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Christian Hoffer

Christian Hoffer is the exasperated Abbott to the Outhouse's Costello. When he's not yelling at the Newsroom for upsetting readers or complaining to his wife about why the Internet is stupid, he sits in his dingy business office trying to find new ways to make the site earn money. Hoffer is also the only person in history stupid enough to moderate two comic book forums at once.


Freedom Fighters #1 Review

The Freedom Fighters finally get their own ongoing after three years of existence. How does the new issue stack up?  Click and find out!

Streaking with Cullen Bunn

The Outhouse sits down with The Sixth Gun's Cullen Bunn and talks about The Damned, The Sixth Gun, and his early attempts at a Godzilla comic!

Streaking with Victor Gischler

The Outhouse sits down to talk with Victor Gischler about X-Men, vampires, and more!

Guarding the Globe #1 Review (With Bonus Science Dog #1 Review!)

Robert Kirkman is one of the hottest writers in the comic book industry.  How does Guarding the Globe #1, his newest title, stand up to the rest of his body of work.  Click to find...

Streaking with Ron Marz

The Outhouse sits down with Artifacts and Witchblade writer Ron Marz and discuss his new series, the recent Crossgen developments, and the likelihood of him becoming a vampire.

Ides of Blood #1

Is Ides of Blood #1 your usual vampire fare?  BlueStreak doesn't think so!  Click to find out why Ides of Blood rises above the usual vampire rabble!

An Idiot's Guide to Superheroes Special: Incompetence at the Workplace

Even superheroes mess up on the job sometimes.  Click to find out which one's are the biggest failures at life!

Power Poll Results for 8/11/10

Three way tie?!?  What's the Power Poll going to do?  Click to find out!

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1 Review

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1 is the latest addition to the Green Lantern family of books. Before long, it could be the best!  Click to find out why!

The Outhousers' July Comic Book Power Rankings

Thanos Imperative #2 was the top comic book of July, as chosen by the Outhousers.  Click to see the full results!