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DeadLord Weekly Reviews - 4/21/10 - Spoilers

Written by Starlord and DeadFett on Tuesday, April 27 2010 and posted in Reviews
capwhowontwieldtheshield-a.jpgMore comic goodness this week with very little disappointment. Just the way it should be. {nomultithumb}

DeadFett: Welcome readers to another edition of DeadLord's Weekly Reviews. As per usual, Starlord and I will be giving our thoughts and opinions on three comic books released this week.

capwhowontwieldtheshield.jpgOur first selection this week is X-Men Legacy #235. This is part four of the big crossover, Second Coming. This issue picks up right in the middle of the battle between the New Mutants and the forces of Cameron Hodge. During the course of the battle, Cypher convinces Warlock that killing is acceptable in the war in which they're engaged.

Meanwhile, Rogue realizes she can track Hope using a special bond between the two. Somehow, Pierce has managed to destroy Cerebra while remaining captive of the X-Men. Wolverine's team is in pursuit of Cable and Hope. They're attacked and one of their vehicles is destroyed. Wolverine and X-23 survive but Ariel is killed in the attack. Rogue absorbs the powers of the other X-Men to protect Hope as Cable joins the X-Men to serve as a decoy so that Hope can escape with Rogue.

All in all, I liked the issue. Carey did a good job of advancing the overall story. I just wish the story was progressing a little faster. I can't help but feel the events of the past three parts could've been told in two issues. This issue has me excited for the next part of Second Coming. I give this issue a thumbs up. What about you my friend?

Starlord: Couldn't agree with you more, well, except that I haven't really felt like it's too long yet. I'm sure I will before it's over though. The scene where Hope and Cable finally have to split up was my favorite and well written by Mike Carey. A thumbs up for me as well.

powergirl11.jpgNext on our list is Power Girl #11 where PG is continuing her battle with the Ultra-Humanite whose brain is now in the body of her good friend Terra. Not only is the battle fierce, but Ultra is able to display abilities that Terra has either not used on purpose or not realized she could do yet. Finally defeating him, Power Girl hunts down Satanna and lasers her arm off before the villainess finally let's PG know where Terra's brain is. Thanks to the technology of Strata (deep in the Earth) they are able to put her friend back together as well as give Ultra-Humanite a new body that will not degenerate. Does this make him happy... yes and no? In the meantime a furious Satanna demands the appearance of Sivana. It's time to kill her a Kryptonian!

Once again this book excels because it's fun, irreverent and does not take itself to seriously; yet I find myself rooting for our heroine on every panel. I'm going to be seriously depressed when Gray, Palmiotti and Conner leave this book. A huge thumbs up for me. What did you think?

DeadFett: Totally agree with you about Power Girl #11. I'm so glad our reviews led to the discovery of this title for me. There isn't enough fun titles like this. I'm going to miss this creative team. I'll give the new team a couple issues in the hopes the fun continues. I give this issue a thumbs up.

xmenlegacy235.jpgOur final selection for the week is Captain America: Who Won't Wield the Shield #1. When this was first announced I didn't plan on getting it. Then I saw the preview and decided to make the plunge.

I have to say, I'm glad I did. This book was a lot of fun. I love the Red Skull buying Forbush Man to be his assassin. The scenes with Brubaker, Aaron and Wacker were the best part for me. There were some great funny moments, especially Aaron making fun of Brubaker's hat. The only part I didn't care for too much was Doctor Amerika. I needed a visit from Timothy Leary to appreciate the story and all the vibrant colors. I liked the Golden Age Deadpool and how all those mini stories tied in with Forbush Man.

Overall, I like this book. It was a fun read and certainly the biggest surprise of the week for me. Good writing and art that fit the book well. What did you think Starlord?

Starlord: Absolutely the most surprising book of the week for me as well. I think you hit every nail right on the head with your review here. Doctor Amerika was the weakest point but the rest of the book more than made up for it. In fact my favorite line of any book came from this one: "He killed the water guy!"

It's been too long since Marvel has brought out Forbush Man and I'm glad that they finally did - and in such a delightful way. Thumbs up for me as well and I can't wait for the conclusion to this one.

