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On The Throne: Porcelain38 Reviews Brightest Day #1

Written by Steven Harris on Thursday, May 06 2010 and posted in Reviews

Porcelain38 Reviews DC's Brightest Day #1. First issue! First Review! It's Awesome!

Comic Review Cover

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Covers by DAVID FINCH Variant cover by IVAN REIS and OCLAIR ALBERT

BRIGHTEST DAY continues, but in ways you can't possibly expect! What does BRIGHTEST DAY mean to the DC Universe? Is everything from here on out going to be bright and shiny? No, BRIGHTEST DAY means something else entirely, something we can't tell you...yet. But we can tell you our heroes will need to rise up more than ever to combat the forces of evil, and a select few will uncover a secret that binds them ALL.

DC Comics /40pgs/Color/ $2.99 



     On this bright and sunny afternoon I took my comics for a stroll in the park and found a great oak tree to sit under and read. As other people played Frisbee golf, dogs barked at passing cars, birds chirped, I sat and read my copy of DC's Brightest Day #1. This setting with nature blushing all around me was the perfect set for the issue because this issue was full of life.
     This entire issue was perfect progression from last month's Brightest Day #0. Last month we simply witnessed where our players (Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, Deadman, Dove, Professor Zoom, Captain Boomerang, Maxwell Lord, Osiris, and Jade) were immediately after their resurrection. Some were in prison, others were in space, and some were having trouble adjusting to their new way of life. The main thread that carried over from issue #0 was the use of Boston Brand (Deadman now....Liveman?) being the omniscient narrator who simply observes the other newly resurrected heroes. Other than that every other story thread kicks into high gear.

     For those who don't enjoy Hal Jordan, or the Green Lantern in general, know that there are only 5 pages dedicated to him and the "New Guardians". Their main problem? They can't seem to move the white lantern power battery. How this is relevant I have no clue, but hopefully this goes somewhere interesting. 
Other than the opening scene Johns & Tomasi turn their focus on to the other resurrected heroes.  Most of the stories are interesting turns for our favorite heroes such as J'onn J'onnz and Firestorm and their ability to escape their histories as Black Lanterns. The biggest let down of the issue was the reveal of Hath-Set being the one whose after the bodies of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Anybody who's a moderate fan of Hawkman knows the history of the character and the reveal was projected from a mile away. New readers who know nothing about Hawkman can try to wrap their heads around the concept but it would be difficult. The introduction of Hath-Set makes me think that by the end of Brightest Day the Hawks will be dead again.
     Now the best part of the issue.
A little segment I like to call....
     Yes, in the tradition of Green Lantern: Rebirth and Flash: Rebirth, Geoff Johns has brought back a long dead/ lame character and breathed new life into them. For years Aquaman has been a joke, but now he's on the road to becoming a bonified bad-ass!  Johns has Aquman take down pirates and control dead sea-animals (the two page spread of the dead squid was a great splash page), and Mera still maintains her confidence and rage from Blackest Night. The best part of the issue was the reintroduction of Black Manta. Upon hearing about Aquaman's return, Manta quits his comfortable and cozy life by butchering an entire shop full of people and putting his Black Manta amor back on. With the reestablishment of Black Manta as a serious threat and Aquaman as a badass Johns has made the Aquaman shining star of Brightest Day. 

     The art was beautiful and every story thread touched on was progressed tenfold. I can't wait to see where Tomasi and Johns takes this book in the future.

The future of DC looks bright indeed....


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