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Cleaning the Plate for 7/21/10 - Spoilers

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, July 26 2010 and posted in Reviews
xfactor207-a.jpgAnother week with good, bad, and down right shitty. Let's start with the shitty, shall we? {nomultithumb}

Amazing Spider-Man #638amazingspiderman638.jpg
Dear God, is Joe Quesada actually trying to see if I can give a lower score to something not Grant Morrison related?! I rarely swear in a review, I mean really swear, but I've got to say it: What the fuck is this shit?! Really? This is the best you could come up with? There are only two explanations for this: 1. Joe Q. really doesn't give a rat's ass about Spider-Man or 2. He's mocking real fans of Spider-Man to an extreme that no other writer has ever done. I mean, sure following Joe Kelly's soon to be legendary Return of Kraven story would be near impossible, but he didn't even try! Pick whichever choice I've given, either way it adds up to the same thing; this sucked donkey dick. My Score: F  P.S. Hey Joe, time to retire.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #14batman-streets14.jpg
Just when I think there's no hope for the Batverse, I get another fun dose of Paul Dini. While we are still waiting for the return of Bruce (who cares anymore) Wayne, Paul focuses on the fake Wayne, or as we know him, Hush. Still trapped in his Bruce Wayne persona, we are given more of the tortured history of this man who grew to despise the Prince of Gotham. Dini makes me want to learn more about the obsessed doctor, but unfortunately we are only given a handful of pages to the beginning of this story so that we can read about Harvey Dent. I enjoyed this second feature just as much. This entire comic reminds me of what a rich cast of characters this part of the DC Universe has; one that can easily envelop newer characters with those more established ones. Please don't go anywhere Paul; you are the saving grace of Batman for me right now. My Score: B

Green Hornet #6greenhornet6.jpg
Honestly I'm not sure what to make of this series. I want to like it more than I do but I don't feel I dislike it more than I should. Kevin Smith tends to be a hit or miss (and a love him or hate him) kind of writer for many, but for me I tend to enjoy his stuff more than not. Not that I don't get aggravated with his schedule issues (see next weeks Batman: Widening Gyre #6), but there's something about his irreverent ways he handles characters that I enjoy. Here, though, he has the potential to really alter the Hornet Landscape, but other than a female Kato he really hasn't done much. Granted he's still building the new Green Hornet which is understandable, it did take him 12 issues to bring back Green Arrow, but everything here seems pretty generic from wanting to avenge his father's death to his rather dull come-on's with the new Kato. This is a book that has me totally confused. I honestly don't know if I like it or not. My Score: C

DC Universe Legacies #3dculegacies3.jpg
Len Wein with Garcia-Lopez is a match made in heaven. The book just looks great and reads well. The first two issues, though, seemed to grab me more than this one did. It may be because I was a child of the Silver Age so this stuff doesn't seem like anything new. I do enjoy the point of view that this story comes from and the fact that our main character was the partner to John Jones was a brilliant move. The Golden Age was fun, this time around was fine and I'm interested to see how the main character and his ex-buddy fair in the next issue; my guess is that the wife/sister is going to end up becoming a casualty. Either way, I like this book a lot. I really don't think DC needs another history lesson book but this has been the most entertaining one I've read in quite a while. My Score: B

New Mutants #15newmutants15.jpg
This is a series that is rapidly growing on me, though the name probably never will. They are NOT new; but that is a rant for another day. After the losses that the team received during the war with Bastion as well as their fight in Limbo, Cyclops orders Sam to take his team on a long weekend. Sam does just that so they can discuss their feelings. Nobody on the team wants to do this, until Sam pulls out the cooler of beer. The fun begins and sharing commences. Meanwhile Pixie is also off on her own little vacation but is attacked and captured by the military force that also returned from Limbo, but slightly different. They are looking for Magik but find Pixie instead. To be continued! I love issues that focus on the characters and this one is well written; solid art by Leonard Kirk makes this issue rock solid. Now just change the name people! My Score: B+

X-Factor #207xfactor207.jpg
Let's talk about those comic series that never let you down. Marvel has a couple for me, but none as fun as this one. This is the X-book to beat - week after week. Peter David can do no wrong with this cast of characters. With a mix of superhero meets noir meets As the World Turns, these characters are as real as they could be when set in a world of mutants. This issue finds them at the beginning of the adventure that will bring them to the doors of the Norse Goddess of the Underworld herself. Meanwhile Rictor and Shatterstar continue to explore their relationship, not an easy feat since Shatterstar admits that emotions and physical love are something he's not use to. The reappearance of Rahne right after an intimate moment between the two men is guaranteed to add an intriguing element to this already complicated relationship. I love this book. Even when it feels like Peter David has phoned in the issue (a rarity) he still delivers top notch entertainment. I'll always recommend this to anyone who wants something new to check out. If you're not reading this... DO IT! My Score: A-

Justice Society of America #41jsa41.jpg
I remember the first time I read James Robinson's Starman - I fell in love with the guys writing. Then there was the great "The Golden Age" which cemented my belief that no man understands the Golden Age characters like this guy does. Now he's finally on the title proper and I've never been more disappointed in my life. I wish I could say it was just this particular storyline, but I've yet to enjoy any of his run like I have JSA: All-Star Squadron. With that being said, I did find it wildly amusing when the two teams of the JSA and JLA discussed the situation they were in and somebody mentioned death, to which Donna Troy replied. "No more death, not in this team." I never thought of that, but boy I hope Dick and Donna didn't drag along the Titans "death curse" with them; the Justice League could be in bigger trouble than they realize. The story between Mr. America and Lightening is kind of interesting but all in all this is pretty bland. For this particular story I have to wonder if maybe these entire Crises' have destroyed the once unique concept of these two groups teaming up. Still, I can't lay all the blame on that since there hasn't been a very good story since Robinson took over the reigns. I enjoyed his Superman, but there's something really missing with this title. My Score: D+


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