Well that's it for this week folks. On behalf of DeadFett and myself, thanks for reading and we'll see you next week at the comic stand.

The Spirit #1spirit1.jpg
Will Eisner's Spirit is back and DC has him. Another "First Wave" title comes to us by way of Mark Schultz and Moritat. The story is pretty straight forward, reintroducing not only the main hero, but his arch-nemesis The Octopus as well. What I liked though, is that for a first issue, this wasn't all about the origin. It was mentioned and then we moved on. I have to admit that I've never read any of Mr. Eisner's stories on this character, and I am very ashamed of that. This was my first introduction to the character and though I loved the blend of masked hero with cape combined with the Noir of the time, I didn't feel anything real special about this first issue - at least not story wise. The art, on the other hand, was extremely well done with inks and colors that added to the flavor of the piece. I'll buy the next three or four issues because I do see great potential in not only this title, but all the "First Wave" stories. My Score: C+

Siege: Spider-Man #1siege-spiderman.jpg
A book that causes me a huge dilemma. How do I rate it? What do I say about it? Let me start with this: HEY ALL YOU ARTIST OVER AT AMAZING SPIDER-MAN... THIS IS HOW YOU DRAW THE WEB HEAD! It's been so long since I've enjoyed the art on a Spidey book that I almost forgot how beautiful it could be. Brian Reed does just as picture perfect a job with the script as Marco Santucci does with the art. This Siege tale takes place just before the fall of Asgard and focuses on the battle between the web slinger and his arch foe (or foes as the case may be), Venom (also once known as The Scorpion). Ms. Marvel is also a key player in this story that reveals her true feelings for Peter. This is actually a fun story with witty banter and some great fight scenes. Brian does an interesting twist when he creates a Venom/Ms. Marvel hybrid for a bit. As these Siege stories go, this one is a keeper. Though it really doesn't propel the story any farther along, it's still worth the price of admission. My Score: B

Sif #1sif.jpg
Lady Sif gets her own one shot here that wraps up the story of her return, kind of. It seems Sif has a bit of a phobia about that naughty God, Loki. I suppose having someone take over your body and dump you into one that is about to expire can do that to a person. Beta Ray Bill appears in search of Thor, but acquires Sif's help in rescuing the sentient ship Skuttlebutt. During her battle she comes to grips with the inner fear that Loki has instilled in her and finally Sif is ready to move on. Good thing too, cause her home is about to come tumbling down. If you are a really big fan of all things Thor and Company, this book is worth the read. Strong story, great characters and very solid art makes it a decent read. If you have little interest outside of Goldilocks himself... this book really isn't for you at all. Me? I'm glad I bought it. I liked it. My Score: B

Tiny Titans #27tinytitans27.jpg
This book just tickles me seven ways to Sunday. In this ever entertaining issue Raven takes Kid Devil home to baby-sit only to have her father, Trigon, start treating him like a baby. Trigon learns to be cautious with the pepper shaker around the little tyke after the kid sneezes fire and burns Trigon's sandwich. Even though Raven begs her father to realize Kid Devil is not a baby, there seems to be little that can convince him. When the other Tiny Titans come to the house for a barbecue they all discover that Kid Devil has a hidden talent... he's great when you can't get the grill going. In the end, though, Raven can't move fast enough to take the young child back home to his real guardian... Blue Devil. This book is quality from beginning to end, every issue. I want to say it's the best Titan book on the market right now, but looking at the mess the other books are in, I don't want to insult Art Baltazar or Franco. I started buying this for my youngest son, but I've found that I'm looking forward to it each month more than he is. My Score: B+

Guardians of the Galaxy #25guardians25.jpg
He's baaaaack. The lead-in to the Thanos Imperative is just another feather in the cap of Abnett and Lanning who have yet to put out a less than stellar issue of this title. The Guardians are reunited as they battle the mindless husk of Thanos as well as grieve for the loss of one of their own. It's Star-Lord who saves the day when he uses a Cosmic Cube to help defeat the Titan. Not only was this issue action packed, chock full of great art, but it also has the best line of the week: "Groot... am... ow." Another issue that proves Marvel Comics has the best space opera happening right now. My Score: A


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