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Thor: Rage of Thor Review

Written by Christian on Tuesday, August 10 2010 and posted in Reviews

There's a whole lot of Thor comics coming out nowadays.  Is Thor: Rage of Thor good enough to stand out in the crowd?  Click and find out!

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Credits & Solicit Info:

Written by PETER MILLIGAN Pencils & Cover by MICO SUAYAN The unquenchable rage of Thor knows no satisfaction! It is an earlier day. The perverse and unjust TRIAL OF THOR has left the God of Thunder resentful and bitter. Fed up with Asgard, he has quit the gods and taken up with the world of men...joined a humble community...taken a wife. But when the bloody tides of Asgard's battles lap even at the shores of Earth, Thor must take up arms once more -- or risk everything he now loves being eradicated under an unstoppable tide of death and destruction... 48 PGS./One-Shot/Rated T+ ?$3.99


As I’ve stated in past reviews, Thor’s been getting a lot of time in the spotlight. With two ongoings, a slew of one-shots and miniseries, and face time in the Avengers movies, there’s a whole lot being said about the God of Thunder. Thor: Rage of Thor #1, a one shot written by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Mico Suayan, presents a story about one of Thor’s first forays into Midgard and the Thunder God’s relationship with its inhabitants.

Thor: Rage of Thor #1 is the direct sequel to Thor: The Trial of Thor #1, which was written by the same author. Rage of Thor focuses on the aftermath of the trial mentioned in the title of its predecessor. Thor, upset that his friends and father still believes him to be guilty of a crime that he didn’t commit, storms off in a self-opposed exile to Midgard. There, he shacks up with a human and becomes a famed warrior-farmer. Thor’s famed rage is soothed until he learns that Asgard is in desperate need of his strength.

This one shot focuses on two aspects that will probably come into play in the upcoming movie: Thor’s relationship with his father and how Thor relationship with Midgard. Milligan portrays Odin as a somewhat arrogant and foolish godhead, who inadvertently pushes Thor’s buttons. Odin is not portrayed kindly in the book; it is not the fire demon Surtur or invading barbarian hordes that truly unleash the rage of Thor, it is his own father. While Thor’s relationship has always been tumultuous with Odin, this flashback seems to portray it with Odin’s arrogance as the cause of conflict. Milligan also establishes that Midgard is a place that seems to sooth Thor’s temper and brings out the best virtues in Thor.

The art is shockingly good for a one shot story. Suayan’s art, while not perfect, fits Milligan’s story perfectly and produces several solid moments. I hope that Suayan finds a place in one of Marvel’s ongoing series in the near future as his artistic skills are certainly up to the task.

Overall, Thor: The Rage of Thor #1 is an enjoyable, albeit superfluous, read. It’s not meant to appeal to newcomers or fans curious to see what Thor is all about. However, if you enjoy Thor and want to read some of the earlier stories of Asgard, then this story will be for you.


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