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RU, or as he’s known in the writers’ room: the cute one, is relatively unappreciated in his time.  RU’s YouTube show, RUviews is watched by literally multiple people every month and his Outhouse articles have helped line many a bird cage.  Before you send RU a message, he knows that there are misspelled words in this article, and probably in this bio he was asked to write.  RU wants everyone to know that after 25+ years of collecting he still loves comic books and can’t believe how seriously fanboys take them.  RU lives in Akron Ohio (unfortunately) with WIFE, ‘lilRuRu, and the @DogGodThor.  You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, & even Google+ (if anyone still uses that).


Congress Unanimously Passes Budget Plan After Barbara Boxer Threatens to Recite Ultimatum

When reached for comment, Speaker Of The House, John Boehner, could only reply: My ears, they are bleeding!

News From The Future: Geeks Now An Endangered Species: Lightsabers Invented

Self inflicted stupidity now 5th most common cause of death in the world

Review Group #398 - Free For All

No one with 5 means a Free For All!

Review Group #397 - Zero #1

Guitarsmashley is back with a brand spanking new #1 from Image: Zero

p(RU)views featuring WIFE: Thor: God of Thunder #14

In the midst of packing, Monday Night Football, and exhaustion, WIFE and RU sit down to interpret four wordless pages from Thor: God of Thunder #14

GTA V Kills Hookers, Cops, And X-Boxes

Rockstar advises players not to install Grand Theft Auto V's play disc as it will cause orphanages to explode.

Review Group #396 - Captain America Vol 7 #11

After the failure that was Week 395's Free-For-All, Stephen Day returns with with Captain America #11

Review Group #395 - Free For All

No one with 5 means a Free For All!

Call For Questions: 2013 Cincinnati ComiCon

RU and BK will do what they can