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New Mutants 13 Review

Written by Erik Galston on Tuesday, May 18 2010 and posted in Reviews

Second Coming Keeps trucking, so Erik Galston lets us know all about New Mutants 13

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

New Mutants 13
Writer: Zeb Wells
Art: Ibraim Roberson with Lan Medina
Publisher: Marvel
Price: 2.99

Description: "Nothing is going right for Cyclops, as he tries to prepare his army for war. The X-Men are falling apart at the seams. Schisms are forming regarding Hope and her importance while Bastion's spy continues to terrorize them from inside their own home."


Warning This Review will contain Spoilers

Marvel’s events have been firing on all cylinders and Second Coming is no different. This issue really brought home the gravity of the X-Men’s situation.

The story opens with Cyclops calling Domino and Vanisher back to Utopia. When Vanisher overhears Scott telling Domino that the teleporters have been targeted, he teleports away. Bad move for Vanisher, because he was shot and killed by Steven Lang and his MRD goons. Also a strange regression for the character, who had recently become more heroic with his actions during Necrosha.

Back on Utopia, Donald Pierce is ready to make his final move, blowing up the Blackbirds, effectively trapping the X-Men on the island. One could really feel the emotion of the characters. Seeing Warlock freak out over breaking his vow not to take lives in the previous issue and the rest of the New Mutants doubting Cable’s intentions was very believable based on past history.

Zeb Wells shows a masterful understanding of continuity. The scene in the mess hall where Dani Moonstar confronts Cable definitely rang true. Of all the New Mutants, she never really understood Cable’s mission, and it was fitting that she be the one to confront him. The ensuing fight with Hope illustrates the motivations of multiple characters. Hope wants to fight to prove herself. Dani needs to lash out. Scott wants to protect Hope. Cable knows that Hope must be allowed to stand on her own legs.

The art was fantastic in this issue. The scene where the Blackbirds explode was really well drawn. I also loved seeing Namor and X-23 ripping Pierce apart. The serious and angry tone of the situation is conveyed perfectly as the team realizes they are trapped on Utopia, with an incoming attack imminent. I haven’t really seen much of Roberson’s work before this, but this issue was excellent. The artwork was crisp, and the action scenes were amazing.

The issue ends on two cliffhangers. One leads into the Second Coming Revelations: Blind Science one-shot, and the other sees Hope doubting if she and Cable should have come back to the present at all. The second act of Second Coming has introduced a whole new set of challenges and dilemmas for characters who have not even had time to process the events of act one.

This issue is a MUST BUY for fans of the X-Men, as well as for readers following Second Coming, as it builds on the previous events both in the storyline and in X-Men history to set up the next act of the event.


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