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Review Group: Fantastic Four #587

Written by Christian on Saturday, February 05 2011 and posted in Reviews

Review Group reviews the best-selling book of January: Fantastic Four #587

The Review Group is a collection of posters who get together and review a new comic each week. Our threads can be found in The Outhouse's News Stand forum and is open for anyone and everyone to participate.

For the week of January 25th, Victorious Squid picked Fantastic Four #587 as the pick.  Eleven posters reviewed the book, giving it an average score of 4.05, which ranks it in the lower half of scoring over the last five years.

Without further ado, here are your Review Group Reviews!

Review by Amoebas

With this issue of the Fantastic Four, Hickman did not disappoint.

Wait a sec - yes he did.

One complaint that I've had with the Fantastic Four since the last days of Waid/Kesel is that they aren't a team. It's like the book is the solo adventures of the Fantastic Four, and on the anniversary of their 50th year the book opens up with, yup, the team not being a team. In fact apart from different panels on the opening page, they're not together anywhere in this book.

That's minus 1.

Valerie Richards - ugh.

That's minus 2.

Sue Richards' story and 'supposed' death threat was some simple political discussion? Yawn. Nice use of an armored arm (but c'mon, it's still her muscles throwing the punch and no way does Namor go down).

Reed Richards is off trying to save a planet from Galactus. That's cool!
The planet is Nu-World. Not cool. Didn't care for the place with Millar and I really didn't care for it when Hickman brought it back (I dropped the FF shortly after that).

There's a big head. Uhm - okay. The Maestro wants to fight (the Hulk Maestro?) but never does (?). They leave the planet. Galactus stands in some reverse Kirby Krackle. Really? That's it? And I thought Sue's story was boring.

And then the main scene. After Hickman dazzles us ( ) with psuedoscience jargon for what seemed an eternity, the only way to stop the bugs is for someone to stay behind and enter 1-2-3-4 onto a keypad.

My droid doubles as a Tivo remote control and Valerie couldn't figure out how to just radio the code over? It's not like light and sound couldn't get through the barrier (hell a pointed stick could have work at this rate). As someone else said - why not send a HERBIE? Dumb. Just dumb.

And fuck the Avengers for not showing up when called.

Artwise it was okay. Some panels were beautiful (Johnny's last stand) and others were silly (the bighead). The coloring was gawdawful.

Yes, I went in expecting to dislike this issue, and that, is the only thing that Hickman did not disappoint me with.

Story - 0
Art - 5

Overall - 2.5

Review by Guitarsmashley

Just finished the issue and well, in the end it was still a piece of shit. I read all of Hickmans FF over the weekend and what I said of him not knowing how to write Johnny just holds true to his death. Johnny maybe had 2 dozen lines across 18 issues? Also I definitely prefer Eaglesham on art to Epting or Edwards pretending to be Hitch than Epting. He just didn't fit this story or these characters at all. This issue was supposed to be the culmination of all the ties of what's been happening in FF and really it isn't it just feels tacked on again. This run had some great moments and great issues but this wasn't one of them.



Review by Dragavon

What a pointless waste of 27 pages. There is not one moment in this entire comic worth reading again or even going over. I honestly don't even want to mention anything more in this review because it's wasting time when there are better books that one can read.

Writing 0
Art 7 (Epting is the only good thing in this book)
Final score 3.5

Review by ElijahSnowFan

SCREW YOU, HICKMAN! Johnny Storm was my favorite one, and it's a big bucketful of fail that he didn't even get to go out with a Nova Blast! Damn it!

Story: 0
Art: 8 from the panels I've seen
ElijahSnowFan Irritation: Infinite

Final rating: Epic Freaking Fail


Review by Eli Katz

Here's my main problem with FANTASTIC FOUR #587: the death is boring and cliched. Johnny sacrifices himself to save everyone else. I know, I know, this is what heroes are supposed to do. But I have seen this type of heroic death depicted so many times, in so many different ways, that I just cannot muster an emotional response to yet another sacrificial hero story. Remember the cheesy finale in Armageddon, where Bruce Willis kills himself to blow up the asteroid and save the day? Or do you remember when Leonardo Dicaprio sacrifices himself at the end of Titanic to save his true love? Or do you remember when Arnold destroys himself at the end of Terminator 2 to ensure that the deadly robot technology is eliminated from the world? Or do you remember ... well, you get the point. Johnny pushing Ben through the portal at the last second and placing himself in harm's way is so utterly predictable. And disappointing. And cheesy.

Death is overdone in comics. So if death is going to be used to boost publicity and sales, I wish the deaths would at least be unusual. The death of Johnny Storm is just a cheap stunt, with no emotional complexity.

ART: 8

Review by Doombug

Hickman I really enjoyed the start of your run, I enjoy the entirety of your supporting cast and some of your crazy ideas. I love Secret Warriors as well but this? I'm starting to think this was editorially mandated. We see at least 2 of Reed's herbie like Doombots running around during the huge battle and it occurs to none of the brain trust to use a herbie bot instead of an actual human being? Or even having Johnny go supernova with Ben and the kids out of danger?

