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Niam Suggitt

Niam Suggitt, Punchy to his friends, is the most humblest of all the Outhouse writers.  His easy going manner and ability to see and recognize the point of views of those who he disagrees with has made him one of the most sought after members of our community to resolve conflicts.  Although he likes all of you, and considers everyone to be his friend, Punchy would prefer you use “Niam Suggitt” when quoting him for the front cover blurb on your book.  Follow this wonder of a man at @NiamSuggitt, if you want to, he’s cool with you either way.


This week in Punchy 07/24/11

Punchy takes his popular quick-review threads to the front page!

Supreme Power #1 Review

Rising star Kyle Higgins has revived the Supreme Power brand, but is it good, or just another disappointment?

Hulk #34 Review

Red Hulk is sent to space, and trapped on a barbarian planet. Sound familiar? Well, this ain't your daddy's Planet Hulk!

Thor Movie Review

The Thor movie is out now in the UK, and our British correspondent Punchy swings his mighty review hammer to summon the power of critical thought!

Chaos War #5 Review

It's the final chapter of the Incredible Hercules, as Herc takes on the Chaos King in the fight to end all fights! But it all feels a little hollow somehow...

Knight & Squire #1 Review

Tally ho! Britain's Batman and Robin get their own mini-series. It's as British as you can get, and gloriously demented.

Action Comics #893 Review

Lex Luthor takes on Gorilla Grodd and Jimmy Olsen goes solo in the latest issue of Action Comics.

Hulk #25 Review

Jeph Loeb is gone, but the Red Hulk remains. What next for Thunderbolt Ross under the esteemed pen of Jeff Parker?

Shadowland: Ghost Rider

The Spirit Of Vengeance takes on the Hand in this one-shot special, and it may be the redemption of Shadowland.

Wolverine #1 Review

Wolverine goes to Hell in his new series, and it's devilishly good stuff.