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DeadLord Weekly Review - 6/16/10 - Spoilers

Written by Starlord and DeadFett on Friday, June 18 2010 and posted in Reviews
captainamerica606-a.jpgDeadFett is back with all Marvel reviews. {nomultithumb}

captainamerica606.jpgStarlord: Captain America #606 is our first book of the week. Sam (The Falcon) opens the story by discussing Bucky with Steve Rogers. There is a concern that he is once again bringing on a death wish after having to eliminate the third Captain America. While Bucky continues to have nightmares, a new storm is brewing on the horizon as Baron Zemo returns, irate that the man he thought was long dead, is in fact alive and the new Captain America. He begins a plan of revenge that first takes out The Falcon in a bomb explosion, then visits the Red Skull's daughter, Sin and her new facial.

I did enjoy this issue much more than the last arc, actually. I'm glad to see Zemo returning to his villainess roots and the dialogue between Steve, Sam and James was well done. Being this is a mainstream super hero book, though, I tend to like my art a little less noir looking and a bit more on the prime color side. That distracted me just a bit, but I do think Mr. Brubaker is back on track with this one. A decent thumbs up for me. What did you think, my good friend?

DeadFett: I really enjoyed this issue. I didn't really care for the last arc all that much but Brubaker is setting this arc very nicely. I have high hopes that this arc will be just as good as Brubaker's earlier arcs on the title. I love what he's done with Sin here. It's like Bucky will have his own Red Skull to deal with eventually. I'm glad to see Zemo back to being a villain. I'm hoping for bloody and brutal battle between Bucky and Zemo.

Brubaker's writing here was great. Like you stated, the conversation between Sam, Steve and Bucky was well written. I like Guice on the art here. It's not as crisp as Epting's work but it fits the tone of the book for me. Huge thumbs from me on this one.

Next up is Uncanny X-Men #525. This issue continues the events of Second Coming. The X-Men are still uncannyxmen525.jpgtrapped beneath Bastion's dome with no way out. Not even the combined might of the Avengers and Fantastic Four can figure out a way to save the mutants or the humans trapped inside the dome. Cyclops is telling his forces how to fight the Nimrod Sentinels. Hope confronts Cyclops about his decision to send X-Force in to the future. During their argument we're given a clue as to Hope's identity, her eyes glow like Scott's.

In the future, X-Force makes their plan for stopping the Nimrods. They decide they will fight their way to the processing center and not come out until the future is razed and the past saved. Meanwhile, Cyclops asks Xavier to work with Legion as a desperate attempt to save mutant kind.

I really liked this issue. I felt it sets up the third and final act of Second Coming nicely. I'm really looking forward to seeing Legion in action against the Nimrods. The clue to Hope's identity was one I did not see coming. I give this issue a big thumbs up. What about you my friend?

Starlord: I don't want to talk about that clue *grumble grumble* but this was another excellent chapter to the X-Men event of the summer. It very much reminds me of the final episode of Angel. It just keeps getting bleaker and bleaker for our heroes and the odds are hugely stacked against them. I'm giving this a big thumbs up as well.

Our final book this week is Invincible Iron Man #27. While the Hammer daughters continue to work their invincibleironman27.jpgmojo in Tokyo so that they can push Detroit Steel at the American Government, Pepper convinces Tony to make her Rescue once again. But this time she wants to be built stronger, faster, and more powerful - and after a rather lengthy discussion, she gets her wish. When Detroit Steel makes its first public appearance in a rather bloody way, Tony and Rhody notice and are off to Tokyo.

If this synopsis sounds really brief, it's because that's exactly how it felt to me. Really short, not a great deal happening, but excellent art as usual. It's not a bad issue per se, but it is another one that is mostly exposition and building blocks for what I'm hoping will become a much more exciting story. I'm not really into this story so far, but I don't really want to give it a thumbs down either. I guess it could be a thumbs sideways since I found it to neither be exciting nor dull. It was just kind of there. I hoped you enjoyed it more than I did.

DeadFett: I agree with you here about Iron Man. I wouldn't call it a bad issue, it was just more set up. It's not necessarily a bad thing, I just want Fraction to pick up the pace. After the last arc had Tony not doing much except lying around, I was hoping for some super hero fun with the introduction of the new armor. The comic is beginning to mirror the movies more and more. More Tony, less Iron Man. Not a bad thing, I'm just ready to see the new suit in action kicking ass. I'm going to give it a slight thumbs up in the hopes the big action is coming.


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