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DeadLord Weekly Review - 6/3/10 - Spoilers

Written by Starlord and DeadFett on Wednesday, June 09 2010 and posted in Reviews
avengersprime1-a.jpgIt's an unusual week as there is only one book that DeadFett and I will be reviewing together. We will, however, be giving you a solo review another book that came out this past week. {nomultithumb}

Starlord: The book we are reviewing is Avengers Prime #1, a Brian Michael Bendis, Alan Davis production. avengersprime1.jpgThe story opens after the destruction of Asgard with most of The Avengers gathered together offering help to Thor and his buddies. The trinity of the Marvel Universe (Steve Rogers, Iron Man and Thor) make their way to Heimdall's Observatory and entrance to the dimensions of the nine realms. They are not down there too long before the three of them are sucked into a rainbow vortex that sends them each into different realms. Thus the stage is set for an adventure for the three stalwart heroes. Of the three, it is Thor's that is the most interesting in the first issue as he is confronted by The Enchantress.

Personally I enjoyed this much more than the first issue of Avengers but no where near as much as the first issue of The Secret Avengers. Alan Davis' art is just as amazing as always and really carried this book for me. Though I'm not the biggest Bendis fan, I was impressed that he actually used sentences that had more than a total of four words in them. There wasn't the usual two word play between characters. Also the scene between Steve and Tony at the beginning of the book was my favorite moment. I've always enjoyed these two when they are sparring and I really hope that the other writers pick this up in the Marvel Universe.

All in all, I'm giving it a thumbs up, but a rather weak one. As usual I'm not quite sure what this is going to be about or where it's going - the first issue seemed slightly muddled. What did you think?

DeadFett: I have mixed feelings on this book.  I was originally going to pass on this but with such a small week I decided to pick it up.  Like you, I found the overall plot here to be a bit muddled and not very interesting. The best part of the issue was the argument between Steve and Tony. I'm glad the feelings and events of Civil War haven't been swept aside with start of The Heroic Age. If writers simply ignore the rift that was there that would be lame.

I was happy to see Alan Davis's work here. He's been a solid artist for years now. I really wish he would get more work. I loved him on the old Excalibur series. Overall, I'm not sure how I really feel about this issue. There was some stuff to like but nothing about the plot really pulled me in or makes me feel compelled to grab the rest of the series. I give it a slight thumbs up.

Starlord: Red Robin #13

redrobin13.jpgMy extra book I'm reviewing this week for DeadLord is one that I really never thought I was going to enjoy as much as I have. Tim Drake has really come into his own and every writer who has touched him since Bruce's "death" has shown one personality trait with near consistency - he's more like Bruce than Dick, Jason, or Damien put together

In this issue we are shown that in spades as we catch a glimpse of a much larger plan that Red Robin is creating. He goes so far as to even publicly defeat Lynx who he discovers may or may not be an undercover agent. He simply doesn't care, he has his own plan and if she is who she claims to be, blowing her cover is collateral damage he can live with.

Even looking back at the first twelve issues we are shown Tim as a young man driven (much like his mentor) to uncover the truth about the "death" of Batman. The best part is, he is proven right in the end.

I recommend this series to anyone who would ask me about it. A solid thumbs up from me on both this issue and the series.


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