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Batman: The Brave & The Bold – 2.13 Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!

Written by Zechs on Saturday, May 29 2010 and posted in Reviews

The Flash family gets the spotlight as they and Batman tangle with the Reverse Flash!

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

Written by: Greg Wiesman

Directed by: Michael Chang


Diedrich Bader as Batman

Andy Milder as Jay Garrick

Hunter Parrish as Wally West

Alan Tudyk as Barry Allen

John Wesley Shipp as Reverse Flash

Steven Blum as Heatwave/Captain Cold

Robin Atkin Downes as Weather Wizard

Bumper Johnson as Black Lightening

Scott Menville as Metamorpho



So I get yet another EXCLUSIVE episode of this show to watch. Barring my attitudes towards the main villain in this, I have to admit this was Flash Rebirth done right and once again the creators and writers behind this show get the DC Universe better than the people currently running the comic book universe. In this show, all the legacy characters get the spotlight, not just the Silver Age wonk fest currently going in comics at DC. The premise of this particular episode shows just that with the focus on the Flashes: the past (Jay Garrick), the present (Barry Allen), and the future (Wally West).


Though before I go into further detail another little fun edge this show has is the way it plays with time. This was shown into great detail with the episode introducing Robin (1.17 the Color of Revenge) and again it's on display here with the Outsiders. No longer are they the teenagers of yore as shown in their debut episode, this time they're much older and even sporting their comic book costumes now (though Metamorpho remains the same), and have added two new members to the team (Geo-Force and Halo) as they take on Kobra. It was a very fun opening and again plays to this show's great strengths by introducing characters who've never really been animated before.

Now for the main story starts with a homage to numerous Batman and Barry Allen team-ups (them taking on Gorilla Grodd, Captain Boomerang, and Mirror Master) before switching to Bats, Kid Flash, and Jay Garrick taking on the Rogues (Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, and Heatwave). The confrontation was just absolute gold. Not only was the action just perfect but the dialogue throughout added so much dimension to the Rogues in the mere moments of screen time given. So we find out Barry Allen is “dead” having perished in a confrontation with the Reverse Flash (the original, not Hunter Zolomon even if his costume is used for the episode). However, after being haunted by the “ghost” of Barry leads the three heroes to the far future where they confront a still very much alive Professor Zoom and Barry Allen's true fate revealed.

This episode just seems a love letter to any Flash fan. You have everything save for Bart Allen in this episode. You got three generations of Flashes, almost all their villains, little geeky stuff only Flash fans would understand, and oh Reverse Flash is voiced by John Wesley Shipp, the dude who played Flash in the short-lived Flash television show. So you already have that going for every Flash fan and probably other stuff that flew right by me.


There's a lot of stuff to love about this episode from the Flash nuggets to the actual detail this lone episode goes into the mythos of the Flash, and then just getting a nice epic confrontation with the Flashes greatest foe. About the only negatives I have with the episode is that Wally was only Kid Flash in his and didn't accept the role and that it was only thirty minutes. When the episode ended I so wanted more. Course the former is only a fanboyish nit pick so I'll overlook that.

There's just so much to love about this episode though for old and new fans of the Flash and the universe around him. I dare even say this episode does it better than Justice League Unlimited episode (Flash and Substance) that did the same and that was a fantastic episode too. Once more Batman: The Brave & the Bold just does things so much better. Again, everything handled here on this show is just so perfect. That's all I'll say anymore on the subject before it becomes fanboy rambling by me. The final icing on the cake from this episode was finding out it's written by the newly canceled Spectacular Spider-Man showrunner Greg Wiesman was just the final icing on the cake for me. This show just continues to nab some fine writers (well save for one, BEECHEN!!) All and all, if you're a fan of the Flash you'll love this episode. If you're not a fan, I probably guess you'll love the character just a little more now thanks to this episode.

5 out of 5



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