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Review Group - Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War #2

Written by John Martin on Wednesday, July 07 2010 and posted in Reviews

fieldy snuts had the pick for new comics shipping June 30th and he selected Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War #2 by Duane Swierczynski and Jason Pearson.

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You either love Deadpool or you hate Deadpool. Anyone who claims otherwise is smoking cottage cheese and asking for a slap in the face. So the Review Group is pretty well split on the love/hate sides of the debate, but will they be split on Wade Wilson's War?

0630-deadpoolwww_cover.jpgReview by fieldy snuts

Deadpool, if there's a more divisive character in comics right now enjoying a Wolverine-level push its him. You either love him or hate him and there's hardly any middle ground it seems. I was a big fan but the way Marvel have been throwing Deadpool books at us the past year is crazy and I was seriously getting burned out with 4 monthlies coming out only to be joined by this MK mini.

With that out of the way, this is finally the tone I've been waiting for since Kelly left the book: funny, over-the-top violent, fourth wall breaking while still given glimpses of how disturbed Deadpool truly is.

Also, gone are the Pool-O-Vision or arguing with himself via dialog boxes from the past couple of years which I'm grateful felt like those dead horses were being beaten to death in the above mentioned monthlies far too often.

As for the story of this issue outside of the general plot of the mini is pretty straightforward: the origin of Deadpool, if you can believe anything coming out of his mouth that is.

A neat thing about it was that the story was being told overlapped by a conflicting intel report that described Wade Wilson as an army screwup who was diagnosed with cancer and made to be a guinea pig against his will for Weapon X. Meanwhile in Deadpool's version he was a model soldier who was offered the spot in the program to cure his cancer and took it.

That eventually leads to the formation of team Weapon X which considered of other program graduates like Bullseye, Domino and Silver Sable....but wait, doesn't that contradict continuity? Sure does, but hey, its a MK title.

All of this is tied into the larger story of the mini which involves Deadpool on trial, Domino incarcerated and Bulleye and Silver Sable still unaccounted for. The cause for the trial? Deadpool eventually came to believe he and the rest of the team were comic book superheroes and this somehow led to an incident where Deadpool apparently killed countless innocents.

My thoughts: Deadpool is a character that usually requires you to throw your common sense out of the window like you're name is Mark Millar and common sense is a baby, hang on and just take the ride. He's not some kind of serious brooding character like Batman, Punisher or something like that, he's certifiably deranged killer with a sense of humor mixed with a twisted psyche as was very evident in the opening moment with the Michael Jackson mask (complete with classic MJ crotch grab Laughing ).

Once you get that out of the way along with the continuity question the story is solid. Swierczynski is a solid writer. Loved his Iron Fist and the mini's he wrote in Deadpool #900.....of the best stories in that book. He knows how to structure a good story irrespective of the massive contrast in tones between this and his other comic work and knows precisely how to use the character. At a time where Gischler is running on decompression fumes and Daniel Way seems to be at the lowest he's been on DP since he took the book I'm glad Swierczynski put this mini out. It's Deadpool done right, which is very rare to see these days where he pop's up in every damn book.

Pearson's art is nice. It's a bit different than what I'm used to, especially in some frames, but there's no denying he can draw and he sure drew his ass off whether its close-ups or the more detailed shots.

Story: 8.5
Art: 8
Overall: 8.25


Review by Sire

Well I have absolutely no clue what happened in #1, and the story at least makes me feel as if I didn't need to read it. Assuming that #3 details the sinaloa incident then I have no idea what #1 dealt with and I was only slightly made to care. The character of wade is one where when you pick up a title starring him, you are in for comic relief. Not to say there is anything wrong with that, but the average deadpool comic is never going to be the stuff of legends. There are some chuckles parts here and there, like the michael jackson scene. It was a fun story and I am slightly interested in where it goes next, but not for $3.99. At $4 a medicore origin story isn't really all that all that great.

The art is nice, I was able to enjoy the story. The style kinda fit with the tone of the story, but nothing to write home about. Overall this was an ok comic made a little brighter by by deadpool's colorful personality.

Story - 5
Art - 4.5
Overall - 4.75


Review by BlueStreak

I was going to write a longer review for this, but honestly, this book just really wasn't worth a longer review.

This is your a-typical Deadpool story. Like all Deadpool features, it features a half dozen metatextual jokes, at least one breaking the fourth wall reference, and plenty of mayhem and destruction. The story is confusing if you didn't know it was out of continuity and boring once you figure out that little tidbit. The art is serviceable but not spectuacular.

Story: 5
Art: 5
Overall: 5


Review by Zero

Brian Wood is a writer doing his best to give single issue storytelling a place in comics today, and Northlanders hasn't had a truly stand-alone issue a full year, so after the epic Plague Widow story we're treated to this one-off story of a Viking navigator having something of a mid-life crisis at sea.

