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52apolooza: Nightwing

Written by Starlord, Katie Hutchison and Kerny on Thursday, October 06 2011 and posted in Reviews

Dick Grayson is out of the cowl and into the Nightwing suit!  Click to see how the book reads!

Welcome to 52apolooza, the Outhouse feature focusing on DC's September Relaunch.  All of DC's 52 titles will be reviewed by our pool of reviewers to point out the best and worst that DC's new comic book line has to offer.  To see how this book ranks among the other new DC titles, be sure to check out our 52apolooza Rankings!

Dick Grayson has been filling in for Batman while Bruce scampered about both time and space.  Now that Bruce is back, how will Dick handle his return to the familiar Nightwing title?  Read on and find out!

DC Reviewer: Starlord

Dick Grayson returns to his new red and black uniform once again prowling the night as Nightwing. A brand new start for Dick Grayson who has given up the cape and cowl of Batman so that he can once again somersault over the dingy streets of Gotham as he was meant to do.

nightwing1It's unfortunate that we don't get a scene where Dick relinquishes the cape and cowl but Kyle Higgins puts us right into the thick of Nightwing's new life and costume with such an amazing ease that it really feels as though he never left this roll. That's no mean feat for a writer whose character has some of the richest history in DC comics. Kyle takes Dick, and the readers, back to where it all began – Haley's Circus.

Nightwing's inner monologue throughout the story rings so true to the Dick Grayson of my generation it's impossible to think that Kyle Higgins hasn't spent his entire career planning for this assignment. Eddy Barrows is a perfect fit with this book as well; capturing the essence of the character in every panel, while JP Mayer and Rod Reis as inker and colorist finish this piece of pop-art like the whip cream and cherry on top of a wickedly sinful sundae.

Story: 25/25
Art: 25/25
Accessibility 23/25
Enjoyability: 25/25

Final Score: 98/100

New Reader Reviewer: Katie Hutchison
To start off, you should know- I loved Nightwing. I wasn't sure what to expect; all I knew was that it took place in the Batman universe. I didn't even know that it starred a former Robin. So I pretty much went into this blind and came out loving it. I joked in a tweet earlier today that I will be able to single handedly keep Comixology one of the top grossing apps because the DC New 52 has me picking up all these new series to read, Nightwing definitely being one of them

So why did I love it? First, great story. Dick Grayson's narration was definitely interesting and kept me involved. Readers get to hear about the circus where he grew up, his parents' deaths, what it's like to fill in and work for Batman, all information that a new reader definitely wants to hear and learn.

Secondly, I was intrigued by the mysterious bad guy who attacks Grayson as he walked down the street out of uniform. It will be interesting to learn who he is, why he thinks Grayson is "the fiercest killer in all of Gotham" and if this will tie into the ending scene of Batman #1 where it looks like Grayson is being framed for murder.

Issue #1 ends with Grayson about to be stabbed by two rather destructive-looking claws which made me say "oh, I want to know what happens!" Hence, I will be picking up #2.

Score: 95/100

Marvel Reviewer: Kerny

Dick Grayson had a fantastic run as Batman. From the excellent Morrison run of Batman & Robin, to the fantastic stint in Detective Comics under the keyboard of Scott Snyder, and even the nice little story that was Gates of Gotham before the relaunch. So now that the Nu52 is here, how will Dick Grayson fare being back in the saddle as Nightwing? If the first issue is of any indication, the answer is just fine.

nw2I was talking with a friend (fellow Outhouser, KING Impulse!) about this book, and he noticed all of the beginning shots are of Nightwing high in the skyscrapers, bouncing around. This is a very nice job already of telling the reader Kyle Higgins seems to get Dick Grayson from the get-go. It is also interesting to have the circus back in town. Higgins is really getting to the root of Grayson here. My big fault with this issue is that the villains look cliché and lame, but let's see what their deal is . People sure like to accuse or frame Dick with crimes he most likely did not commit. (Everyone should read the excellent Batman as well.) From the get go, we are hit over head that Dick was Batman, and there's a line about when was Robin as well. The point being: This book is new reader friendly.

Barrows is a competent artist, nothing more, nothing less. The work from the last book I saw him on, Superman, has improved slightly. He depicts action and flying around the city really well. I don't know who designed the costume, but I preferred the blue color schemed one. However, this current costume isn't horrible either. Also, nitpicking now, but get Dick a haircut please.

All in all this was a very nice read that does anything you could ask of it and delivers. I'm excited for the new chapter in Nightwing's life and career.

Final Score: 85/100
Total 52apolooza Score (with Three Reviews In): 278
(Average Score: 92.67)

Written or Contributed by: Starlord, Katie Hutchison and Kerny

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