy turned Avenger, turned S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent gets her own series. If you want a first issue with a lot of intrigue as well as a horrific torture scene that will make you think twice about ever having surgery (even if you have to have it), this might be the book for you. All that we've come to know and love about Natasha is here for us to enjoy. Add to it guest spots from current lover James (Bucky/Captain America) as well as Wolverine (because God forbid there be a Marvel book that comes out that he's NOT in) and you've got a great setup for a new series. Though the art by Daniel Acuma is not the style I normally like, I have to admit that for an espionage style book, it fits like a glove. For all those who aren't as familiar with the Black Widow character, I highly recommend the history lesson that is given at the end of the story. It's only a couple of pages and hits all the highlights of Natasha's career. What I didn't realize is just how many men she's actually had relations with! My Score: B+

Siege: Young Avengers #1siege-youngavengers.jpg
Scott McKeever is hit or miss for me, and really it's about fifty-fifty, so I was very interested to see what he did with one of my favorite teams that hasn't had a fair chance in more years than I care to admit. Like the other Siege title that I reviewed earlier, I felt story wise this didn't add much to the main plot at all - however, it did show me and I hope the PTB at Marvel that Scott McKeever and Mahmud A. Asrar are more than capable of taking these Young Avengers to new heights. Deftly written and elegantly drawn, these two creators get these characters. They show us where they've been with hints of where they would like to see them go as well. Give these two their own Young Avengers book and let them go. They deserve it, and more importantly, the fans of this book that have been waiting patiently for someone to get off their butts and move forward deserve it even more. My Score: A-

Brightest Day # 0brightestday0.jpg
Right off the heals of Geoff Johns epic adventure "Blackest Night" comes his new bi-weekly follow up called "Brightest Day". For those of you who don't know how Blackest Night ended... go read it. But the brief cliff-notes is that twelve who had already died before and during the latest Crisis, are resurrected - including Deadman! The first issue pretty much is all setup, but for me there was enough here to definitely want me to come back for more. Max Lord, Aquaman and Deadman alone is worth the price of admission to this story. If I have one little gripe about this (and it's really a very person one) is that Geoff Johns had to bring back the original Hawk. He's not a character I ever thought was that interesting and for me it would have been cooler to see either Ralph or Sue show up but not with each other. Now there's some cool drama! I'm on board though, and as long as Johns can keep me hooked with final pages like this first issue; I'll be here for the long haul. My Score: A-

Booster Gold #31boostergold31.jpg
Goodbye Dan Jurgens... we shall miss you. *sob* Dan leaves us with a bitter-sweet epilogue to his final arc: "The Tomorrow Memory". Except for a quick battle scene at the beginning of the issue, Dan focuses on the important issue here, which is Booster and his relationship with his sister and Rip Hunter. Dan lays all his cards on the table in his final piece when he writes a wonderful soliloquy for Booster to his sister Michelle. It takes a writer who truly "gets" a character to make me fall into the words and hear the voice in my head. Not my voice, but the voice of the hero himself. Dan has done this through out his run, and this final issue was really a ripe cherry on top of a huge sundae of comic goodness. I can only hope that someday he returns to this title, because it really is his book. My Score: Solid A.


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