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Niam Suggitt

Niam Suggitt, Punchy to his friends, is the most humblest of all the Outhouse writers.  His easy going manner and ability to see and recognize the point of views of those who he disagrees with has made him one of the most sought after members of our community to resolve conflicts.  Although he likes all of you, and considers everyone to be his friend, Punchy would prefer you use “Niam Suggitt” when quoting him for the front cover blurb on your book.  Follow this wonder of a man at @NiamSuggitt, if you want to, he’s cool with you either way.


This week in Punchy 08/08/11

Better late than never, it's time for Punchy's pellet reviews of all the comics he read this week (or last week)!

Review Group Week 285 - Amazing Spider-Man #666

The RG heads on over to Spider-Island this week, with Amazing Spider-Man #666, it's the number of the beast, but is this book hellish, or is it devilishly good?

The Infinite #1 Review

Comic Doctor takes an early peek at Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld's new Time-Travel epic, The Infinite #1!

This week in Punchy 07/30/11

What did Punchy read this week? Well, there's Thor Vs. Silver Surfer, Black Bolt speaking, Emo Kyle Rayner, Urban Vigilante Ass-Kickers, Orange Hulk and Venom fighting alcoholism!

Review Group Week 284 - Daredevil #1

It's the return of Ol'Hornhead this week, but he's going back to basics. After years of dark stories, are the RG willing to walk towards the light?

Review Group Week 283 - Red Wing #1

Space-ships and dinosaurs should make for an irresistable combination. So how come the RG is immune to Red Wing's charms? Huh? How come Mr Hickman? If that is your real name!

Review Group Week 282 - Jonah Hex #69

Jonah Hex this week, with added Jeff Lemire. It's a mighty fine stew.

Review Group Week 281 - THUNDER Agents #8

The RG lends it's questionable talents to THUNDER Agents this week. In my opinion it's one of DC's best books, but who knows what the rest of these reprobates think!

Review Group Week 280 - All-Nighter #1

It's a non-Big Two book this week, will those hipsters in the Review Group lap it up?


Review Group Week 279 - Northlanders #41

The RG gets a little bit of Vertigo this week, with a standalone issue of Viking fun in Northlanders #41. Surely they won't be so negative this week?