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Review Group: Weird Worlds #1

Written by John Martin on Sunday, March 27 2011 and posted in Reviews

Recap for Review Group Week 256!  Weird Worlds #1 by Kevin Van Hook, Aaron Lopresti, Kevin Maguire, Jerry Ordway and Matt Ryan as selected by john lewis hawk.

The Review Group is a collection of posters who get together and review a new comic each week. Our threads can be found in The Outhouse's News Stand forum and is open for anyone and everyone to participate.

There are bad comics and then there is Weird Worlds #1.  Hawk is an asshole.

256_weirdworlds1Review by God Man

This wasn't terrible!

The art was really good in all three stories, and I thought each story worked alright.Well except for Kevin Maguire's Tanga section. I mean, she's flying around lamenting the lack of life around her, but then she keeps talking to herself about running into Lobo and the Green Lanterns. She was just annoying. The art was pretty at least.

The Lobo chapter by Van Hook and Ordway was solid. I've been a fan of Ordway as a kid, so I always enjoy his work. Van Hook did a good job with the story. It was clear he wanted to introduce him to new readers, as the story didn't have any real tension if you knew about Lobo in general. I did like the twist at the end.

Lopresti's writing on the Garbage Man section was better than I thought, but I'd rather be reading about Swamp Thing. It was a decent intro with pretty art. I guess I could say that about the book in general.


Review by Jude Terror

I'm kind of down on five or six issue miniseries these days, and in particular an anthology mini-series is pretty much guaranteed to be meaningless and forgettable. So I wasn't expecting much going in. The art was good in all three stories, but not spectacular. It was solid, but I think the fact that I didn't really notice a difference between the three stories by three different artists speaks volumes about how generic it was.

The Lobo story was predictable. You knew Lobo was going to wake up and kick that guy's ass, and you knew the little guy was going to be the mark. The Garbage Man story was also predictable, but in addition it was cliched and stupid as well. It's not that it was bad, but I don't see why it deserves to be published by DC. It belongs in some self-published indie anthology. The final story, with Tanga, was the most interesting, which isn't really saying much. It was kind of boring and didn't have much point, but at least it was different.

Overall, this was a thoroughly mediocre comic. Nothing too bad, but nothing great. I don't know why this comic needed to exist, honestly. It just seems useless.

Story: 2
Art: 5
Overall: 3.5 of 10

Review by Zero

A pointless waste of perfectly functional art on three stories of little to no interest written with little to no ingenuity, originality or skill.


Review by chap22

let's do this one at a time, shall we?


i'm a big fan of Ordway from way back to his All-Star Squadron days in the early 80s, and the man can still bring it. this story looks great. however, van Hook, the author of the single worst comic i read in 2009 (Oracle: The Cure) does nothing but deliver a standard, boring, mediocre, "seen one, you've seen em all" tale of Lobo, who ranks right there with Herper, Trampantula, Superboy-Whine, and the emntire LoSH as my least favorite DC characters. nothing new, nothing original, nothing interesting.

Art: 8
Story: 3 (almost any other character would've probably gotten a 5)


Lopresti does OK here, better storytelling than i expected (although filled with very old school, expository flashback), but it's basically a less interesting rehash of Swamp Thing, and i'm not even a fan of him. there's certainly nothing that looks interesting enough here to make me want to grab following issues. and i feel Lopresti's art is better suited to capes & tights like WW or the JLI than dark, shambling monster characters, so the whole thing felt like a bit of a waste

Art: 7.5
Story: 5


you can tell from the page 1 splash who drew this sucker, as Maguire remains forever the master of facial expressions. and you can also tell his writing style is HEAVILY infuenced by his old running buddies Giffen and DeMatteis. nothing but quirky monologue throughout, by a character from whom traces of humor come out of, but not enough to really grab hold. it's a damn pretty entry in this book, but all in all the intro to Tanga just doesn't grab me, and certainly doesn't make me care about learning any more about her or following where this goes

Art: 9
Story: 5

Overall Art: 8.33
Overall Story: 4.33

Total Review: 5.0 (dropped 1.33 for making me buy a goddamn Lobo book to get Maguire goodness elsewhere)

Review by doombug

So let me get this right? Lobo is notorius for healing from anything and I mean anything and yet some idiot bounty hunter thinks he's killed him right off the bat? I mean I get it was a set up issue but for this bounty hunter to think he's at the top of his game is pure stupidity. Lobo was fully in character though and the art for the story was good.

