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Jeremy Shane

Jeremy was born in a small mountain village of a strange foreign land called Weystvurginea.  Banishment for liberal views saw him spend years wondering the east coast until he decided to bike to California.  When he saw how long a trip it was, he drove instead.  Now he's living it up in a low humidity climate, sometimes working on his photography and when not, he writes for us covering books (by way of his blog: Reading Realms), gaming, tv, movies, comics, conventions in the SoCal area, and creates a weekly webcomic: A Journey Through Skyrim.  If you look for him offline, start in the L.A. area; online start at: for his profile and all the social networks he's on... or just follow him on twitter, he seems to be on there a lot: @jeremyshane.


War! - PvP Combat Gameplay for Elder Scrolls Online

New trailer showing off alliance vs. alliance war in Cyrodiil for ESO + release date announced.

Miles Morales Heads to the Regular Marvel U

As the Ultimates make their last stand against Galactus, Ultimate Spider-Man and Reed Richards head to the 616, but how long will they hang around?

Can the Spider-Man Movies Survive Without Peter Parker?

Once the Amazing Spider-Man trilogy runs its course, what's next for ol' web-head?

'Agents of SHIELD' Promo Teases Answers to Coulson's Resurrection

Latest promo for Agents of SHIELD, giving you a glimpse into next year.

Project Eternity Gets Official Trailer & Title: Pillars of Eternity

Obsidian's PRG Kickstarter- Project Eternity gets official.

World War Z Sequel Finds A Director

A movie based on a book, that had nothing to do with the book - gets a sequel? This is why we can't have nice things!

The Movie Version of Brian Michael Bendis' 'Fire' Found a Writer

Zac Efron's pet project, the great one's 'Fire' Graphic Novel is one step closer to becoming a movie.

Legolas Will Link The Hobbit to Lord of the Rings

Just because he looks the most like Link doesn't mean he has to be one.

Frank Miller's '300: Rise of Empire' Comic Not Happening

Frank Miller seems to be too busy with Hollywood lately for comics.

ABC/Marvel Announce 'Castle' Graphic Novel from Cullen Bunn

We've had Castle GN's from Brian Michael Bendis, Peter David and Kelly Sue DeConnick so far, Cullen Bun is the next Marvel writer to tackle the series with: Unholy Storm.