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Niam Suggitt

Niam Suggitt, Punchy to his friends, is the most humblest of all the Outhouse writers.  His easy going manner and ability to see and recognize the point of views of those who he disagrees with has made him one of the most sought after members of our community to resolve conflicts.  Although he likes all of you, and considers everyone to be his friend, Punchy would prefer you use “Niam Suggitt” when quoting him for the front cover blurb on your book.  Follow this wonder of a man at @NiamSuggitt, if you want to, he’s cool with you either way.


This Week In Punchy for 04/04/12

It's another absolutely fantastic week in comics, and another brilliant column from Punchy!

The most modest comics column in the world ever. 

You guessed it, 'Spider-Men' is an Ultimate/616 Crossover

The Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe finally meet in Spider-Men!

This Week In Punchy for 03/28/12

Never fear! TWiP is here! All of your micro-review needs fulfilled.... and more?

This Week In Punchy for 03/21/12

The cream of last week's comics are given the once-over by Punchy, it's a strong week, including two Millarworld books, and the final steps before AvX begins. 

Review: Avengers: X-Sanction #4

It's the final chapter of X-Sanction! Did you know there was some kind of Event coming up? I didn't, but apparently this is a part of it! Huh.

This Week In Punchy for 03/07/12

It's March Madness as TWiP heads into the 3rd month of the year! There's all sorts of good stuff, from new Fatale, to Wolverine, to Swamp Thing and more! Oooh

RIP Moebius

The legendary French comics creator, Jean Giraud, AKA Moebius has died at the age of 73

This Week In Punchy for 02/29/12

It's a Leap Day Special!

I know I did a similar joke for Valentine's Day, but come on, it only happens every 4 years.

This Week In Punchy for 02/22/12

It's another tip-top week in the world of comics!

This Week In Punchy for 02/15/12

It's a TWiP Valentine's Day Special!

OK, no it isn't, butI guarantee you that you'll still love it!