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DeadLord's Weekly Reviews - 4/28/10 - Spoilers

Written by Starlord and DeadFett on Tuesday, May 04 2010 and posted in Reviews
ironman25-a.jpgAll Avengers edition. {nomultithumb}

newavengers64.jpgStarlord: Let's start this week with a Siege tie-in - New Avengers #64. This part of the event focuses on Red Hood and Madame Masque and their final deal with the soon to be doomed Norman Osborne and Loki. Having received the magical Norn Stones from the God of Mischief, Red Hood agrees to help Norman in the destruction of Asgard and in return him and his band of baddies would become the generals of the new Thunderbolts. An agreement is made by all, but during the battle, Loki pulls a double cross and transfers the massive power from Hood's... hoods over to the Avengers. Red Hood is surprised, Masque is surprised that her lover is actually surprised. The two do the only thing that makes sense... they run away. In a hotel room Parker laments that once the Siege is over, the Avengers will be coming after them. Masque agrees, but slaps some sense into him by saying, "You make sure you have something they will never see coming."

Again, I enjoyed this. Red Hood was not one of my favorite characters when this whole thing began, but as it wraps up I'm finding him actually a bit more interesting; especially his relationship with Madame Masque. Bendis does a great job of showing both Red Hood and Ronin searching for their loves after the destruction of Asgard by Sentry. That was probably my favorite scene in the issue. I'm giving this one a solid thumbs up. What is your thoughts, Mr. Fett? 

DeadFett: I have to be honest, I'm sick of The Hood. Having said that, I bet you can imagine what I thought of this issue. I didn't really care for it. I found myself rushing to get through it as it just couldn't hold my interest. I did like the scenes of Ronin looking for his love but that was about it. The art here didn't help either. This issue gets a thumbs down from me.

ironman25.jpgOn to our next book this week, Invincible Iron Man #25. Following the events of Stark Disassembled and Siege, we find Tony Stark attempting to put his life back together. Fraction does a great job here of laying the groundwork and introducing adversaries for future stories.

Among those is Justin Hammer's daughter who is trying to earn big government contracts in Stark's absence. Tony gives Pepper the task of rebuilding the company while he rebuilds the suit. Tony enlists the help of Reed Richards with his new Iron Man armor. But my favorite scene was Tony meeting with Thor. They agree that there is more to discuss but for now, they are friends again. I'm looking forward to seeing them kick ass alongside Cap again.

This was probably my favorite book of the week. It was well written and Larocca's art was great here as well. For me, Fraction just clicks on this title, much more than he does on Uncanny. Big thumbs up for me on this book. How about you Starlord?

Starlord: So the Hood is a no go for Mr. Fett. Alright, I can totally respect that. As for Iron Man, can't say enough great things about this issue. Art, writing, character development all come together in this issue to make it just as compelling as the big events that we've just gotten through. I have no problem predicting that Fraction's run on this series is going to go down as one of the best in the Iron Man legacy. Not my favorite book of the week, but definitely in the top three. Huge thumbs up for me as well.

captainamerica605.jpgFinally we take a look at Captain America #605 and the conclusion of the "Two Americas" story line. As the faux Captain America continues his plot to blow up the Hoover Dam, Falcon and Bucky Barnes (in the actual Bucky uniform) battle for the lives of thousands of Americans. The fake Cap is defeated but his body is never found; though everyone is pretty sure he's dead. I mean when has no body ever meant that they weren't dead - right?

I have a totally mixed feeling about this issue as well as the storyline in general. Brubaker doesn't really miss any steps here, but I didn't find anything that really wowed me either. This is a story that Steve went through back in the early eighties and though many readers may not have read it, I did, so some of it seemed like a big retread. The second feature of the new Nomad does nothing for me at all. I browsed it but didn't really spend much time reading it. I've got to give this a thumbs up, a weak one, because as I said, there was nothing really wrong with it. At the same time, it didn't do anything to impress me either.

DeadFett: You've summed up my feelings perfectly on this book. A solid issue but nothing spectacular. Like you said, the writing and art were good enough but I'm glad this storyline is over. I might feel this way because of the anticipation of the next arc, the return of Baron Zemo. I'll give this issue a thumbs up, but like you, it's a weak thumbs up.

Starlord: And that's it for this week folks. Before we leave you this week we'd like to say that this issue of DeadLord's Reviews is in memory of The Outhouses very own Old Man who left this world way too soon. You will be missed by all of us.


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