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The Resident

The Resident seems pretty ok: we have no idea having never met him (her?).  Um, S/He likes TV and walks in the sand.  The Outhouse is pretty sure that Her/His twitter handle is @sundrops33.  Why do we keep around a staff member we cannot identify? Those lovely unique hits her/his  reviews of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic brings us.  The Resident has done more to generate ad revenue than all other writers combined, totaling over $12 in the year s/he’s been writing for us.  Keep up the good work!


American Horror Story - Smoldering Children

Constance gets racist. I mean, really racist.

Once Upon a Time: "The Shepherd"

Did you want to see David and Mary Margaret end up together tonight? Too bad.

American Horror Story: "Spooky Little Girl"

What's better than two ghost ladies in the house trying to sleep with Ben? THREE ghost ladies!

American Horror Story: "Rubber Man"

In which we learn that showing some skin does not keep a show from getting highbrow.

American Horror Story: "Open House"

They should have called it "Full Disclosure", as in "we are fully disclosing all the kinky sex that could possibly happen on one show."

Once Upon a Time - "The Price of Gold"

Every pregnancy test comes with a price!

American Horror Story: "Piggy, Piggy"

How would you react if your boyfriend were actually a dead Columbine-esque murderer?

Once Upon a Time: Snow Falls

In "Snow Falls," we find out how fairy tale couple Snow White and Prince Charming met. Hint: there was no ball involved.

American Horror Story, Halloween (Part Two)

The second half of the two-part Halloween episode. Will all the plot points set up in Part 1 be answered? Find out below!