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Jeremy Shane

Jeremy was born in a small mountain village of a strange foreign land called Weystvurginea.  Banishment for liberal views saw him spend years wondering the east coast until he decided to bike to California.  When he saw how long a trip it was, he drove instead.  Now he's living it up in a low humidity climate, sometimes working on his photography and when not, he writes for us covering books (by way of his blog: Reading Realms), gaming, tv, movies, comics, conventions in the SoCal area, and creates a weekly webcomic: A Journey Through Skyrim.  If you look for him offline, start in the L.A. area; online start at: for his profile and all the social networks he's on... or just follow him on twitter, he seems to be on there a lot: @jeremyshane.


Ten New Games to be approved by Steam Greenlight Oct. 15th

Steam Greenlight, the community game selection system on Steam, to approve ten more games for release on October 15th.

Halo 4 Pre-order Specials Announced

Retailers battle for customer pre-orders these days by having special content offered specific to the store. Some of the Halo 4 special offers are coming in.

New Mass Effect Game On The Way

After announcing the retirement of two of BioWare's founders in a blog post, GM Aaryn Flynn mentions a new original Mass Effect Universe Game in development.

A Journey Through Skyrim #7

Issue Seven of "A Journey Through Skryim" and Epilogue two of "The Hunted" out today.

DC Finds Way To Screw Up Justice League Movie Despite Marvel Providing Blueprint

A downward spiral of rumors make prospects for the Justice League movie go from interesting idea to bad idea.

Fable: The Journey XBox Live Trial Starts Today

The full game won't land until October 9th, but the demo version is out today on XBox Live for Fable fans or skeptics to try out.

Borderlands 2 Launch Trailer

Borderlands 2 hits shelves tomorrow, but they released a new trailer for the occasion today.

New Images from 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' Today

Peter Jackson is treating fans all week long for "Tolkien Week" to new bits of Hobbit goodness.

Lex Luthor Arrives to Modern Day New52

Lex Luthor hasn't appeared in DC's new 52 world since Superman's appearance five years ago. That's to change by year end.

Dragon Age III: Inquisition Announced

Dragon Age III: Inquisition Announced, Coming 2013