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Niam Suggitt

Niam Suggitt, Punchy to his friends, is the most humblest of all the Outhouse writers.  His easy going manner and ability to see and recognize the point of views of those who he disagrees with has made him one of the most sought after members of our community to resolve conflicts.  Although he likes all of you, and considers everyone to be his friend, Punchy would prefer you use “Niam Suggitt” when quoting him for the front cover blurb on your book.  Follow this wonder of a man at @NiamSuggitt, if you want to, he’s cool with you either way.


This Week In Punchy 12/30/11

After a bit of a Christmas break, TWIP is back with a Santa-sized loads of comics reviews. So many comics, so little time.

This Week In Punchy 12/18/11

It's another high-quality week of comics, with the epic finale of the Dark Angel Saga, new issues of Superboy, Demon Knights and Ghost Rider, plus Avengers: X-Sanction! Oooooh.

This Week In Punchy 12/11/11

After a quiet week last time, we're back to full-strength with a load of great comics!

This Week In Punchy 12/04/11

It may only be a 5th week, but that doesn't mean we can't have a good time! Punchy takes a look at all of this week's big hitters!

This Week In Punchy 11/29/11

Technical gremlins got in the way, but it's finally here! The only comics reviews you will ever need!

This Week In Punchy 11/20/11

Punchy's casts his all-seeing eye on all of the week's best comics! It's the only review column you will ever need.

This Week In Punchy 11/15/11

Punchy's weekly review column is here! It's a little late, but you forgive him don't you?

Avenging Spider-Man #1 Review

Punchy takes a look at the first issue of a brand-new Spider-Man title! Spider-Man and Rulk battle the Mole-Man's minions! Plus Joe Mad is back and you can read it on your iPhone for free!

This Week In Punchy 11/06/11

Once more unto the breach with Punchy and his comics reviews.

This Week In Punchy 10/28/11

It's another comic-book bonanza!