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Better Late Than Never Reviews

Written by Erik Galston on Friday, June 04 2010 and posted in Reviews

E_galston reviews 3 titles from last week's releases: X-Force #27, X-Men Second Coming Revelations: Blind Science #1 and Thunderbolts #144

1083454_ful.jpgX-Force 27
Writer: Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost
Art: Mike Choi and Sonia Oback
Price: 2.9
Bastion's war against mutant kind has reached its endgame, as the second act of Second Coming comes to a close.  The X-Men face impossible odds and suffer some major injuries in the process.  This issue really pushed the story into the home stretch.  I was both surprised and impressed, that the creative team didn't use word balloons or words at all for that matter, for the first 10 pages.  

They let the gorgeous art work of Choi and Oback speak for itself.  The action scenes were very well done, and one didn't need words to understand what was going on.  The last half of the book featured a lot of talking heads.  There wasn't much action but the dialogue put the characters into their final spots for the last act of the storyline.  The last line of the book, when Cyclops says that he sent X-Force and his son to die, was definitely my moment of the week.  

This is definitely a MUST READ.

X-Men Second Coming Revelations Blind Science
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art: Paul Davidson and Francis Portela
Price: 3.99

Branching off from Second Coming is this one shot starring the X-Club.  On its own, it's an blind_science.jpgalright read, but as a part of Second Coming as a whole it's unnecessary.  I had a few issues with this book. First off, I wonder why this book was released the week it was.  The issue takes place between chapters 7 and 8 of Second Coming, but the issue was released the same week as chapter 9.  The action takes place between the second to last page of New Mutants 13 and X-Men Legacy 236. There was even a blurb at the end of that page saying, follow the X-Club to this One Shot.  This book should have definitely come out a week before it did.  

My second issue dealt more with the story.  The X-Club is trapped in what is revealed at the end of the issue to be a holographic simulation by Graydon Creed, and the only member of the X-Club to figure it out was Dr. Rao.  It was very hard to suspend disbelief at that reveal, especially since Madison Jeffries has the power to talk to machines.  I get that the story was meant to show that Dr. Rao is a "good" person, and is qualified to be with the X-Club, but that development shouldn't be at the expense of other characters.

I would only recommend this book to fans of the X-Club, its' not necessary for Second Coming.

Thunderbolts 144
Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Kev Walker
Price 2.99

thunderbolts.jpgThe Heroic Age has taken over the Marvel Universe and the Thunderbolts get a makeover.  Bringing Luke Cage on as leader was a perfect choice, since he kind of is the "original" Thunderbolt.  I was a long time reader of the first incarnation of the Thunderbolts, but I couldn't get into the "Osborn" era.  When this new direction was announced I knew I had to give the book a shot.  I'm glad I did.  

The book mixes the original Thunderbolts with the newer Thunderbolts to great success.  The art work takes some readers some getting used to, my only issue being Songbird's new look.  The last page reveal definitely makes you wish that the next issue was out already.  The first issue hooked me on this new incarnation of the Thunderbolts.

This issue is a MUST READ for fans of all eras of the team, and for Marvel Universe fans in general.


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