Score: 6

Garbage man is lame and I could care less about him...and I usually love Loprosti's work but wow, what a boring and atypical character.

Score: 2

The third story had awesome art but I could not get through that story.

Score: 6

Overall: I give this a 3, bad pick Hawk, very average book.

Review by guitarsmashley

Well that was a strange piece of shit comic, The Lobo story was the highlight and a pretty low one at that. The Maguire story looked pretty but I couldn't be bothered to read it or the toxic avenger it all just read sloppy.


Review by Victorian Squid

The 3 stories in this anthology fall into one or more of these categories: garbage, waste of paper, insultingly bland rip-off of one of their own better characters. Actually, all 3 manage to hit at least two of those.

So I won't waste any time except to say that there are some great sci-fi/speculative fiction comics being made basically everywhere except here in the United States and distributed by--most notably--the 2000AD and Soleil imprints as well as many others, and I urge readers to check them out if they get the chance. This book, a half-hearted but probably legally-required turd of a comic, is a step backwards even for DC as well as their Wednesday Comics experiment showed what people like Paul Pope and others can do when given a little room in an anthology format.

Shame should be heaped on everyone involved here.


Review by Eli Katz

Hawk is infamous -- and universally loathed -- for picking the crappiest book of the week for us to review. Well, he certainly lives up to all the infamy and loathing this time by selecting WEIRD WORLDS #1. Seriously, when a book features the exploits of Garbageman, you know that you're reading a real -- ahem -- stinker. And Good Lord, Garbageman has the worst dialogue, pointing out the most obvious things that are clearly illustrated on the page. "Oh, I just got hit by a car." Yeah, you don't have to tell us -- we're witnesses to your forgettable, lesser-Swamp Thing misadventures.

I guess I would rate this book as "so embarrassingly bad that it's almost good, so unfunny that it's somehow mildly amusing" if it weren't for the Lobo story. This character is even less interesting than Garbageman. Or Larfleeze. Or all the other Johnny One Note characters that populate comic books.

For the love of God, Review Groupers, stop picking out crap!


Review by Frank Einstein

Hawk is an asshole. I know he's an asshole because he not only picked Garrison #5, but he also picked this piece of crap. Lobo hasn't been interesting since he was amalgamated with Howard the Duck and only barely then.

Hawk must be stopped from picking any more shitty comics. Please sign my petition to have him removed from the group.


Overall: 1

Review by BlueStreak

Three words describe this waste of a comic. Fuck. This. Shit. This book was so bad that MCS wouldn't take it back a day after it had been released. This is a company that bought back Amazons Attack, so you know how terrible this book was.


Review by starlord

Seriously, what the hell is this?! The only thing that has been more disappointing is Outsiders. I'm not going to seperate these stories and explain why I thought they were all weak (with Lobo's really being the most boring); nope, not going to do it. You see whatever I say about one can be pretty much said about all of them.

The stories are mundane at best. There is nothing here to want me to buy the next issue. Even the art, which is enjoyable to me, can't save this book from the tragedy of mediocre storytelling and its worst. There's a lot that can be done with the weird worlds franchise, and a lot of characters just itching to have their own moment in the sun (hello Starfire!), but even I wouldn't want to see one of my favorites placed in a doomed series like this one.

Story: 1
Art: 7
My Score: 3

Review by SilverPhoenix

Where does one begin to talk about a comic that has no creative value whatsoever? Come along with me and find out.

