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Jeremy Shane

Jeremy was born in a small mountain village of a strange foreign land called Weystvurginea.  Banishment for liberal views saw him spend years wondering the east coast until he decided to bike to California.  When he saw how long a trip it was, he drove instead.  Now he's living it up in a low humidity climate, sometimes working on his photography and when not, he writes for us covering books (by way of his blog: Reading Realms), gaming, tv, movies, comics, conventions in the SoCal area, and creates a weekly webcomic: A Journey Through Skyrim.  If you look for him offline, start in the L.A. area; online start at: for his profile and all the social networks he's on... or just follow him on twitter, he seems to be on there a lot: @jeremyshane.


War! - PvP Combat Gameplay for Elder Scrolls Online

New trailer showing off alliance vs. alliance war in Cyrodiil for ESO + release date announced.

Miles Morales Heads to the Regular Marvel U

As the Ultimates make their last stand against Galactus, Ultimate Spider-Man and Reed Richards head to the 616, but how long will they hang around?

Can the Spider-Man Movies Survive Without Peter Parker?

Once the Amazing Spider-Man trilogy runs its course, what's next for ol' web-head?

'Agents of SHIELD' Promo Teases Answers to Coulson's Resurrection

Latest promo for Agents of SHIELD, giving you a glimpse into next year.

Project Eternity Gets Official Trailer & Title: Pillars of Eternity

Obsidian's PRG Kickstarter- Project Eternity gets official.

World War Z Sequel Finds A Director

A movie based on a book, that had nothing to do with the book - gets a sequel? This is why we can't have nice things!

The Movie Version of Brian Michael Bendis' 'Fire' Found a Writer

Zac Efron's pet project, the great one's 'Fire' Graphic Novel is one step closer to becoming a movie.

Legolas Will Link The Hobbit to Lord of the Rings

Just because he looks the most like Link doesn't mean he has to be one.

Frank Miller's '300: Rise of Empire' Comic Not Happening

Frank Miller seems to be too busy with Hollywood lately for comics.