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Jeremy Shane

Jeremy was born in a small mountain village of a strange foreign land called Weystvurginea.  Banishment for liberal views saw him spend years wondering the east coast until he decided to bike to California.  When he saw how long a trip it was, he drove instead.  Now he's living it up in a low humidity climate, sometimes working on his photography and when not, he writes for us covering books (by way of his blog: Reading Realms), gaming, tv, movies, comics, conventions in the SoCal area, and creates a weekly webcomic: A Journey Through Skyrim.  If you look for him offline, start in the L.A. area; online start at: for his profile and all the social networks he's on... or just follow him on twitter, he seems to be on there a lot: @jeremyshane.


Michael Bay Walks Off Stage at CES After Teleprompter Malfunction

Apparently, even big shot Hollywood directors are human and have flaws.

Mark Millar Tweet Ties Brad Pitt to One of His Movies

It's either Secret Service, Nemesis, or Millar is writing a new Chanel cologne commercial.

Edgar Wright Teases Ant-Man

Writer/Director Edgar Wright took to his blog this weekend to tease Ant-man, but is he teasing Hank Pym or Scott Lang?

Man of Steel 2 to Screw Up Beloved Comic Backstories Even More?

Batman-on-Film answers questions on Batman vs Superman like they know what's up, including offering up a Kryptonian Wonder Woman.

Robert Downey Jr. Wants Marvel to Cast Mel Gibson

RDJ wants to share his fame with some acting buddies and get them roles in an upcoming Marvel movie.

Rock-Rumors Begin: Green Lantern

It didn't take long for the rumor mill to start churning something out about the DC deal with the Rock. Let the games begin!

Lawrence Kasdan to Write Boba Fett Solo Movie

Though this still falls in the rumor category, director Jon Schnepp makes a pretty good source for now.

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' New Years Eve Trailer

Sony offers up a look at Electro's visit to Times Square in honor of the Countdown to New Years.

DC Smells What the Rock is Cooking

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Strikes Deal with Warner Bros/DC for... something?

Here are Your Guardians (Of The Galaxy)

Our first clear image of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters in the first official still.