I mean I get it, shock is shock. But the way this is read, it just feels forced. Johnny may be brash at moments but the 20 something Storm is not a complete idiot. It's just....I expect better from Hickman.

The art was the weakest I've seen in a while from Epting, I was disappointed by it.

Over all: You get a 4 FF, for Marvel's supposed want to be flagship book again, you failed.

Review by Mammon, Fool Breaker

Cover- Does the cover art contain Galactus??? Barely. The problem with this cover is, the fantastic four is on it... If it only had Galactus it would have scored higher. (6/10)

Story- Jumped into the middle/end of this story arc and i've never read any other fantastic four issues before. sooooo, I was completly lost the whole time. Reed is saving a giant brain from Galactus <--- why isn't he is this issue more? Sue is off punching 2nd string marval Aquaman <---- why isn't Aquaman in this issue more? Johnny and Ben are reenacting Armageddon together spmeplace. Johnny's death is lame and is WAY too much like Bruce Willis's death in the above mentioned film with bugs taking the place of a nuke. He dosn't take a single bug with him... (3/10)

Art- There is a lot of talking in this issue, but nobody ever opens their mouth. This drove me crazy! Is this normal for Marvel comics? or the Fantastic Four in general? (3/10)

Overall- I feel really let down by this, I was expecting a pretty awesome death for the Human Torch. This issue just did not deliver. (4/10)

Final Score (4/10)


Review by Starlord

Ok, let us strip away the hype for a moment. Let us stop shaking our heads and rolling our eyes at what was told to us and what we actually witnessed. Let us remember the first rule in both comics and soap opera's... if there is no body, there is no death.

So with that being done, I suggest that you reread this issue one more time. Take a really good look at the cover which suggests a wonderfuly reminiscent feel of the 70's when split scene covers were all the rage. Read those words again, as if this were the very first time you have encountered a Fantastic Four comic. Notice how pictures and words blend into a tale where one of the best bromances in all of comic history blooms into its full fruition. Or better yet, study those panels where Ben changes back but is helpless to do anything. Those pages made this issue for me. Reed's story is ultra lame and Sue's story is just downright stupid and horribly absurd, but watching Ben and Johnny dance the final dance of death; both knowing that one would be dancing the tango to hell.

There's something good there. I think it was a nice little diamond surrounded by a very large pile of crap. Here's the thing though, if it wasn't for all the smelly manure surrounding it; it might not be so obvious. Of course if your eyes are already burning from the stench, you probably missed it too.

Story: 5
Art: 8
My Score: 6.50

Review by Fieldy snuts

I so wish the group had picked Age of X this week.

I love Hickman's Secret Warriors and S.H.I.E.L.D. books but I couldn't get into this before. Even when I skimmed through the issues at the store there was nothing in them to draw me into buying them. But I decided to give this bagged book a chance to see if it was worth revisiting the whole run.

Nope. Not that its a bad book, it just felt mediocre. To give each subplot a concise review:

The Reed story was rushed to the point the Maestro appeared and disappeared as fast as he appeared for no other reason than to give a massive "screw you" to the protagonists.

The Sue Storm story went from Namor killing the old Atlanteans to them saying "Dude, you translated the old language! In our new language Sue is our queen rather than a sacrifice!". Umm, right....

The Ben/Johnny/Kids vs the Annihilation Wave AKA the death scene: Underwhelming considering the build-up. The death wasn't really shocking with gore like say...Ares was. Johnny was just covered in swarms of Annihilus bugs and we cut to a scene of Ben consoling the kids. Kind of weak and the lack of an actual body took away from the impact. The best story of the book but it didn't pack the punch this months hyped death was supposed to.

Artwise, Epting was solid as always. But the story was a mashup of varying quality shorts.

Story: 4
Art: 8


Review by God-Man

I thought it was interesting how Hickman put each of the team in a life and death situation, but the outcome was predictable from the start. Eh, this issue was okay I guess.


Review by Kerny

Fantastic Four 587 is a fine comic

Hickman's run has truthfully been good in my opinion after we got past the first arc. I just don't find Reed all that interesting. I liked all of the juggling of the serperate plotlines with each member of the 4. (tho Ben & Johnny were together) The book itself did kinda undersell the death a bit. If there wasn't a media story and Hickman and marvel telling everyone this is the story where someone dies, everyone might have been surprised.

I thought Sue's plot was the most interesting and that's mostly because of the horny Namor. Reed saving Nu-Earth or whatever was completely uninteresting to me. I thought the death itself was fine, if not typical for comic books. Ben changing back was a sad irony, and Johnny had a cool last line, "You think I'm afraid of this?" Although I would say Johnny is my second favorite member of the FF, I can't really say I will miss him either.

When Epting started doing art, the book got a lot better. Whether that's coincidense or not, who knows, but he remained solid here.

All in all a solid comic

Story 7
Art 8

Overall 7.5

Review by Daringd

Well I loved the new issue of FF. Between at killer art and the incredibly heartfelt moment between Ben and Johnny at the end. The issue was executed incredibly well. I may not have liked them killing off a FF member but I can't argue with the results.

And that's all she wrote for this week.  Remember, if you'd like to join the Review Group, simply go to the News Stand and hunt down the most current Review Group thread.  Thanks for reading!

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