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RU, or as he’s known in the writers’ room: the cute one, is relatively unappreciated in his time.  RU’s YouTube show, RUviews is watched by literally multiple people every month and his Outhouse articles have helped line many a bird cage.  Before you send RU a message, he knows that there are misspelled words in this article, and probably in this bio he was asked to write.  RU wants everyone to know that after 25+ years of collecting he still loves comic books and can’t believe how seriously fanboys take them.  RU lives in Akron Ohio (unfortunately) with WIFE, ‘lilRuRu, and the @DogGodThor.  You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, & even Google+ (if anyone still uses that).


Valentine’s Day Tips From The Outhouse

Because our readers are well adjusted enough to have significant others.

NOMINATIONS: Comic Of The Week - 2/13/2013

Is Death Of the Family finally ending this week?

Astonishing X-Men’s Marjorie Liu Praises Way’s Thunderbolts

This really happened, we din't make it up

OP/ED: Is It Just Me Or Does All This Drone Talk Sound Like A Super-Villain’s Plan?

Sending targeted missiles into populated areas with no regard for bystanders or laws reminds me of The Mad Thinker.

What Are You Buying 2/6/2013?

Mudman returns, "Perhapanauts Danger Down Under" might be the best name of a comic ever, and New Avengers continues to have awesome covers (too bad about the content)

NOMINATIONS: Cover Of The Week - 1/30/2013

Well, there's no baby variants to complain about, so whats it gonna be?