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Christian Hoffer is the exasperated Abbott to the Outhouse's Costello. When he's not yelling at the Newsroom for upsetting readers or complaining to his wife about why the Internet is stupid, he sits in his dingy business office trying to find new ways to make the site earn money. Hoffer is also the only person in history stupid enough to moderate two comic book forums at once.


Once Upon a Time: That Little Voice

An episode that was shorter that expected on anthropomorphic crickets in top hats.

Review: The Strain #1

An advance review of Dark Horse's upcoming comic adaptation of The Strain.

IGW: What I'm Thankful For

IGW returns from hiatus with a list of everything we're grateful for!

The Sixth Gun Almanac: Promoteo's Eyes, Words, and Body

A new feature! Cullen Bunn showcases some of the weird and fantastical objects seen in his critically acclaimed The Sixth Gun series!

The Whatdead: Terry Moore on Rachel Rising #2

Terry Moore sits down with the Outhouse's Russ Burlingame to discuss the latest issue of Rachel Rising!

Matt Frank Attacks Godzilla

Godzilla: Legends co-writer and artist Matt Frank stops by the Outhouse to discuss Godzilla: Legends #1!

Review: Who is Jake Ellis TPB

How good is Who is Jake Ellis?  Click and find out!

Review: The Legend of the Sleeping Giant

A review of Crystal Fractal Comics' Legend of the Sleeping Giant.

Review: Aliens: Fast Track to Heaven

A review of Dark Horse's Alien: Fast Track to Heaven HC!