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So I Finally Saw.. Dead Snow (2009)

Written by Zechs on Monday, July 19 2010 and posted in Reviews

Dead Snow (2009), where well armed undead Nazis versus horny teenagers. Yeah those teenagers are screwed.

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

Written by: Tommy Wirkola & Stig Frode Henriksen
Directed by: Tommy Wirkola


Charlotte Frogner as Hanna
Ørjan Gamst as Herzog
Stig Frode Henriksen as Roy
Vegar Hoel as Martin
Jeppe Laursen as Erlend
Evy Kasseth Røsten as Liv
Jenny Skavlan as Chris


I'm a lover of movies; in fact, I love all kinds of movies. Amongst them all, action movies especially are my passion. However, I also do enjoy sci-fi, drama, comedy, and horror. As for romance? Eh, if the babe is hot it might be deemed possibly watchable for me. Though even then, that so did not help me when I watched The English Patient (1996). Otherwise, I rather watch Batman & Robin (1997) for 24 hours straight than see a cheesy romance flick. Still, I cannot see every movie known to man when they come out, or only hear good stuff about them. Therefore, I'll put my behind down and review the flick. Enter this column, where I finally state was the movie truly worth the price of viewing or not.

After a very epic trailer that was once posted on the Outhouse, I was very intrigued with the idea of this movie. I mean come on Nazi Zombies? How awesome is that? Well it breezed by theaters over here in the US (I honestly don't think it had actual distribution). Honestly I totally forgot about it until seeing it available On Demand. So I had an hour and half to kill so watched the movie.

The movie is pretty much said teaser of this article. In an frozen mountain area of Norway six people have come to enjoy a nice vacation. Unfortunately, the spot they chose happens to be where zombie Nazis inhabit searching for their lost loot they stole from the villagers during World War II. Horror hijinks ensue.


Honestly, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in the movie. I mean sure this is leaps and bounds better than any current American horror film, but still I was more disappointed than happy. On the plus side the gore in this is just exquisite. Seeing zombie and a human duke it out while dangling over a cliff both holding on to the intestine of a now permanently dead Nazi zombie was sweet to watch. Same for the three surviving males versus the undead Nazi horde. It was just cinematic glee.

Alas, the movie went downhill shortly after that. Why? I think it had to do with the fact the character I had the most vested interest in dies, while the other two males survive.

Yeah, I knew he dude was not long for the world, but he was such an interesting character. He had army training, survived several Nazi zombie attacks, and was killing them off so brilliantly. The dude so should have been the last survivor.

Instead, the last survivor is the character who had somewhat story behind, but really his type of character was usually the next to bite it after the love of his life gets it. I mean sure he had some moments of bad assery, but really I felt nothing for him in the end. The dude who bites it before him would have benefited a better end give the almost perfect set-up at the beginning when the wandering elder comes by to stay to keep warm in the cabin. I expected the dude getting ripped to shreds and have that perfect end, not what I got here.


I guess that's what ticks me off most. The damn Nazi zombies win. I mean sure it was a given how hard to kill an undead Nazi is, but I kinda hoped for some super awesome end to their leader gets horribly mutilated or put up one hell of a fight. I mean sure it was sort of expected that he survives like any good slasher, save for he doesn't even dirty his hands until near the end. I felt cheated to a degree that we didn't get more out of this head zombie. It's sort of like that Yakuza in the white suit from an episode of the Simpsons. You know the dude is going to do something awesome, but you never see it and thus are so disappointed by it.

I will admit I was very entertained with the suspense that the film had. Also that the mood and again the violence where just utterly perfect. The acting too was pretty top notch compared to anything young Hollywood could give us. Plus I can never truly hate on a movie where a chainsaw is used, several spectacular kills are given, and half the movie is dedicated to the greatest thing cinema can provide us, Nazi killing. The movie is worth at least a view for a horror fan or those who wish to see Nazis gloriously mutilated. Other than that, I wouldn't really recommend owning this, or even renting this. All this movie is good for is one good view with the occasional rewind to see some gory ends to some damn Nazis.

3 out of 5 (the movie gets a 2, but the use of chainsaw on Nazis, I'll give it one additional point.)




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