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Christian Hoffer

Christian Hoffer is the exasperated Abbott to the Outhouse's Costello. When he's not yelling at the Newsroom for upsetting readers or complaining to his wife about why the Internet is stupid, he sits in his dingy business office trying to find new ways to make the site earn money. Hoffer is also the only person in history stupid enough to moderate two comic book forums at once.


OP/ED: The Toxicity of Stephanie Brown

Christian Hoffer wonders exactly what is toxic about Stephanie Brown.


DC's Been Paying Shuster Family All Along, Claims DC


DC has filed a surprising new claim in the Superman case.


Dreamworks Wants to Buy Casper, Waldo and More

The studio is bidding to purchase Classic Media, owner of a number of classic characters.

Perlman's Make-A-Wish Appearance Catalyst for Hellboy 3 Talks

Perlman's donning a Hellboy costume inspired him and director Guillermo del Toro to try to make a new film.

Marvel Unveils Marvel Heroes Trailer

Here's the latest look at Marvel's upcoming MMORPG.

Walking Dead #100 Bestselling Comic Book in Fifteen Years

The milestone issue had over 380,000 sales.

Guardians of the Galaxy: A Primer

Everything you need to know about the team that (may) be appearing in an upcoming Marvel film

The Outhouse Pledges to Support "Waffles for Stephanie"

Hear all about the campaign to bring back Stephanie Brown here.

Some Digital Numbers to Chew On

An analysis of Comixology's 2011 and 2012 sales.

The Newsroom: “We Just Decided To” – Episode 1 Review

Who else is excited to watch the news, now?