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Gleeview - "Pot of Gold"

Written by Erik Galston on Wednesday, November 02 2011 and posted in Reviews

The Outhouse's resident Gleek, Erik Galston, recaps and reviews the latest episode.

After a brief hiatus for baseball, Glee returns with an episode entitled "Pot of Gold."  This episode introduced foreign exchange student Rory Flanagan, played by Glee Project winner Damien McGinty.

The episode starts with Brittany talking to Rory in the hallway.  Brittany believes Rory is a leprechaun that only she can see.  She wishes for a box of marshmallow only Lucky Charms.  Rory, believing he'll get Brittany's "pot of gold" if he grants her wishes, complies.

Quinn and Puck offer to babysit for Shelby so that Shelby can get some time off.

Sue, on her "Sue's Corner," reveals the budget of the musical, which leads to parents and taxpayers complaining to Principal Figgins.  This results in the musical being cut, unless Will can raise the money for it himself.

Mercedes, looking for more voices for her new choir, asks Santana to join.  Santana tells Mercedes she'll only quit New Directions if Brittany quits as well.

New Directions, feeling that they have no shot without Mercedes, start to throw blame at each other.  Quinn blames Will for being too harsh on Mercedes, while Tina blames Artie for not casting Mercedes as Maria in the musical.  The club starts to turn on itself.  Kurt gets catty with Rachel over the class president race.  Seeing this, Finn starts to give a speech about how they can't turn on each other, when Blaine interrupts and says how at Dalton they just replaced members that left with new members.  Finn reacts negatively to Blaine, telling him that they aren't at Dalton, and he's leading the club.

Will tells the club that they need to focus not on Mercedes quitting, but on raising money for the musical.  To do this they must sell ads in the program.  Kurt jumps at the chance to lead the campaigns.  Finn, having overheard Mercedes and Santana, asks Santana if she's going to help out the team.  Confused, Santana says "of course."

Finn walks in on Rory taking out all the marshmallows from a box of Lucky Charms to grant Brittany's first wish.  Finn is surprised that Rory knows who he is.  Rory tells him he said he's a big fan, especially after seeing YouTube video of his 10 minute kiss at Nationals with Rachel.  Rory tells Finn that he loves everything about America, including NASCAR, the half-black President, and Victoria's Secret catalogues.  When Finn finds out he's living with Brittany, Finn asks Rory to tell him if he hears anything about more New Directions defections.

Quinn and Puck babysit Beth for Shelby.  It's really a ploy for Quinn to plant "evidence" that Shelby's an unfit mother.  She plants botox supplies in the bathroom, books on baby sacrifices, and hot sauce labeled "Beth" in the pantry.

Kurt asks his father to purchase an ad to save the show.  When Burt asks why they need to save the show, Kurt tells him they lost the funding.  This upsets Burt.  Burt goes to Figgins, with members of the Rotary Club and gives him a check to cover the entire musical.  Burt confronts Sue, telling her the musical is back on.  Burt tells Sue he's gonna make sure she doesn't get elected.

Rory gives Brittany her Lucky Charms.  She makes her next wish.  She wants her cat to poop candy bars.  Rory asks Brittany to go to dinner, but she says she can't because she's having dinner with a friend, and that he's not supposed to eat anything but four leaf clovers anyway.  Rory is pushed into a wall by one of the jocks.  Rory, while singing "Its Not Easy Being Green," is walked all over and teased by the student body.

While at Breadsticks, Santana tells Brittany she wants to talk about that thing they don't talk about.  Brittany asks if she means that "Sour Patch Kids are just gummy bears that do drugs." Santana asks her if they are dating.  Brittany asks if they are not on a date, and if last week when they were taking a bath together was a date.  Brittany thinks Santana is crying and asks her.  Santana replied that she's really happy.  Brittany tells Santana that she told her last year that if they were both single, they would mingle.  She tells her that if there is any controversy that effects her presidential campaign, she'll use one of her wishes to win the election.  Santana learns that Brittany thinks Rory is a leprechaun. Brittany asks Santana if she has any wishes.  Santana said she did, and told Brittany she's thinking of joining the other show choir.  Santana asks if Brittany would join if Santana did.  Brittany tells her she'd think about it, as she doesn't want to let her friends down.

