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Cleaning the Plate for 4/28/10 - Spoilers

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, May 03 2010 and posted in Reviews
wonderwoman43-a.jpgA look at God's, Goddesses, and a double dose of Kryptonians this week. {nomultithumb}

Six books this week which includes the Superman finale to the recent event... until the next one.

Wonder Woman #43wonderwoman43.jpg

Just because Gail Simone's time with our favorite Amazon is winding down, she definitely isn't sitting on her laurels for her final story. A simple alien invasion for Wonder Woman has turned into a reunion of sorts as an aunt that she didn't even now she had appears in her life. It seems her auntie sacrificed herself so that Diana's mother wouldn't be taken away for what I can only imagine would be some intense probing. No memory of the incident so this is a huge surprise to everyone involved. It's a great way for Gail to finish her run; introducing a new character into the Wonder Woman mythos. The art is powerful, colorful and some of the most enjoyable I've seen in a WW series since the days of George Perez. I'm going to miss DC's first lady on this title and hope that it can continue in the same high quality that it has been producing. My Score: A-

Superman #699superman699.jpg
The penultimate chapter in the "Last Stand of New Krypton" is a pretty explosive issue. It's the final showdown between General Zod and Brainiac with Superman, Mon-El and the rest still desperately trying to save all the cities that the evil Coluan has collected. The special Legion heroes continue to save the future while Brainiac Five and Supergirl finally bring Kandor back to its original height. And just as the battles reach their zenith, Lex Luthor pulls a doozy of a double cross that jeopardizes everyone on Brainy's ship as well as New Kandor itself. This has been the most fun a Superman story has been in a while; though there's so many characters running around that it can get a bit confusing at times. It's pretty obvious where this is all headed (especially if you've read the solicits for upcoming Superman stories), but after months upon months of build up, it's fun to see so many plots finally coming together. My Score: B+

Thor #609thor609.jpg
And Siege continues with a look at the Asgardians after the fall of their home. Lord Balder finally confronts Loki for all he has done in the destruction of Asgard, but as always, the God of Mischief works that magical tongue to explain why he had to do what he did. Unfortunately it doesn't stop Balder from banishing Odin's least favorite son from the home that no longer exists. Yet the question remains, is Loki actually trying to save them now... or not? The subplot of the beautiful Kelda also comes to a climax, but with everything else going on, it seems a bit anti-climatic. This is a great follow up issue and Kieron Gillen continues to prove that he has a firm grasp on Marvel's greatest Gods. I have no doubt that Mr. Gillen's run on this title may well become one of the greatest in the history of Thor comics. My Score: B+

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #3 of 3laststand-newkrypton3.jpg
The battle for New Krypton ends in typical DC fashion. A big explosion, a couple of head scratching moments and a non-ending that promises another big event for the Superman mythos. There were some wonderfully classic moments in this final issue. Villains turning against villains; the apparent death of Lex Luthor (though we all knew that wasn't really going to happen) and my all time favorite panel where Brainiac kneels before Zod. I mean come on, you got to love that! Still, with the knowledge that this was just building into another major event made the final moments seem rather anti-climatic. It does, however, feel very reminiscent of a moment not to long ago in American history: "These people over here attacked us, so it's our patriotic duty to go to this other place and declare war on them." A big round of applause to Blond for some brilliant coloring, though. All in all this was a fun read and one of the better Superman stories I've read in a while. My Score: B-  Entire Series: B

Thunderbolts #143thunderbolts143.jpg
This is a book that I stopped reading when Warren Ellis began writing it and the whole concept of what it was changed. With all the Siege stuff going on, though, and another new team on the horizon, I figured why not pick up a copy and see what is going on. Oddly enough this had very little to do with the team of Thunderbolts and much more to do with The Avengers. The writing was pretty good and the art was fine. I'm glad I picked it up if only to see what direction the book is planning to go next. There was just a brief hint of it at the end, but the one thing Brian Bendis has done for me is make me really appreciate Luke Cage. The final panels between Luke and Jessica have sold me on picking this book up again. If there is one thing it looks like I'll regret reading about with this last group is Paladin. I hope he doesn't disappear into the Marvel Universe anytime soon. My Score: C+

Mighty Avengers #36mightyavengers36.jpg
The final issue of Dan Slott's Avengers book - or as I like to call it, Hank Pym and his Adequate Avengers, pretty much sums up what the whole series felt like. Meh. Personally I've never seen Ultron so poorly used in my thirty some years of reading comics. Dan has a wonderful knack to Pym which was probably the best part of this series, but the concepts that were laid out fell horribly flat. Jocasta was poorly used from the very beginning and I was not a fan of the whole Janet Van Dyne concept at all. I really think Dan tried his best here but ultimately is failed in more ways than it succeeded. My Score: C-  and for the whole run D.


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