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Better Late Than Never Review: Torchwood #1

Written by Erik Galston on Tuesday, August 17 2010 and posted in Reviews

After a brief hiatus, e_galston returns with another Better Late Than Never Review. Titan Comic's first Torchwood issue is reviewed.

Torchwood #1
Writers: John Barrowman (story) Carole E. Barrowman (writer)
       Gary Russell

Artists: Tommy Lee Edwards
     Adrian Salmon

Price: 3.99

Publisher: Titan Comics

Description: "The hit BBC TV series hits the world of comics! This special debut issue features a story written by Captain Jack himself! Actor John Barrowman (along with his sister, Carole) brings you the story of 'The Selkie', as mysterious deaths strike a remote Scottish island. Art is provided by acclaimed artist Tommy Lee Edwards, currently working with UK star Jonathan Ross on the Image comic series, Turf. In the second half of the comic, we bring you part one of a special five-part story, as Jack, Gwen and Ianto become trapped in a cosmic hotel! Plus, an old villain from the TV series returns... ""Broken"" is by Torchwood TV script editor Gary Russell and artist Adrian Salmon."

As many Doctor Who fans can tell you, Torchwood is a spin off from the popular science fiction show.  In fact Torchwood is an anagram for Doctor Who.  On the television show, Torchwood deals with paranormal activities in England. This comic doesn't go "too" far away from that premise.  

The issue was broken up into two stories, the main story,entitled "The Skelkie" was written by John Barrowman, the actor who brings Captain Jack Harkness to life on screen.  This story is reprinted from the Torchwood Magazine.

The story starts with Captain Jack called to Seal Island, on the Northern Coast of Scotland, to investigate a series of bizarre killings.  Captain Jack, after some investigating, believes that a Skelkie, a mythical siren like monster,  is behind the killings.  Except this Skelkie is from another dimension.  Feeling responsible for bringing the creature to Earth, Jack kills the Skelkie before it can kill again.  

The second story, entitled, "Broken" was written by Gary Russell who has written for the show.   This story involved the entire Torchwood team, though for fans of the show this story takes place between season 2 and the Children of Earth miniseries.  

Torchwood is called to a hotel to investigate strange behavior on opening night.  Guests and rooms are disappearing and other assorted  nasty things happen.  Captain Jack, Gwen Cooper, and Ianto Jones split up to investigate the hotel.  While investigating Ianto and Gwen are imprisoned in a temporal rift.  While Jack investigates, he encounters Bilis Manger, (who viewers will remember from the show), and learns he must close the rift in the hotel, or the Earth will be destroyed.

All in all, this issue was very good.  The first story was amazing.  Barrowman (with script assistance from his sister Carole) clearly know the character of Captain Jack, and it shows.  Jack was spot on to the character from the series.   The story was a great showcase for the character away from Torchwood and The Doctor.   Tommy Lee Edward's art fits the tone of this story.  His Jack looks spot on to the actor.  

The second story featuring the full Torchwood team, was also very well done.  It definitely felt like an episode of the series.  The characters spoke and acted totally in character.  The art by Adrian Salmon, reminded me a lot of Michael Avon Oeming's art from Powers.  The character's looked a little cartoony, but they had the look of the actors they were portraying.  

When I bought this issue, I wasn't sure if I was gonna continue with it, but I definitely will, especially with the television show's new season so far off.   

This book is a MUST BUY for fans of the series.


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