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Daring D on Inception: A Review

Written by D.D.R Glass on Sunday, July 18 2010 and posted in Reviews

Daring D reviews Christopher Nolan's Inception. Does it live up to the hype?


After spending the last 12 hours thinking about Inception. I even had a dream about it. I can finally write a review about it. Inception is the most complex, most original, most innovative and dark film I have seen in a LONG, LONG time. This review will be spoiler free (Minus one) however if anyone would like to discuss the ending of the film. Please post it in a spoiler box. I’d really love to discuss what happened. On to the review. Christopher Nolan has made his masterpiece Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight were practice compared to this. This film is layer after layer after layer after layer. One viewing simply won’t do this film justice. I plan on seeing at least 2 more times in the theater. This IS NOT a film for people who want to go see a summer action movie. This film is for people who are ready to challenge themselves. To think the entire time they are watching this 148 minute film.

What worked:

The Cast- DiCaprio gives an Oscar worthy performance. Between this and Shutter Island it will be awfully difficult to pick which film he’s nominated for. Marion Cotillard gives and incredibly disturbing performance

SPOILER ALERT--------------------------------------------------------------------------
Especially her "death scene" where she dies set to a song from Edith Piaf. Who Cotillard won an Oscar for portraying.
SPOILER ALERT--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy also shine here. Michael Caine also has a nice cameo. However Joseph Gordon Levitt steals the show. Amazing cast who all gave it 110%.

Story- The story is so complex no one could catch everything after one viewing. Which is the great thing about the film. I’m sure once I see it again I ill catch something new something that changes my theories about the film. The fact the Warner Brother let Nolan actually release something this complex shocks me. Nolan could have easily when to another place with this story line but he keeps it straight and that is the only reason this film works. A lesser writer would have taken this into some sort of weird sex fantasy but Nolan keeps it straight and complex.

Direction- This film had to be directed extremely tight, the slightest mistake would have ruined the film. DiCaprio says something the wrong way the whole film is ruined. For that fact alone Nolan should walk away with Oscar Gold for directing. I honestly don’t think there is another director on this planet who could have pulled this off.

Action Sequences- While not the average summer action. Inception keeps it fresh, one scene rivals The Joker, Batpod chase in The Dark Knight. Again the film isn’t incredibly action heavy bu what is there is incredible.

Tone- I really think this film should have received an R rating. It’s extremely dark and in parts down right disturbing. Those two elements really make the film work. Hopefully parents will be smart enough not to take there kid to this film.

Suspense- From the first moment Nolan builds and builds the suspense. it’s intense as hell, the whole film felt like the beginning of Inglorious Basterds. Where the suspense builds and builds and builds and finally snaps. I felt like I had a knot in my stomach. Like I was helpless watching the screen. For a film to do that is just amazing.

Editing. Lee Smith really outdid himself with the editing of this film. This is one of the best edited films I have ever seen and will ever see. If it doesn’t win a film for Editing something is truly wrong.

The Ending- The ending is brilliant and debatable. It will make you come back to the theater just see the last scene again.

Overall this is the best film of 2010. There are still 5 and a half month left of films to be released but none of them will touch this flick. Without a doubt Nolan’s best film and one of the best Sci-fi films (if you can even call it that) ever made. This is a MUST SEE. If you can handle the complexity and the Darkness.

100/100 A+

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