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Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2.13: The Siege of Starro Part 1

Written by Zechs on Monday, August 16 2010 and posted in Reviews

Starro is here! With only Batman, B'wana Beast, Captain Marvel, and Firestorm. Oh plus some dude named Booster Gold might help too.

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Credits & Solicit Info:

Written by: Joseph Kuhr
Directed by: Ben Jones


Diedrich Bander as Batman
John Dimaggio as the Faceless Hunter
Jeff Bennett as Captain Marvel
Tom Everett Scott as Booster Gold
Kevin Michael Richardson as B'wana Beast and Starro
Cree Summer as Vixen
James Arnold Taylor as Guy Gardner
Tyler James Williams as Firestorm/Jason
Bill Fagerbakke as Ronnie
Tara Strong as Billy Batson
Billy West as Skeets


*Comcast has Part 1 and 2 of these episodes available ON DEMAND! This episode, along with it's finale haven't aired on Cartoon Network in the US yet. It's also available on Itunes along with the Flash generation episode that I've already posted a review of.

For most of season 2 it has been building up to this moment. The Starro invasion has finally erupted on Earth, and the Faceless Hunter's got a ton of possessed heroes on his side as his master, Starro, is about to arrive. What does Batman have? Prep-time? Well actually he doesn't even see this one coming until about five minutes into this episode. Oh boy, we're doomed! DOOMED!

From the very opening of this episode you get an insanely epic feel that this episode will so be unlike other B: TBatB episodes. You get no teaser team-up involving Batman, instead a history of how evil villains will always be thwarted by heroes. Then several heroes (Kilowog, Guy Gardner, Metamorpho, and a few Green Lanterns) are taking on a ton of Starro possessed heroes. Of course the encounter doesn't end well. Thus sets up the main story with Batman having to deal with this cosmic menace with but only a handful of B (Captain Marvel), C (Firestorm), D (B'wana Beast), and oh plus G (Booster Gold, because he stands in a catagory of hero by himself) list heroes.


Up to this point we haven't really had a Justice League story, but this one so feels like it. Even more so a real epic story that breaks the usual conventions. We have the Faceless Hunter, Starro's herald, taking the fight directly to the Batcave forcing Batman to employ various toys he's collected throughout his career as a crime fighter. This episode just has a relentless pace to it where it never really let's up and just keeps upping the ante.

By the point when we finally have Starro arrive on the scene this just feels more like something out of a show involving the Justice League than the actual Batman: The Brave and the Bold. However the great quirks of the show are here. What other show would have this serious a threat be dealt with heroes who've rarely if not ever dealt with this sort of threat in cartoon form (well okay Firestorm and Captain Marvel in Superpowers 80s cartoon. Though to see Booster and B'wana get this good amount of face time against a threat like this? Hell yes!)?

Plus as always this show can't help it with the comic book easter eggs which comic fans will just go ape for. Once more this show just keeps proving that not only does it cater to children by showcasing these various heroes and Batman in a different light. But the way it gives all these treats to the comic book fan geez, they so know how to appease. Already establishing several versions of characters that fans clamor now as the DEFINITIVE version (* cough Aquaman cough *), if you didn't get the thick hints near the end it appears the show will be doing the same to B'wana Beast. I'm very curious where this plot will be going and for the life of me cannot wait for part 2 already.


Honestly, I really so no true flaw to this episode, my mind just enjoyed it fully for what it was and this was a perfect galactic story which pretty much was the beginning. If there was anything to seriously nitpick it would be the beginning. If only we know who that narrator was and how it comes into play with the next chapter I wonder. But then again big villainous threat and heroes being heroes could pretty much be it. Or are we witnessing something that once more this show raises the bar in maintaining why this show will be this decade's Batman: The Animated Series or Superman: The Animated Series


5 out of 5



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