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RU, or as he’s known in the writers’ room: the cute one, is relatively unappreciated in his time.  RU’s YouTube show, RUviews is watched by literally multiple people every month and his Outhouse articles have helped line many a bird cage.  Before you send RU a message, he knows that there are misspelled words in this article, and probably in this bio he was asked to write.  RU wants everyone to know that after 25+ years of collecting he still loves comic books and can’t believe how seriously fanboys take them.  RU lives in Akron Ohio (unfortunately) with WIFE, ‘lilRuRu, and the @DogGodThor.  You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, & even Google+ (if anyone still uses that).


RU’s Views: Just Shut Up Already, Millar

The “shock jock” of comic books just isn’t all that interesting anymore…if he ever was

Review Group #391 - Burn The Orphanage Born To Lose #1 / Trillium #1

Yea, so RU messed up last week. But, its all good, we get two books this week!

p(RU)views featuring WIFE: New Avengers #9

Who says you need a fancy meal to celebrate an anniversary?

p(RU)views featuring WIFE: X-Men: Battle Of The Atom #1

Marvel must really like WIFE, they sent us two "First Looks" in one week.

p(RU)views featuring WIFE: Avengers #8

I am pretty confident that WIFE and RU got it right this time.

Review Group #390- Free For All

Yea, so RU messed up, and this article is being retconned into a Free For All!

RU’s Views: Depression, Drugs, Dependency, and Decompression

RU explores his relationship with his comic books in the aftermath of his recent mental health issues.

Review Group #389 - Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus #1

Stephen "The Canadian Ripper" Day returns with Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, and Dave Stewart's Lobster Johnson (no, that's not a double entendre.)

Review Group #388 - Deadpool Vol 4 #13

Check it out, its RU's turn! Shock of shocks, he picked Deadpool.

Foot Models Need Not Apply: Liefeld Confirms X-Force Movie

This reporter, for one, wonders where Fox will find actors who look remotely like the source material.