Throughout my life, I can safely say that I have learned my share of lessons that have made me a wiser person for having gone through the situations that them to me. However, one the most understated lessons that I, or any other person will learn is that you will encounter things that are genuinely turn out to be of objectively poor quality in any type of media that you encounter. It is through these potentially painful experiences that one not begins to develop their own preferences and tastes, but can potentially gain a true appreciation for what goes into a quality work in every pursuit of life. An admittedly unconventional way of seeing things, but if everything were good, would we aspire to be so great?

Unfortunately, there are also a few select works that go beyond being simply poor, or even merely bad. These works are put together in such a manner that it becomes obvious that at no point were those involved concerned with how the work would be perceived. Since there is no high point to aim for, quality becomes a tertiary concern , leading to otherwise talented artists giving a slipshod effort that shows how much they cared about what they were doing . The finished product is so lacking in effort that anything and anyone associated with it is portrayed in such a negative light that it becomes a stain for their creative credibility. If there is any comic that can be described as this Atrocious, "Weird World's #1" would definitely be a dim (but accurate )example of everything I just pointed out in this paragraph.

When describing how bad this Comic actually was, the most trouble they will probably have is where to begin talking about this catastrophe. If this reviewer had to start anywhere, the discussion would have to begin on how amazingly shallow the 3 stories being told are. To give a better view of the point I am trying to bring across. I am going to write descriptions of each one.

- Lobo gets shot in Head. Alien who pulled off deed brags to the whole damn bar without realizing that Lobo can't die. Lobo heals from Head Shot. Lobo kills assailant brutally. Promise of more of the same in next Issue.

- Garbage Man (literally) is found near Waste Disposal (Or Chemical, but who gives a damn) Facility. Inconsequential blabbing about how he got that way. Ends story by promising payback on those who made him that way.

- Tanga is lost in space trying to find a world where she can belong. Tanga tries to communicate with Alien Spaceship that ignores. Tanga gets angry and destroys the Ship. Finds beauty in destruction. To be continued

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it took me 9 lines, to describe what went on in 30 Pages of Actual Comic. Even with a few details glossed over, there is something fundamentally wrong with almost ANY story that can be accurately described in such a shallow manner. Of course, the reviewer should also note that this was Anthology Style Comic, so it is unfair to expect that these 10 Page Stories (on Average) to have the same depth and nuance that a 30, 22 (or 20) page story would have. However, it is completely unacceptable when a 10 Page Story is so devoid of value, that even coming across as derivative would be a marked improvement. To make things worse, the dialogue in this book is absolutely atrocious, as all of the walls of text (especially in the Lobo story, ironically) fail at doing their job of moving the story in a spectacular manner. If Bendis dialogue has a tendency to devolve into talking heads, this book makes those videos with the Computer Generated voices feel dynamic. Without any effort to distinguish these voices, it doesn't matter who says what, as there is no cognitive desire for the reader to begin making sense of this all-encompassing disgrace. A bottom-tier writing job if I have ever seen one.

The art in this book is fundamentally passable, as the characters and details are drawn in a clean orderly manner. However, this doesn't save the art from failing on every level besides that. Boredom rules the day as each panel is drawn with the same cold, lifeless style that a true enthusiast of Graphic Novels can never abide by. As a result, everything comes across the exact opposite of what the artist is trying to convey, as these characters and situations come across as dull, unsympathetic, and transparent. As a result, the reviewer couldn't wait to get this book over with and look at the latest trade of "Tarot" to find something that could make him less angry about laying eyes on this slab of boredom.

When you get down to it, calling this book terrible is giving it far too much credit. Simply put, this comic is a completely atrociously banal waste of time and brain cells. The lack of effort put into every aspect of this work is a humongous black mark to everyone that anything to do with it. If there was ever a comic that I would recommend to absolutely nobody (not even to see how bad this medium can get), Weird Worlds #1 would be the dictionary accurate definition of such a distinction, where the only positive is that this work will most likely be forgotten by its creators in 2 years or less.

