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Ritten RUview - Deadpool #1000

Written by GHERU on Friday, August 06 2010 and posted in Reviews

Its Deadpool's Special 1,000th comic...wait, that doesn't sound right.

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

Deadpool #1000
104 Pages

Story - Writer - Pencils
Luck Be A Lady - Adam Glass - Paco Medina
The Maltese Bunny - David Lapham - David Lapham
Appetite For Destruction - Rick Remender - Jerome Opena
Silentest Night - Frederick Jan Van Lente - Denys Cowan
A Day In The Life - Peter Bagge - Peter Bagge
Today I Am Da Man - Howard Chaykin - Howard Chaykin
No Longer In A Relationship - Tim Hamilton - Tim Hamilton
Canada, Man - Rob Williams - Philip Bond
Mouth Of The Border - Cullen Bunn - Matleo Scalera
Too Many Deadpools - Micheal Kuppermann - Micheal Kuppermann
Nightmare On Elm-Tree - Dean Haspiel - Dean Haspiel


    Before this becomes a thing, no there have not been 100 issues of Deadpool since last year’s Deadpool #900, the book that started the backward counting of Deadpool Team-Up.  There may have been 100 comic books with Deadpool in them, but that is not really the point is it?  The point is that we have another 100+ page book of all new material from some of comic’s best creators having fun with the Merc With A Mouth.  Now, I know that some people don’t think that price should enter into the equation when reviewing a comic book, but maybe its my background, or maybe its just my growing annoyance that 22 pages = $3.99, but 104 pages for $4.99 is an amazing feat, especially when compared to Marvel’s other issue #900 (Wolverine) which had ~20% reprints.
    As to the book itself, in this reviewers opinion none were “just ok” each story was hit or miss, the division being pretty equal.  Of the highlights, “Silentest Night” stands out heads and sholders above the rest. Frederick Jan Van Lente (FJVL) was able to poke fun at DC’s Blackest Night without being mean, with line ssuch as “Quite isn’t an emotion” and:

Deadpool: My color is yellow!  I declare my emotion to be Win!
Lady Deadpool: I’m white what does that mean?
DP: That your emotion is racism
LDP: Dude. Mean.
FJVL had me laughing out loud at the dowwn fall of Mimepool and his emotional berret.
    Speaking of multiple Deadpools, “Too Many Deadpools” is a skipable story that is no where near as funny as it could have been, whereas “A Day In The Life” was an enjoayable parady of a recent “Wolverine: Weapon X” #10 comic.
    The biggest disappointments of this issue are Lapham and Remender’s individual stories, not because they are necessarily poorly told stories, but they are bad Deadpool stories.  In the case of these two well-known creators, it seems that absurdity for the sake of it was enough without actually having to try and be funny.
    I am not going to go one by one and give the high-lights and misfires of this comic book, there is just too much to discuss and I will run the risk of spoiling too much.  Overall, no matter your sense of humor or preference of Deadpool type of stories, #1000 has something for you, with a greater than average chance that you will get more than 32 pages with of pleasure out of this book that only costs one dollar more than whatever that stick-in-the-mud Steve Rogers is up to this week.
    Basically, if you like Deadpool, buy this book.  It has more in it than most of hte Deadpool books offered right now.  If you don't like Deadpool, skip this, it won't convince you otherwise and chances are you are going to skip this part of the review any ways and complain that this book exists at all.



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