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DeadLord Weekly Reviews - 5/5/10 - Spoilers

Written by Starlord and DeadFett on Friday, May 14 2010 and posted in Reviews
astonishingspideywolvie1-a.jpgThe DeadLord reviews are here. A tad late thanks to the Starlord part of this duo, but here none the less. Enjoy! {nomultithumb}

Starlord: Hey, DeadFett, let's go crazy this week and start with a book by DC comics! How about Brightest Day brightestday1.jpg#1? There's still quite a bit of set up in this second issue but some interesting mysteries as well. Sinestro, Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan, and Star Sapphire investigate the White Lantern, only to discover that none of them can lift it. Comparing it to King Arthur and Excalibur the question lingers... who can carry the lantern? Is it Deadman who isn't quite as dead anymore and the only one to still hold a white ring? Another creepier mystery is revealed when during a battle with pirates Aquaman summons his ocean friends only to be able to speak to the ones that are dead. A dead shark and octopus come to help him; causing both him and Mera to wonder what is going on. The two sides of Firestorm cannot split apart and it looks like Ray Palmer and Professor Stein have the answer to that dilemma, while the original bodies of Hawkman and Hawkgirl are taken by their immortal enemy - Hath-Set. A false memory is directed into Martian Manhunter's brain which forces him to head back to Earth for answers and in the final panels we have the return of Black Manta.

It's still pretty early in this bi-weekly year long story, but some of these mysteries have me totally hooked; Aquaman, Deadman, and the White Lantern being in my top three. I think Johns and Tomasi work well together as co-writers and compared to the last two attempts that DC has done with the weekly comic idea, this one seems to have a much stronger beginning. I'm giving it a big thumbs up. What did you think, my friend?

DeadFett: Well, the mystery of who can lift the White Lantern is pretty intriguing and probably the one I'm most interested. I just wish this part of the story was in the Green Lantern books. I can see where this title will appeal to the hardcore DC fan but for a somewhat casual fan like myself, this title isn't for me. However, it was well written and the art here was also good. I give it a thumbs up for that and dong a great job of setting up the storylines. However, I don't see myself buying future issues.

uncannyxmen524.jpgUp next this week is Uncanny X-Men #524. This issue gives the X-Men and the readers a chance to catch their breath following the action of the crossover so far. Most of the issue is spent showing the grief over Nightcrawler's death and said character's funeral. Somehow, Magneto was able to sense Nightcrawler's death, almost like Obi-Wan could sense the destruction of Alderaan in Star Wars. I love the scene where Cable introduces Cyclops as his father. Hope is obviously confused by this and I took it as an inside joke to Cable's convoluted origin.

We also learn that despite being a prisoner of the X-Men, Donald Pierce is able to fool Danger and move about the island and provide Bastion with vital information. Beast returns for Kurt's funeral and places the blame for Kurt's death squarely on Cyclops's shoulders. Obviously mourning his friend's passing, Wolverine lashes out as Hope and tells her she better be worth it.

I liked this issue. It was a nice change of pace after the past few issues of the crossover. It definitely felt like a "down" issue but did a good job of advancing the overall story as well. I thought Fraction's writing here was really good and the art from the Dodsons was enjoyable as well. I give this issue a big thumbs up. What about you Starlord?

Starlord: I actually enjoyed this issue even more than Nightcrawler's death. There was a LOT of personal moments which for The X-Men is what I enjoy the most. This team is all about angst and emotionalism and Fraction really pulled it off. In fact I think this is probably my favorite issue of this book that he has written, to date. I felt the anger, hurt, and despair from each of them. A big thumbs up.

astonishingspideywolvie1.jpgOur final issue this week is Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #1. This first issue opens with both Peter and Logan, err James, no, no, Logan, trapped in time right before the big meteor that wipes out the dinosaurs... and them. Both have gone in separate directions at the end, but when the big bang comes, they are both thrown into another time period. Who is doing it and why... that's the big question.

Well, I liked Adam Kubert's art here. I also thought Jason Aaron kept the characters true to themselves in this time travel piece. But this was a book that I have to admit by the time I finished it the first thing that came to mind was: "So what?" Even for big time Wolverine or Spider-Man fans I just can't see why this book was needed. I've got to give this one a really, really, big thumbs down. How about you?

DeadFett: Well, we're of opposite minds on this one. I absolutely loved this first issue. Jason Aaron has a great knack for writing Logan and he absolutely did a great job with Peter here. Is this book needed? Probably not. But, with writing and art this good I don't mind an unnecessary title like this. The book sets up a lot of questions and I'll be more than happy to keep reading for the answers. Big thumbs up from me.


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