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Niam Suggitt

Niam Suggitt, Punchy to his friends, is the most humblest of all the Outhouse writers.  His easy going manner and ability to see and recognize the point of views of those who he disagrees with has made him one of the most sought after members of our community to resolve conflicts.  Although he likes all of you, and considers everyone to be his friend, Punchy would prefer you use “Niam Suggitt” when quoting him for the front cover blurb on your book.  Follow this wonder of a man at @NiamSuggitt, if you want to, he’s cool with you either way.


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"And in my head there's all these classic cars and outlaw Cowboy Bands, I always kinda sorta wish I'm someone else.

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Todd McFarlane returns to comics next week with Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Greg Capullo and Haunt! The Outhouse has the review for you!

The Unknown: The Devil Made Flesh #1 Review

Mark Waid and Minck Oosterveer return with another tantalising mystery. And it's even better than the first one. Journey into the Unknown with Punchy's review.