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Christian Hoffer

Christian Hoffer is the exasperated Abbott to the Outhouse's Costello. When he's not yelling at the Newsroom for upsetting readers or complaining to his wife about why the Internet is stupid, he sits in his dingy business office trying to find new ways to make the site earn money. Hoffer is also the only person in history stupid enough to moderate two comic book forums at once.



Chris Roberson talks with the Outhouse about his newest Cinderella miniseries, Cinderella: Fables Are Forever

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Blame it on the Alcohol

IGW discusses the best and worst superheroes to drink with.  Plus reviews, news and more!

Remembering Dwayne McDuffie

The Outhouse remembers Dwayne McDuffie and his work in the comic and animation industries.

Micah Harris and Loston Wallace Talk LORNA: RELIC WRANGLER

Micah Harris and Loston Wallace stop by the Outhouse to discuss their Image one-shot LORNA: RELIC WRANGLER.

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Duckthulhu Will Rise!

Idiot's Guide Weekly introduces the next Idiot's Guide Contest and gets some presidential advice from Lex Luthor!  Plus news and weekly comic reviews!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Brian Jacques Remembered

Idiot's Guide Weekly remembers Brian Jacques, writer of the popular Redwall series, with Bryan JL Glass (MICE TEMPLAR) and David Petersen (MOUSE GUARD).  Plus, news, comics and more!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Week Five

Although it was a light week in the comic book world, IGW still delivers as best as it can (which isn't very much)!

Review Group: The Spirit #10

The Review Group reviews The Spirit #10!

Review Group: Fantastic Four #587

Review Group reviews the best-selling book of January: Fantastic Four #587

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Week Four

Idiot's Guide Weekly reviews Blacksad, chats up Wally West and discusses the state of Death-Bags in Comics!