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Royal Reviews: Wonder Woman #600

Written by Royal Nonesuch on Saturday, July 03 2010 and posted in Reviews

The Warrior Princess of the DC Universe reaches a milestone, and Royal Nonesuch has your review!

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Credits & Solicit Info:

Written by J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI, GEOFF JOHNS, GAIL SIMONE & others Art by GEORGE PÉREZ, PHIL JIMENEZ, JOE MADUREIRA & others • Cover by GEORGE PÉREZ, 1:25 "DC 75th Anniversary" variant cover by ADAM HUGHES • 1:75 "DC 75th Anniversary" variant black and white cover by ADAM HUGHES

You're invited to the gala celebration featuring WONDER WOMAN talent from the past and present to commemorate this landmark issue! Renumbered to reflect Wonder Woman's starring role in 600 issues, this book features the industry's top talent – including Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez, George Pérez, Gail Simone, Joe Madureira and more! Plus, readers won't want to miss a chance to check out the exciting, all-new direction for the Wonder Woman universe as new ongoing writer J. Michael Straczynski (SUPERMAN, BRAVE AND THE BOLD, Amazing Spider-Man) provides a story of his own!


Wonder Woman occupies a strange place in the DC Comics pantheon. She never really gets the marketing push that her friends in the so called DC "Trinity," Superman and Batman receive, yet narratively, the company line seems to be that Wonder Woman is every bit as important to the DC Universe as those two. Still, with Superman and Batman starring in what seems to be an ever-increasing number of titles every month (or at least having more and more titles that somehow relate to them), as well as multi-media brand exploitation favoring those two, it's a bit difficult to see that DC really believes it.

So when the company does decide to take a moment to celebrate Wonder Woman's longevity (Dan Didio went on record to state that he was not in favor of publishing a #600 for this title at this time, since he was not in favor of the practice of renumbering. He changed his mind after an overwhelming show of support for the idea from fans), it might be best to enjoy the occasion.

WONDER WOMAN #600 starts off with an introduction by actress Lynda Carter, best known for portraying the character on the 1970's live-action television show. Carter writes eloquently about what Wonder Woman means to her personally, as well as what Diana achieves on a larger scale. The introduction, titled "Wonder Woman Saves the World," starts a throughline for the issue, since the short stories contained therein work to underscore all the different facets of Wonder Woman, and her place in her world. In just a few pages alloted to each story, the various creative teams, which include Gail Simone (the outgoing writer on the title) and George Perez (the legendary artist who helped redefine the character after Crisis on Infinite Earths) collaborating on a story about Wonder Woman leading the female heroes of the DCU in a fight against man-controlling siren robots builty by Professor Ivo, illustrate that Wonder Woman is a superhero, a family member, a woman, a friend, an inspiration, a warrior, a peacemaker, a teammate and a friend. A collection of pin-ups by various artists interspersed throughout the issue serve the same function.

The first three stories are solid, more lighthearted bits of business that revolve around Wonder Woman's relationships to other heroes. The story by Simone and Perez gets a little grating due to the amount of fawning exhibited by the other superheroines, but makes a good play for poignancy at the end. Amanda Conner does double duty as writer/penciller of a short story where the humor falls flat, but looks as gorgeous as anything she's drawn. Lousie Simonson and penciller Eduardo Pansica's story features a team-up between Diana and Superman. The most superfluous story is the one by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins, which really only serves to feed into the J. Michael Straczynski/Don Kramer short, which itself is a prologue to their upcoming run on the title. One wonders why, other than their marquee names, Johns and Kolins needed to be recruited for this issue at all, since their segment could ostensibly have been handled by Straczynski and Kramer themselves.

It is that last story which sets up the title for the future. It appears Straczynski is going for a darker take on Wonder Woman, using an alternate reality story to do so. Usually, these types of stories tend to spend a lot of page space on the architecture of the new world; how it is and how it came to be. It's too early to tell how the Straczynski story is going to play out, but this prologue was interesting enough.

Wonder Woman #600 Variant Cover

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