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Christian Hoffer is the exasperated Abbott to the Outhouse's Costello. When he's not yelling at the Newsroom for upsetting readers or complaining to his wife about why the Internet is stupid, he sits in his dingy business office trying to find new ways to make the site earn money. Hoffer is also the only person in history stupid enough to moderate two comic book forums at once.


Probably Comics Weekly #3.1

Probably Comics is back with a brand new episode!

Advance Review: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: War #1

An advance review of the upcoming Star Wars comic!

Advance Review: The Strange Case of Mister Hyde

An advance review of the Dark Horse trade!

The Death of Comics: Episode 32: Zodiac Who? Best of 2011

This week we go over our favorite books and moments from 2011. TDOC staff discuss the latest comic books for the week and other entertaining shenanigans.

Final Test

Advance Review: Dark Matter #1

An advance review of Dark Horse's Dark Matter!

The Zaboo Interview or So Tell Me About Your Mom's Comic

Sandeep Parikh, co-star of The Guild, stops by the Outhouse to talk about his first comic, The Guild: Zaboo!

Review: Fathom #3

A review of Fathom #3.

Review: Uncanny X-Force #19

A review of Uncanny X-Force #19.

Webcomic Review: The Webcomic Factory

A review of the webcomic site The Webcomic Factory