This story of men lost at sea in the hunt for new lands was brilliantly done. The fishy hallucinations, the shock and awe in Iceland and downbeat prophetic ending all worked perfectly and the pitch black humour that has occasionally popped up here really pepped up the comic. A nice breather after the magnificently depressing story that preceded it.

Fiona Staples is new to me, but her art here is wonderful. She was given a lot of water to draw and it never manages to look boring. The single panels of scenery and the wonderful depictions of some badass natural wonders aren't something you get a lot of in mainstream comics and her art ranks right up there with Northlanders' typical top notch work.

In a week where I grabbed a lot of my favourite books, this was easily the best. A very underrated title with a very unusual set-up, Northlanders is yet to disappoint me and this would be an excellent issue to not disappoint you.


Wait. Deadwhat? Wade Wilson's who? #Which? Oh that. Apparently I forgot all about that as soon as I put it down. That gets a different number because I liked the art.



Review by Eli Katz

WADE WILSON'S WAR #2 has two problems. The first problem is that it's supposed to be funny, but it isn't. Funny dialogue in comics is hard to pull off. That's because comics don't have any comic delivery or any comic timing. It has to be funny on the page, because it isn't going to be made funnier by a talented actor or a wacky sound effect. For the most part, the lines in this book are flat and uninspired. They certainly aren't amusing, quotable lines a la Oscar Wilde or Joe Orton.

The only somewhat funny moment in the book happens when Deadpool is unmasked and it's revealed that he's Michael Jackson … well, actually, that he's wearing a Michael Jackson mask under his superhero mask. This moment works because it's a visual gag. Michael Jackson had a strange, effeminate face, and placing that face on a superhuman body looks funny. If Swiercznski could have incorporated more visual gags into the story, maybe the overall book would have worked. But one successful gag just ain't enough to make this a funny comic.

My second problem with the book is that it's an origins story, where we know the outcome already -- Wade Wilson becomes Deadpool -- and so it's a story without any suspense. As far as I'm concerned, these kinds of origins stories should be avoided as much as possible. And if they are told at all, they should be inserted into a larger story and should take up no more than a page or two. Because let's be honest, these origins are usually not very entertaining.

Yes, I know Barry Windsor-Smith's WEAPON X and Frank Miller's BATMAN: YEAR ONE are classics, considered by many to be the best Wolverine and Batman stories ever told, respectively. And both tell origins where the endings are already known. Don't these books show that a retelling of a hero's early days can be worth exploring? Yes, sure. But both of these books go well beyond the predictability of the origins genre and tell stories that, above all, add a new dimension to these much-loved heroes. If Wolverine is, at times, a mindless killer, we understand why that's the case after reading WEAPON X.

WADE WILSON'S WAR, by contrast, brings nothing new to the Deadpool character. He's the same wacky, nihilistic guy that he's always been. It's just more of the same, but in a story where the ending is already known. There is, in other words, nothing to make this book interesting, except the occasional gag. But as I said before, there's only one gag in this book that actually works.

If there's one good thing about this comic, it's the art. Jason Pearson draws with energy and style, giving all the characters a manic vibrancy. My only complaint is that he draws almost every character at some point with his mouth hanging open. I understand that Pearson is trying to ham up his illustrations and create a silly look. But he draws the same expression one too many times and, after a while, it just looks as though every character is about to vomit.

Who knows? Maybe they all realize that they're trapped in a terribly pointless and unnecessary book.

STORY: 2.5
ART: 7


Review by starlord

I'm going to be brutally honest here, and a part of me hates doing this since I always tend to feel guilty afterwords... but... THIS SUCKED! Even as someone who isn't much of a fan of this character, this issue was even worse than the zomibe crap they were doing for a while. Talk about a forced story, forced dialogue, even the art felt forced, rushed, and boring.

This is probably in my top five least favorite books we've ever read. It's just lucky that I still have that horrible taste of Grant Morisson's Batman "prose" in my mouth.

Story: .5
My Score: 1.5


Review by 48THRiLLS

This being the second issue of a book where I didn't read the first, about character I am pretty indifferent with was good way to have me start off not liking this. I won't lie, I did get a few laughs in but I never really came around on this one. The art was kinda blah and I just don't see the appeal of another Deadpool mini that is sort of an origin that is also out of continuity... I guess it was written in a somewhat clever way and the Michael Jackson mask was kinda funny but I was just not that into this one, sorry

ART - 5


Review by Jude Terror

What a piece of shit book. I can tolerate some real crap when it comes to comics. I'm not too picky. I'm not looking for fucking Proust in my Deadpool comic books (though this one is so boring there are similarities), but at the very least, I'd like to believe that the creators are putting forth their best effort. If this is Duane Swierczynski's best effort... well, there's no need for this review to get mean.

Let's just say that this book is packed with lame or poorly executed gimmicky concepts, cringe-worthy dialog, and uninspired attempts at humor, and since those things are what a Deadpool comic depends on, the reader is pretty much fucked when they purchase this book.