Quinn tells Puck he needs a new job.  She called Child Protective Services on Shelby, and even though they are backed up, they should have Beth back by next week.  Puck can't believe Quinn actually called them. Quinn tells Puck that everyone has their big plans after school, but not her.  She thinks that Beth is her only opportunity for something good to come out of her life.  Afterwards, Shelby tells Puck in the hallway that her condo building has an indoor pool, and that they may need someone to clean it.  She gives Puck the card for the building manager.

Will tells the club that they have the money for the musical.  Blaine performs a song, Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)"  to show the club that the magic hasn't left.  Everyone participates and has fun with the song but Santana.  After the song is done, Santana quits, saying she doesn't want to be involved in the "Blaine/Rachel Show."

Santana approaches Rory and tells him he's gonna grant her a wish.  The wish is to get Brittany to quit New Directions and join the other club.

Rory grants Brittany's second wish, by putting a Baby Ruth bar in the cat's litter box.  Rory tells Brittany that Santana knows, and wished for her to leave New Directions.  Brittany doesn't know what to do.  But since it was wished, she has to do it.

Will talks to Burt about running against Sue.  Burt tells him he already thought of it, and that even though its too late to be on the ballot, he can get people to write him in.  Burt tells him that the Glee Club saved Kurt's life, and the arts are important.

Puck goes to Shelby's and removes all of the things Quinn placed.  While there, Puck tells Shelby he'd always be there for her if she needed help.  Puck sings Journey's "Waiting for a Girl Like You" to Beth and she stops crying.

Rory tells Finn that Brittany is quitting New Directions.  Finn goes and confronts Brittany.  Finn tells her they need her.  Brittany tells Finn that she knows they need her, but Santana made a wish to Rory the Leprechaun.  Finn tells Brittany there's no such thing as leprechauns, and that she needs to grow up and stop acting like an idiot.  Brittany tells Finn that all the guys in Glee Club call her an idiot, and he's the leader so it makes him the worst of them all.  Santana and Brittany join the other club.

Sue is told that the new station must give her opponent equal time on air.  Burt talks to the viewers about how the arts are important to the future of the country. He tells the viewers that at the same time Sue is complaining about the music program's budget, she's spending twice the budget on leg warmers for the Cheerios.

At practice for the other club, Sugar Motta is happy that she has more back up.  Santana tells her that she sucks at singing and needs to be background and sing very quietly.  The girls decide on a name, The Troubletones.  They perform Christina Aguilera's "Candyman" while Finn and Will watch.  Finn and Will both know they are in trouble afterwards.

Finn apologizes to Brittany about what he said.  She accepts.  Rory tells Brittany her third wish (that if she quit Glee Club no one would be upset) came true because Finn looked happy after the apology.  Brittany tells him Finn wasn't happy, he was devastated and that she knows he's not a real leprechaun.

Burt, Kurt, Finn and Carol go to Breadsticks for dinner.  They talk about what happens if Burt wins.  Burt tells Finn he could run the tire shop.  Kurt expresses concern over the stress of the campaign. He's concerned that Sue will make a big deal of Kurt.  Burt says he's proud of him, and that being that close to death showed him that he needs to stand up for the things he believes in.  Sue interrupts the meal to welcome Burt into the race.  She brings him a huge greasy cheeseburger in celebration.  Sue tells them she realized why she's running, its not about the arts, its about her sister.  When Kurt asks if she's not cutting the arts program, Sue says she is.  She wants to use the money to fund special education programs.

Finn saves Rory from being bullied by the hockey team. Finn grants Rory a wish, by having him join Glee Club, and making friends. Rory auditions with Teddy Thompson's "Take Care of Yourself."

This episode, in my mind, was very good.  It really pushed the storylines forward for many of the characters, and the focus wasn't on Kurt and Rachel.  The music selections were great.  There were a lot of hilarious lines from various characters.  They even managed to make Quinn appear in a better light than they had in the last couple of episodes.  Overall this episode was well done and, though not perfect, was very entertaining.

Written or Contributed by: Erik Galston

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