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Gleeview - The Spanish Teacher

Written by Erik Galston on Thursday, February 09 2012 and posted in Reviews

The Outhouse's resident Gleek, Erik Galston looks at the latest episode, "The Spanish Teacher."

This week's episode of Glee, "The Spanish Teacher," finally answered the question viewers have been wondering: How in the hell is Will Schuester qualified to teach Spanish? Short answer he's not.

The episode starts off with Will performing the traditional Spanish song "La Cucaracha," to deaf ears in his Spanish class. Santana actually looks offended. Shortly afterwards, Will is called into Principal Figgins' office, where he's is told that there is a tenured teaching position available. Principal Figgins' tells Will that he is considering him, as well as a few others for the position. Will is told the only way he can get the tenured teaching position, is to do better at teaching Spanish, since a student complained about his teaching.

Will goes into the choir room and finds Sue finishing up talking to the male members of New Directions.

Sue is called into Principal Figgins' office, where she's also told about the tenured position. Sue tries to thank him for his offer, but he tells her she also had a complaint brought up against her. The complaint said that Sue was no longer focused on the Cheerios. Figgins' tells Sue to allow Coach Washington (the synchronized swimming coach) the opportunity to teach the Cheerios a new routine.

When Will confronts Sue in her office, she informs him that she wants to have a child, so she's trying to find potential sperm donors. She tells him that she's going do everything in her power to get the tenured position. She asks Will to donate, since she according to her, she "doesn't like bald babies."

Around the same time, Sam and Mercedes are talking to Ms. Pillsbury, about their kiss in the last episode. Emma gives them her new brochures, "So You Are Dating a Skanky Ho," and "So You Are a Skanky Ho." respectively. Emma tells them to not communicate for a week, and see how they feel after that week.

Will decides to take a Spanish Class at night, taught by David Martinez (Ricky Martin). After the class they talk. David asks why Will's teaching a Spanish class if he doesn't know the language. Will tells him it was the only open position. Will invites him to come help out the Glee club for the week. The next day, Will announces the week's lesson: songs performed by or written by Latin artists. Will introduces David to the Glee club, where he performs LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" (in Spanish and English) to them, after a few of the members bring up how good looking he is. The club is enamored with him.

Emma confronts Sue about Sue's request to Will. When Emma asks why, Sue tells her its because she doesn't want her child to end up like her. She thinks if the baby has Will's DNA, the child may end up as nice as he is. Emma tells Sue, she needs to find someone else to father her child, but does tell Sue she thought Sue would be a great mother.

Coach Washington has the Cheerios perform a routine, and all the Cheerios enjoy it. After they leave Sue and Coach Washington have some words about each other's teaching styles.

While watching movies, Rachel tells Kurt and Mercedes about being engaged to Finn. Kurt and Mercedes both think it's a bad idea, but Rachel insists that she knows Finn and her are meant to be. She has them swear to secrecy about the news, but Kurt can't. The next day he confronts Finn about it. Kurt tells him not to give up, that there are places he can go to school and play football. Kurt reminds Finn that he is special, saying "there are plenty of him and Rachel in the world, but not many straight male football players who are also the captain of their glee club in the world."

For their Glee assignments, both Mercedes and Sam perform songs clearly meant for each other. Mercedes performs the Gloria Estefan song, "Don't Wanna Lose You," while Sam (with help from the rest of the boys) performs a mash up of The Gipsy King's "Bamboleo" and Enrique Iglesias' "Hero."

Will starts to have difficulty with learning his words for the song he's going to perform for the class. Out of frustration, he tells Emma that her brochures are stupid, and they have their first fight.

On the final day of the week, Santana and David perform Madonna's "Las Isla Bonita," complete with laser lights and dancing. The club loves it, though Will (decked out in full Matadore clothing) is dreading his performance. After Santana tells him it's his turn, Will gets up and performs a bilingual version of Elvis Presley's "A Little Less Conversation." Afterwards, Santana confronts him in front of the entire club. She's offended that he doesn't know a thing about Spanish culture, yet he's teaching a Spanish class. She tells him she was the one who complained about his teaching. When asked why, she tells him he's a much better Glee Club teacher.

Will finds Emma and Coach Bieste in the teacher's lounge, where he finds out that Bieste showed her husband one of Emma's brochures, and that because of that every college in the Big Ten were going to use them in their sports departments. Will apologizes to Emma.

On the last day of his night class, Will tells David that there is an opening at McKinley for a Spanish teacher, and he told Figgins' to hire him. When David asks what he would be doing, Will tells him that he's going to take an open History position.

While in her office, Sue finds out that Becky was the student who complained. Becky tells her she did it because she didn't think Sue was focused. Before leaving Becky tells her that she's going to be a good mother.

That night, Will makes a special meal for Emma, to apologize for what he said to her about the brochures. He uses special brochures to apologize, and also congratulate her on getting the tenured position.

The show ends with Sam and Mercedes completing their week of not communicating. Just when they are going to say to each other how they feel, Shane (Mercedes' boyfriend) asks her if they were going go to lunch. She visible upset leaves with Shane.

This episode, was horrible. As much as I love Glee, I really disliked this episode. The songs (outside of "La Isla Bonita) were horrible. Sure there were some funny parts to the episode, but overall the episode wasn't good. The writing on this episode also wasn't very good. While there was some plot advancement, there were too many senseless plot points. Things like Will getting upset with Emma over the brochures were pointless. They also spent way too much time focusing on how "hot" Ricky Martin was. Yes, I know he is good looking, but he didn't really need to perform a song about how hot he was. I get that it was the "Spanish" episode, but it was pretty hard to suspend disbelief with Will not knowing any Spanish, yet having taught Spanish for however many years, without ANY complaints. I get this is fiction, but that's pushing it a little.

The plots with the students were a little better. I did enjoy Kurt talking to Finn about the future. It really showed how much Kurt has come from the first season. Then he was stalking Finn, here he's showing compassion and caring.

As I said previous, the songs used this episode weren't good. As someone who downloads every song from the show, and listens to them on repeat, I haven't bothered to listen to this week's songs after downloading them. Here's hoping that next week the song selection is better.

I could go on and on about how bad this episode is, but I really don't need to. I knew last week that the episode wasn't going to be good based off of the preview, and I was right. Next week's episode looks promising. The big Valentine's Day episode (conveniently on Valentine's Day) should move along a few of the big plots, while offering up some new developments. The producers have gone on record as saying next week will feature all the couples, including Tina and Mike (the show's longest running couple). It also will finally introduce us to Rachel's two gay dads (played by Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell). The episode also features the debut of the second Glee Project winner Sam Larson.

Written or Contributed by: Erik Galston

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