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Music Review: for KING & COUNTRY - "Crave"

Written by Jeremy Shane on Thursday, March 15 2012 and posted in Reviews

Review of debut album "Crave" from band For King and Country

As a big fan of the group NEEDTOBREATHE, the group: for KING & COUNTRY was recommended for me to check out.  This may have put me in a position where I compared one to the other initially and for KING & COUNTRY suffered a bit for it.  However, after a few repeated listens, I was able to get that out of my head and listen to this group for what they were.  I guess the two bands are similar in the sense that they might be played on a similar radio station because both fit that light rock fair, but that's where the similarities end.

Where NEEDTOBREATHE is a bit more unique in my eyes from anything else out there and has a pretty strong blend of southern rock into their sound, for KING & COUNTRY leans much more toward pop rock.  This could actually be to their benefit radio wise, I can hear their music much more easily accepted on radio than some of the stuff I like from NEEDTOBREATHE

Because of the pop sound, I find all of their album to be pretty listenable, and there's nothing on it I really hate.  Although also because of this some of my favorite songs on Crave are probably the less poppy and more unique sounding songs.

You can find more of their stuff on youtube if you want to check out more.  I'd recommend this album to anyone into light or pop rock.  For me personally I'd probably give it 3.5 out of five stars as there are two or three songs on it that will be added into my regular playlists in my own music.

Written or Contributed by: Jeremy Shane

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