Final Judgment (There will be no sub-scores for ANY aspect of this "Comic"): 0

Review by Mammon, Fool Breaker

Bad, Im not going to break it down... because it was just not good... something like a (2/10)... :' (

Review by Punchy

Story - Come on, this wasn't that bad!

I mean, it wasn't good either, but it certainly hasn't deserved the rollicking it's gotten from this group. It's a perfectly serviceable superhero comic, with really rather excellent artwork, and it should also be given some props for introducing some fresh characters to the stale old DCU, even though one of them is pretty much a rip-off of an old character, and, being made of garbage, can hardly be described as fresh! Hahahaha, I am hilarious.

The first story, featuring the more established character of Lobo is probably the least of the three, the first page tries to be a shock, but any fool knows Lobo can heal from any wound faster than even Wolverine, so it was entirely predictable. But at least it looked good.

Garbageman (I keep thinking of Frank Reynolds from It's Always Sunny in his wrestling persona as 'The Trashman', now that would be a comic, eating trash, throwing bins at hoboes), is as I said a rip-off of Swamp Thing, but considering DC aren't allowed to use ol'Swampy, it might be a good thing that they've got a copy lying around, and one that isn't too laded down with crazy Alan Moore concepts. It's a horribly basic origin story, full of Bruce Banner angst. But again, at least it looked good.

Tanga. by Kevin Maguire is my favourite of the stories, because it actually is something different, actually is something 'weird', the story of a lone space wanderer talking to herself, it has a nice sense of humour (something Maguire picked up from JM DeMatteis perhaps?) and I'm actually intrigued as to what Tanga will get up to next. And of course, it looked good.

So yeah, Weird Worlds isn't really that weird, it should probably be called 'Mundane Worlds', but in a comics market with Project Superpowers and JMS' Superman stinking up the shelves, some perspective is needed, this isn't the worst thing ever, it's just... there.

Art - As my refrain went, 'it looked good', each story in this anthology contained some rather excellent artwork. Lobo was drawn by Jerry Ordway, an artist I don't normally like, coming off as a half-baked cross between Byrne and Perez, but this was the best I have seen his artwork, perhaps it was because he wasn't drawing humans, but it looked good. Aaron Lopresti is an artist I never really associated with top-drawer art, mainly doing DC house style stuff on Justice League or whatever, that while good, doesn't blow your mind, but he really upped his game here, channelling some Will Eisner in his titles, and really putting his mark on the muck-monster, Garbageman really looks great. Kevin Maguire is of course a master of facial expressions, and in a story consisting of someone having a conversation with themselves, his skills are put to good use. The colours of Rosemary Cheetham (someone who I've met, name-dropper!) are also good here, as she has to do a lot of backgrounds. So yeah, the art here was decent, certainly bumping up the grade a few notches.

Best Line - Umm... er... 'Well, hellloooo! At long last! Sweet Conversation!'


Review by GHERU


in 2010 the three worst books I read were all from Marvel; it seems that DC was upset that it was left off the final list and made an early push for 2011's worst book.

shit was shit


Review by starlord

SUCKED!!! Art was great. Stories were more boring than watching Antique Road Show.

Story: 1
Art: 7
My Score: 2.5

That gives Weird Worlds #1 a group score of 2.02.  First of all, lol @ starlord for posting two reviews.  Second, HOLY COW WORST COMIC EVAR!  Please sign my petition before Hawk can do this to us again.  Third, here we are months later and still no review from Hawk.  Hardy fucking har you jerk!

For what McKegan calls "all the geeky, bitchy arguing about comics you'd expect from a comic message board condensed into absolute awesomeness", check out our Weird Worlds thread and post your own review in The News Stand forum.

Written or Contributed by: John Martin

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