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Jeremy Shane

Jeremy was born in a small mountain village of a strange foreign land called Weystvurginea.  Banishment for liberal views saw him spend years wondering the east coast until he decided to bike to California.  When he saw how long a trip it was, he drove instead.  Now he's living it up in a low humidity climate, sometimes working on his photography and when not, he writes for us covering books (by way of his blog: Reading Realms), gaming, tv, movies, comics, conventions in the SoCal area, and creates a weekly webcomic: A Journey Through Skyrim.  If you look for him offline, start in the L.A. area; online start at: for his profile and all the social networks he's on... or just follow him on twitter, he seems to be on there a lot: @jeremyshane.


Lawrence Kasdan to Write Boba Fett Solo Movie

Though this still falls in the rumor category, director Jon Schnepp makes a pretty good source for now.

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' New Years Eve Trailer

Sony offers up a look at Electro's visit to Times Square in honor of the Countdown to New Years.

DC Smells What the Rock is Cooking

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Strikes Deal with Warner Bros/DC for... something?

Here are Your Guardians (Of The Galaxy)

Our first clear image of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters in the first official still.

Mark Millar Says 'Not So Fast' On That Fantastic Four/X-Men Movie Cross-over

We told you not to put 'too much stock' in the news out of an investment website the other day spreading news about FF and X-Men movies crossing over.

New Pics from Captain America 2, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Godzilla, and X-Men: Days of Future Past

I know I'm passing up the chance for sweet, sweet hits by lumping all of these pictures into one article, but I just couldn't do them all separately.

Fox Shareholders Are Told They Plan to Develop A Fantastic Four vs. X-Men Movie

With the rebooting of the Fantastic Four franchise at Fox, shareholders are told they plan on crossing over those heroes with the X-Men.

Denzel Washington Now Rumored To Join Batman/Superman Movie

I think the rumor wagon circled past crazy long ago on this movie, but since we are along for the ride, here is the latest gossip.

Arrow's Stephen Amell Talks Batman and DCU Movie-verse crossing over

Arrow star Stephen Amell debunks plans for Bruce Wayne to appear in future episodes, but shares his desires for the tv and movie worlds of DC to cross over.

Gal Gadot Pumping Up for Wonder Woman Role

The actress addressed some fan concerns about her Wonder Woman role for the first time.