The premise is odd and doesn't really make sense. Deadpool is on trial before Congress or some shit like that (lame or poorly executed gimmicky concept #1), and he is retelling his own origin story (lame or poorly executed gimmicky concept #2), which involves a covert government black ops team creating a team of super-powered miscreants (lame or poorly executed gimmicky concept #3) and sending them to do secret evil government dirty work (lame or poorly executed gimmicky concept #4). At the same time, parts of Deadpool's story, or possibly all of it, as the writing and art isn't clear enough to differentiate, is bullshit, so we see what might have actually happened alongside what Deadpool is saying happened (lame or poorly executed gimmicky concept #5). Also this occurs in an alternate universe apparently, which is not only lame or poorly executed gimmicky concept #6, but also nonsensical, since Deadpool's history has been pretty much dragged through the gutter already by Marvel, meaning no one would really complain if this book just took place in continuity, except perhaps for the use of Domino, Silver Sable, and Bullseye, who are completely nonessential to the story and appear for no reason other than that the creators must have thought it would be totally wicked to use them. Basically, there is no valid reason this book could not have been made to fit into current continuity, or vice versa.

The plot here is atrocious. Deadpool approaches his trial or hearing or whatever it is using some "you can't handle the truth" defense, and compounds this with wacky, zany, irreverent shit-talking which fails on every level of attempting to be funny. Every time Deadpool makes a Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga reference, I am filled with embarrassment for reading this. Did someone leave a douche open? It's getting kind of chilly in here. I realize that writing funny dialog in a comic book is tough, because not everyone is funny. However, Deadpool is a character that Marvel has pushed into a corner where every single panel he appears in must be outrageously funny or ridiculous, or it comes off as sad and pathetic. Deadpool has become a one-dimensional character, defined by his gimmicks, and as a result requires a writer who excels at those gimmicks to work. Swierczynski is not that writer. This is more Marvel's fault than his for accepting this pitch, likely because a Deadpool comic is guaranteed to sell no matter how bad it is.

The art here is also uninspired. It's not terrible, and it's not exactly flawed, but it's inconsequential and generic. The style isn't great, and it manages to tell a story on only the most rudimentary level. After Deadpool cringeworthily tells the Jugglers that he can beat up the entire government, Pearson shows him beating up some guards in a few awful panels where he awkwardly punches or kicks guards while singing Lady Gaga lyrics. It is drawn like a moderately talented teenager is doodling during Math class so he can show his friends at lunch. It doesn't belong in a Marvel comic book. Of course, Pearson may just be phoning it in - I certainly would if I was handed this script and told to draw it. That's really no excuse though. Both creators are to blame for this book sucking ass.

Deadpool used to be a pretty cool character, but even his most die-hard fans have to admit he is overexposed and watered down, not to mention reduced to an all gimmick, no substance character at this point. However, it IS possible to write a decent Deadpool book. Way's main title is not bad and funny at times. Merc with a Mouth has actually gotten decent. Deadpool Team-Up has had some good stories as well. So it's not impossible to put out an enjoyable Deadpool book. This book is not that, and so we have to accept that the creators fail here, and they fail miserably and in public. Shame on them.

If you want to read a good Deadpool book, pick up Deadpool Corps, one of the best books on the stands period. Leave this shit alone.

Score: 1 (It doesn't even succeed at failing well, so it doesn't earn a zero.)

Sorry Doombug.


Review by guitarsmashley

It's been a bad day between the stangeness of the 4th of july party I went to yesterday and then one of our rats dying this morning reading this book was not very high on my list. Liking it was further down.

this story was a throw away despite it taking itself seriously. fuck it I don't care



Review by John Snow

I like Duane Swierczynski a lot, I've read most of his comics, I've read most of his novels, dude is generally entertaining. I hate Deadpool, any time he shows up in a comic it just ruins it for me. In that respect I think Swierczynski nailed Deadpool because this was fucking excruciating. If I want to read annoying, I don't need to spend $4 on a comic for that, I'll just lurk in the Asylum for 15 minutes.

Stylistically Jason Pearson's art fits the tone of the book and technically it's solid but it doesn't give me even the hint of a chubby.

Story: 2
Art: 6
Overall: 4

That gives Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War #2 a group score of 3.93. I had to dig out my copy of Orson Randall and the Death Queen of California to remember why Duane Swierczynski isn't the King of Suck after reading that.

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Daringd has the pick for next week and he has selected Batman & Robin #13 published by DC Comics. Look for the new thread after it becomes available Wednesday morning.

0708-batmanandrobin13_cover.jpgBatman and Robin #13


Writer Grant Morrison is joined by artist Frazer Irving (BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE) for the first chapter of a 3-part epic!

Thomas Wayne – a man believed murdered over 20 years ago – has returned with an incredible tale to tell, and he's claiming the entire Wayne fortune! He's slyly demanding that Bruce Wayne must return if Bruce wishes to oppose the claim! Plus, the long-awaited return of the ultimate Batman villain!

Batman | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US

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